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    I think clan wars should be similar to how they were present in Black Ops 2. You had a objective (Like take 100 tags in Kill Confirmed) and you got points for your clan based on how well you completed that objective. The clan wars were great. The new clans wars that featured in Ghosts and Advanced Warfare aren't any fun because you usually get thrown in second by a clan that plays 24/7.


    In summary, only keep clan wars if they are handled like they were in BO2

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  • 05/30/15--23:06: Re: special ops again
  • You have assault and sniper and so the only duty of esp. ops. is breaking the walls. Each Esp. Ops. shall be able to break one piece of wall of its own level. Even if it creates a partial damage it will be useless because when you deploy an ops it goes and partially damage a piece of wall then you want to send jag. to complete the destruction and open a way but the jags will go to another part of the wall and finally you will have a dead esp ops who had done nothing and a bunch of jags who are under fire while they are struggling to break a wall!!!!

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    Yes new/average players should experience what the community has to offer in terms of skill. I never said that veteran players should only play against new players or what you said in your third point. My preference would be for a cross section in the lobbies just like in the real world. I really don't think skill should be much of a factor in deciding lobbies at all to be honest. As for parties full of pub stompers - I think they should be paired against other parties where this is practicable but you will never get around the issue of parties beating up on solo players. I accept this as a solo player myself. If I miss understood your point I apologise but I also think you are misrepresenting where I am coming from.

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    It depends on the weapon.

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  • 05/31/15--02:45: Re: Name the movie gif
  • jahMoon wrote:


    Where Eagles Dare...yes great movie. I think I finally got one first! Gonna watch it now. Mine is an easy one for the old folks.



    McHale's Navy.


    Here's my movie (it's an easy one) 

    movie animated GIF



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  • 05/31/15--03:33: Re: Name the movie gif
  • Mortal Kombat? 

    At work again, someone gif for me

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  • 05/31/15--00:32: Re: Legendary Guns

  • since "elites" have three pluses/minuses, "professionals" have two, etc., stands to reason that "legendaries" would have four, right?

    pytaekhammerhead (looks like eradicator, with the tip even more exaggerated to fit the name):


    -3 range, -1 damage, +2 mobility, +1 fire rate, free foregrip


    the mobility buff would essentially equal quick draw; a fire rate buff with no penalty to accuracy (like the insanity) would be an interesting trade off for the nerfed range n' damage.


    IMR psychopath


    -2 damage, -2 accuracy, +4 fire rate


    eight round burst, fired in the same amount of time it takes the stock version to fire four.


    sn6gin& juice


    akimbo sn6's


    ASM1 hellfire


    flamethrower (!!!) in exchange for the disallowance of other underbarrel attachments, including foregrip, which is no small sacrifice.  the flamethrower would be similar to the ohm shotgun in terms of range n' damage.


    XMG go-getter


    akimbo remains, however instead of locking down, one of the guns may be ADS'ed.




    banana-flavored laser, but smells like coconut!!!




    -3 accuracy, -1 range, +4 damage.  yeah, buddy.


    RW-1 snuffaluffagus


    exaggerated barrel resembles that of (nicholson's) joker's revolver used to shoot down (keaton's) batplane.  awkward to aim, massive kick, but one shot kill, unlimited range.



    this is fun.  thanks for the post, bane!

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    What does handling do for weapons? Im new to advanced warfare and everything I look up gives me a different answer, Its the weapon spread, swap time, reload time, ads time, weapon sway... I've even gone to the point to ask the Rank #1 In SnD who is a streamer on twitch. And nobody knows...  THE NUMBER ONE PERSON ON THE LEADERBOARDS FOR SEARCH IN DESTROY ON XBOX ONE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HANDLING DOES. Theres videos on Youtube with over half a million views about it and people are still unclear on what it does... If Activision could say a direct statement or a post on what it actually does, it would help a lot of people out. including me (   >-.-<   )


    I want to say its reload speed because when you put on dual mags it increases handling by 2, however when i compare weapons like the ak-12 ak12 wrecker, it really shows no effect, also i think it would be a pointless statistic if it only reduced the weapon spread barely.

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    From what I know, Handling varies on the weapon.


    For most weapons, Handling is the hipfire accuracy.

    For Snipers and I think shotguns, handling is the ADS sprint recovery.



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    I like that it resets, it extends the time that it takes to complete the Survival Mode, which means it extends the time for which I cannot get attacked.

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    Same here.

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    Getting the same problem.  It would not finish upgrading. I stopped the upgrade and tried to restart and ended up getting a server error message.  I deleted the app and reinstalled.  Still getting the same problem.

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    I am having the same problem with the 1.7 update, using an iPhone 6+. The update starts, downloads "new content," gets to 100%, starts downloading more 'new content,' and then never goes any further.


    Eventually, I get a error message that eh "Update Failed."


    (Hopefully this gets fixed ASAP so that we don't all so League points again.)

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    same problem mine

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    jossinjj i experienced the same problem on my ipad it keep on loading in progress then back again to loading.

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    Same here, after the update game will NOT LOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just keep looping aroun.

    Wonder when will Activision fix this and what will happen with all lost rep points because I'm pretty sure its going to take few days

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    Pls advise. ... not loading whats the issue

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    New update .Kindly advise what to do. Game not loading and pops out using samsung galaxy note3

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    Same thing here, I upgraded then got the initial opening screen, the game loaded then restarted to load multiple times, after about 3 tries I got a networ error " Ugrade Failure". I deleted the game & reinstalled it but still no good.

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