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  • 06/19/15--15:52: Re: BO3 Gameplay Links
  • AngryBus97 wrote:




    ^This is my favourite one so far. Takes a lot of the negative assumptions people already had out of the water (wow. TitanFall clone. Wow. Looks like AW. Wow. It's not Call of Duty anymore. Wow.  wow....wow........*cries*) Of course, it's probably biased, but the presentation and commentary was excellent.

    He mostly snipes, but has quite a few other gameplay videos on his channel if anyone wants to check them out.

    I've watched Pamaj vids for a while now. I'm not a quickscoper or blackscoper but still think he's very skillful in what he does.


    Maybe I'm just in a bad mood today but there is soooo much I don't like about this vid. Just the fact he is........


    -already playing BO3 and makes a vid like this in the middle of June. (youtube personality spoilers mixed with jealousy... same goes for Driftor vids)

    -already looks like beast at a game that isn't even released yet.

    -able to make a sniper class that looks incredibly effective. (I'ld imagine many wtf moments from the players he's killing)

    -so stoked on the fact it feels a lot like BO2. (i guess expected but not what I want to hear atm)


    I'm not at all happy with the sour taste that's left in mouth about a game that won't be release for another 4+ months.

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  • 06/19/15--15:47: Re: Treyarch I Love You..
  • You werent even going to buy the game but now that ps4 has the dlc deal you have went back on your words. but i understand your decision, and back it 100%


    no one can deny treyarch has the best record for recent cods and they will continue to prove why this is.


    treyarch are the best and will produce a game the masses will love unlike aw and ghosts. and on that topic do you really think the general community not this forum actually liked aw and ghosts? your answer will show everyone if you hold bias.

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    So you're saying I can no longer upgrade? We only got the Xbox one for my sons birthday a couple of days ago. I was never told that there was and "expiration date"  What is the purpose of only offering that option for a limited time? That makes no sense.

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    Yep, tried the link, tried the Windows Store icon on my desktop...no joy. Be patient and keep waiting...Windows players have been doing a lot of that these past few weeks. I'm in the Western US, one time zone ahead of Microsoft...what is the update doing, following the sun?

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  • 06/19/15--16:01: Re: im kind of worried...
  • Psychologically, what must be going on with you that you can sustain the level of anger you have must be unbelievable. At first I figured childhood abuse (I'm not sure how old you are so tat could be past or current abuse), but its possible that with your constant aggression and rage the its more nuanced than that. Do you view women as e center of most of your problems? Do you have a lot Langer towards your mother? Do you find yourself angry at your significant others over the same topics you are angry wit your mother about? Did you witness abuse as a child even iiwasnt directed at you (sometimes a person will beat their spouse but would never touch twir children, this can still leave a permanent scare on a child). Was there an older child who took advantage of you to "experiment"?  How many siblings did you have and what number were you?


    When I see what you write it makes me sad (yes somemes it makes me laugh uncontrollably but I now feel like that may have been inappropriate, knowing your anger issues, and what your life has most likely been like I am really sorry for laughing, I should empathize rather than criticize) andi think if you share your abuse with others it will help you feel better an begin the healing process. A licensed therapist is you be bet but should you be too poor to afford that you local municipality will usually have low or no cost options for you. They won't be as good, usually a psych student or a therapist who couldntget work somewhere better. If you dont have accessaccess to either I'd suggest posting few things and see If the heroes community can help, you have to start somewhere.


    Asss, I hope you can be the help you need to work through your deeply seeded anger issues and  heal from your possible childhood abuse . Good luck and god bless.

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  • 06/19/15--16:03: Re: im kind of worried...
  • Oh, that's a shame. I forgot he won't read this message. I hope someone can talk to him and help him get the help he deserves and so desperately needs

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    so what your saying is the built in delay... does nothing... changes nothing... why? because its built in. EVERYONE has to deal with it equally. While I may be delayed by 130ms... So are you and everyone else. Does not give me an advantage one moment and then recode itself to give me a disadvantage. Hence level playing field there. Varying connections and lag in general are problems EVERY game has to deal with.


    As far as instant deaths, In call of duty... In every single one, it is possible to be killed in under 300-400 MS. thats pretty damn instant anyway you go about it. Dont like there being lag issues? no one does. But trying to blame the game of the developers for lag that every game has to deal with is BS. Its just a series of excuses. You hear theres a delay in the engine, doesnt occur to most that its not affecting you, You hear the words delay and auto assume it put you at a disadvantage when... it didnt.


    As far as other people having better connections to the host, get used to it. Thats how it works in... every online game. Better connection to the host = advantage.

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    Darn  logic. Always messing up the tinfoil hat theory.

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    I don't mean to be a contrarian  but i don't agree. I understand why people want it to be easier to take down higher opponents but I think that takes the fun out of the game. If I could attack anyone, and through a handicap like the time extension, defeat them all I would immediately stop playing.


    You should not be able to defeat people that are a lot more developed than you. If it was a console game instead of a mobile game I don't even think it would bother people much. It would just be the way the game was but since this game is currently in development we all seem to want them to tailor the development towards our own individual needs. Its not a horrible idea but I really don't like that it is just for people to be able to reap more resources. Resources should be won through hard work and good strategies, not changes to the game.

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    I wonder if B.A. is really COMEADOR in drag, they both have the same CRAPPY attitude AND think they are SPECIAL, this kind of thought comes from from UNDER achievement while all the time believing there parents when they were told they were special..

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  • 06/20/15--15:41: ICYMI "glitch" is moved.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 New Specialists Prophet & Nomad (Multiplayer Gameplay) - YouTube


    It's replaced with a decoy ability. The glitch ability is now called psychosis and moved to a different character.

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  • 06/20/15--15:45: Re: #1 scorer in the World
  • #1 has 16 days played this month?



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  • 06/20/15--15:50: Re: BO3 Gameplay Links
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  • 06/20/15--15:51: Re: BO3 Gameplay Links
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  • 06/20/15--15:57: Re: #1 scorer in the World
  • he's 50 mins off 17 days rofl

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    With your IQ being zerobi understand why it does not make sense to you.

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    Me too buddy, was playing this morning with 2 max prestiges maybe 200 missions complete a piece, they were hitting every box leaving me to do all the challenges. One had a maverick, other a k7, saw both of them searching with pistols out. Eventually we get to the sticky flare/ venom door and get kill 10 in 30 and they fail it because they are trying so hard to get an ark. Don't usually do it but I quit immediately. funny thing is I started my own custom game, grabbed a chainsaw before I searched anything and found 4 arks and 3 emags. Invited them back and explained why I left and my reasoning behind it and they were like holy crap lol! Guess sometimes those of us who know the game pretty well expect too much out of casual players.

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    Still nonsense!!!!

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    vks is kind of a weird acception. Picks up all kinds of random crap, I don't know why buts it's annoying, you would think its a good gun, only possibilities should be arks and emags but it's BS

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    It is now because you're here

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