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    Hello everyone!!!!


    my name bebo gamertag is "bebonbossa123"and i am the clan founder and owner for the Power vs Pride clan or PvP. i am finally proud to announce this recruitment challenge for anyone to join our clan!!!! we r looking for ppl that r loyal and dedicated to our organization. we mainly play ranked play and GB's on ps4 but we already have a team for that. i am looking to ps3 member. so if u think u have what it takes hmu on psn.



    No mics needed but u must have a skype for communication no video chat needed.

    must be active clan member.

    must be willing to play ranked play and anything that the clan chooses to play.

    has bo2 perfect  but not required we r mainly a trickshooting team on bo2.

    most important good personality and funny


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  • 05/29/15--23:58: Re: AW lag issues
  • Are you hard wired?

    Are you port forwarded?

    Is it on certain maps?


    there's a slight (very slight) chance that it's the hard drive. First thing to do is optimize your connection, then go from there.

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  • 05/29/15--23:57: Re: Looking for a clan [ps4]
  • Biohazard ink no requirements new clan in search of players

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  • 05/29/15--23:56: Re: Looking for clan PS4
  • Biohazard ink new clan for fun no requirements

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  • 05/29/15--23:52: Re: Looking for a clan (PS4)
  • Biohazard ink new clan for fun

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    As soon as you get back to contributing, I'll start enjoying

    Until then, stay "classy".

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    Point taken

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    This is a game issue that should be fixed, not a member issue, commanders need more control to command. It could be just commander and captains who are Allowed to start a war but It should at least let you know who actually started it

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    now if i do this will i lose my map packs ?

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    i have the same prob with this shizz hole of a game

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    What is your gamertag and platform?




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    we are a maximum level 25 red clan tag clan which consists of 60 current members

    We are an active clan wars clan and strive to win often

    we won our recent clan wars and have now re-opened recruitment so new players

    can have an opportunity to play with the clan

    we are accepting both xbox 360 and xbox one members both UK and US, our only requirement is that you are active for clan wars

    we are a friendly community and welcoming to new players. if you feel you will be a good fit for the clan then head over to

    SoLow - Home of the CoD Advanced Warfare Clan

    we have two main rules of the clan which every member must follow, only apply to the clan if you are serious about the two rules below

    1. every player must refer to our clan website or the cod app for regular updates

    2. every player must party up with other clan members and earn a minimum of 20 wins during clan wars

    we monitor every player to make sure they are a good fit for the clan

    outside of clan war days we occasionally play other call of duty's, mainly being black ops 2 and mw3, you are welcome to come game with us on those games if you want. I for one love partying up and dropping moabs on mw3


    we're receivingabout 3 applications a day, mainly united states xbox one players. if there are any uk players you are welcome to join, we will be at 100 members soon at the rate we're accepting new players

    for anyone new to the clan, we are currently updating our website to provide a better experience, either refer to that or the clan cod app for activity by members

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  • 05/30/15--22:20: Xbox 360 to Xbox One
  • Hey guys, I had a quick question I was hoping you could help me clear up.


    I currently own an xbox 360, as well as CoD AW disc copy. I own the season pass as well as some other micro trans items (camos, exos, etc.). I have just ordered an xbox one, and a new disc copy of CoD AW. I wanted to make sure that my season pass as well as my other micro trans items will be transferrable. I read about an upgrade that would allow digitally purchased versions of the game on pre gen to next gen to be free until March 31st. I am not looking for a free digital version of the game on Xbox One. However, I am hoping that this upgrade expiration doesn't mean I won't own season pass on my new Xbox One version of the game. If you guys could help me clear this problem up I'd appreciate it!

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    So people can have beasts and genitals touching boys heads as emblems but my friend makes a swashtika* while I'm sleeping and the next morning I wake up to being banned from the editor! I feel I have been wronged and that I should not be banned, for there are modders and perverts out there making much worse than a swashtika*. Let's get treyarchs attention and let me make cool emblems!!!!

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  • 05/30/15--22:46: Trap recognize problem
  • My portal  recognize and load the characters but does not recognize and load the blue trap but loads the green one. How can I solve this?

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    Why is it that some people just totally tune out certain parts of what is said?


    You know, I've had pretty much all of these conversations I care to have. You may not realize it, but you do have two different standards. You've got a standard of "fairness" that applies to you, and you have another standard of "fairness" that applies to everyone else.


    Here's what you're saying:


    New players should be forced to play against veteran "average" players.


    Veteran average players should get the earned privilege of playing against newer players only.


    And really good players should only play against really good players.



    That's awesome. That's definitely a "fair playing field" for everyone involved ... except the newer players and the really good players.

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  • 05/30/15--22:52: Dlc problems
  • I bought 2 dlc maps.

    The first one and the last one.

    Revolution and acolypse.

    Since I bought it I have online problems.

    There are never matches.

    I don't want to delete my dlc packs.

    Because it was very expensive.

    What can I do to get more matches?


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  • 05/30/15--22:54: Buried EE (Xbox)
  • Looking for a crew to tackle the buried easter egg; Whichever side works (Maxis or Richtofen); Mics only (For Communication);

    Message FusedKush if your interested

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