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    MY ID Numbers is 1703823 plase help me

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  • 06/18/15--13:38: Re: Forum Dead = Game Dead
  • played 1st game of Extinction in about 2 months last night..was really fun...time to dive back in, even though the lobbies are dismal...

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    Idk about 7, but I downloaded the companion app on 8.1 and it works w/o any errors.

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    I payed for garbage! I havent been able to play for a week. I want to play when i want to, not when they want me to. Ive looked at other forums and they all have the same issue. People have complained that they havent been able to play for months. I have even called Activision and they told the same crap I can find on the activision website. This is probably my last Call of Duty.

    I want a refund for this trash. This problem has been reported for a year and stil no solution!


    PS:Already forgot Black ops 3

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    i have the same issue...i've added over 1000 kills and leveled up from prestige 2 lvl 49 to prestige 3 lvl 23.  no change on the leaderboard.  got online w/ customer support and was told the issue would be forwarded for resolution.  that was like 2 weeks ago...no response...no fix....no love at all....

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  • 06/18/15--16:11: Re: Forum Dead = Game Dead
  • since i can only post twice a day with EVERY F*CKING POST IS MODERATED, it's difficult to have a conversation on here..when I played last night there was a little over 200 on POC...ended up with randoms..1 with mic..we failed about 1/2 the challenges, but was still fun game...it's been a lonnnng while...felt new again...actually looking forward to playing again tonight..

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  • 06/18/15--16:12: Re: Forum Dead = Game Dead
  • LMAO...that 1 didn't get moderated....of course...

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    Only complaint I have with AW is its way too easy!

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    Sent you a friend request.

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  • 06/19/15--15:41: Re: invalid beta code
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    Everything you say is 99% correct.

    However, I didn't start anything.  All that I'm doing is responding to posts.  Find the first attack post in any thread and it won't be mine.


    However, I disagree on 1% of what you wrote and that there is the occasional 1% who are probably very great players(don't know for sure because I quit as soon as they are discovered), that whine on just about everything, are self involved making them very poor team players (so they usually play solo with similar friends), they are smart !$#@, and they can never admit they are wrong. I'm 99% sure that I have Tac properly pegged in that group.  I don't like them so there is an inherent bit of disgust for them.


    I'm just an average player but team oriented and take one for the team even if its a kid that sat at my window and stole all my kills rounds 1-3.   Playing the newest and greatest doesn't do anything for me because I'm not out to "prove" anything with regard to how "good" I can play on a "new game".

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    OK Mr Confidant guy here's your challenge...This is going to be a short test so you don't have to waste a lot of time PROVING yourself. Get the very best Avg Score you can possibly muster for just 1 week but it has to be more than 20 games to register, heck you can even stop at just 20 games if you like see I'm easy but I'm HARD. It won't take you long to figure out you can not even come 1/2 close to what I score in a week. We'll all see you in a week or so. GO!




    Top Avg scoring player in the World for the week in AW. By a long shot!

    Not allowed to play over 75% strength on a public server!

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    That is strange. I had charter for a while before I moved to a bigger city  (grand rapids). They were good at times, not so good at other times.

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    I agree. I started playing combat games on playstation 2 with Socom. I ran my own team that at one point was ranked in the top ten. from then to now it has changed a lot. with each advance and update it becomes clear that they are giving in to the most vocal with new stuff. But I refuse to believe they are the majority. quite simply it is a game. the original gamers may still be playing but not as many. when mom and dad by little johnny the newest game with an m rating and then send them to their room and ignore them it breeds the problems in these games. some kids are playing nearly non stop. these kids came out of the womb with a controller and headset. not literally, but you see my point. the debate about tactics and camping has been around for nearly 15 years. the answer is simple. no one is right. face it just like anything else you can dress it up in a fancy exo and overpowered weapons but its still a game.

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  • 06/19/15--15:49: Re: combat tactics
  • then imo you are the problem not them.

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    FawkesKiller wrote:

    Origins really is a team effort


    Plenty of other maps where team play is slightly or completely less important.


    Yeh, I'm not sure why there is such a huge desire to upgrade all the staffs by round 10.  However sure enough, if someone gets their staff built, they feel a need to immediately upgrade it.


    The games that I don't like are the ones where everyone has gone down at least once, you've killed the robots twice, you pick up the guy who already has an upgraded staff bearing in mind that you still have no staff yet and its round 17, you tell him to hold the zombie while you go build a staff, you hear the staff going off about 3 mins later as you are going to get your stone, and he kills it anyway with his ice staff leaving you to repeat the same thing over again that you've done for the last 6 rounds.  Your game sounds similar.

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    This game has (or had) its in-game flaws, but my main complaints about the game itself isn't just about the in-game features.  Rather, I direct my attention to the community:


    • They complain about the game being too fast for them with Exo Suits
    • They constantly whine about SBMM
    • They will end up using "God Accounts" aka "Modded Reverse Boosted Accounts" in order to feel happy about themselves.
    • They say Advanced Supply Drops are "pay to win", yet they are completely wrong in that assumption.
    • They believe that AW is not a fun game because it doesn't support features like Stopping Power, Commmando, Tactical Nukes, C4 + Shield spamming, and more.



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    ive preorderd cod bo 3 about 2 moths ago and I still haven't got my in game bonus pack for cod aw. ive tried to download it from the store but the option says unavailable

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