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  • 05/29/15--01:36: Re: Gameplay Suggestions
  • SO my issue with RD1 isent that I think it's a useless unit. It's more that it doesn't work well.

    The AI for it isn't great at it either suicides on SAMs or leaves your main troops to follow some rogue unit...


    If I could drag command the RD1 to like a hero to keep the AI in check it would be far more useful

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    That was the best answer I've ever read. Bout time someone else takes the Rockstar Games approach with the whole patching thing "as long as it takes" is the only answer they've ever given, and it's the only answer that's necessary in terms of programming support.

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  • 05/29/15--01:45: Improve hero control
  • Hero move and attack commands are rather difficult and frustrating mid-battle when surrounded by a lot of units.

    (Especially for those of us on smaller screen sizes)


    What I propose is a simple solution:

    When a deployed hero is selected you can issue move/attack commands simply with a 1 finger tap on the target move location or attack target. Heroes can be selected by tapping the portrait (just like now) and can be deselected by tapping it when the hero is already selected.

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    The problem with learning to play the lag on AW is that it changes each round and sometimes from enemy to enemy. I could adjust to consistent latency, but when it changes during a round due to host migration ... Dedicated servers don't solve all lag issues but what issues exist are mine and consistent.

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    update was posponed to next week for additional testing.

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    You should have had the Speakeasy for Master Prestige 1 or 2. The RIP is earned for Grand Master Prestige level 30 on completion or in supply drops. I finally got a Royalty Elite - the KF5, but other than that for a few weeks its been rapid supply tosh and sentinel gloves

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    which one of 2? about losing 50% of diamonds made in a day? its not in 1 hit, but in quite few attacks. if i go after gold i dont look at amount of diamonds, so lets say i made 20k diamonds in a session, i can lose 10k in 24h easily in few raids like that. i manage my loot pretty well tho so it happens really rare, but once or twice it did. however if i go after diamonds and nothing else and make 35k+ i will make i get 3starred asap.

    its a strategy game and if some of you have no strategy you shouldn't be playing this game.

    anyway, the fix is coming soon... gl to those who looting this way your dqays are counted lol

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    ok to start im not cc10, im cc 9 almost maxed out few bombs left to do, i always make more loot every day than i spend i really don't care about loot at all. only 2 of my heroes are not lvl20. so i don't care about diamonds either. what im trying to say is to loot like that is kinda pointless and just shows that player has no balls to do proper attack that's all.

    as for looting i have not met anyone yet that has looted more than i did in this game, whole of my base is from loot taken from others and see the screenshot numbers speak for themselves.

    so if you think you know how to loot and others don't you're wrong!Photo 29-5-15 11 43 21.png

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    Speakeasy is level 12 master prestige

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    I'm not saying Ghosts was the worst MP game--far from it.  To me, it definitely beats MW2 and MW3 in terms of overall balance and I enjoyed Ghosts.  However, there are a few things that still gnawed at me while playing in terms of it's multiplayer.


    If I could change a few things, here's what I would have done:


    1. For streaks, removing Riley the super dog and the support squadmate.  To me, the dog was a bit ridiculous in terms of how much damage it could take and how it can spawn out of thin air to get that cheap kill.  As for the squadmate---well, he's a jerk.  Good for objective games, but nevertheless, still a jerk.  I know people complained about how useless streaks were, but to be honest, I liked how they weren't that effective.  It meant that gun-on-gun was more prevalent while the streaks were used to help out rather than dominate.
    2. For perks, removing Amplify, Danger Close, Ping, Gambler, Toughness, ICU, and Deadeye.  I would have also combined certain perks together since some were worthless, such as Lightweight+Resilience, Off the Grid and Incog, Dead Silence and Take Down and Fast Swap+On the Go.  Lastly, I would make other perks applied to all players by default (didn't require you to equip them), such as Ready Up, Marathon, Stalker, and Quickdraw.
    3. For equipment, removing C4, IEDs, and the Canister bomb.  While I don't have issues with the canister bomb, I know that it is powerful enough to replace frags and semtex.  As for C4 and IEDs, I believed these items to be extremely broken and were spammed so often that it made things extremely irritating.  The reasons for their removal was due to C4 being tossed by shield users and IEDs being spammed so much, it made every map into a minefield.
    4. Lowering the sound of footsteps:  Nothing grinded my gears more than audible footsteps.  Since everyone could soundwhore, it meant relying too much on Dead Silence.  Otherwise, you were going to be an easy target for campers.  If the footsteps were lowered, then dead silence should allow for no noises made when taking fall damage and could even delay the IMS.
    5. Increasing the max health to 130:  Infinity Ward did this before via the "Heavy Duty Playlist".  Did anyone agree with it?  No, they did not.  Personally, it was a bad move not to keep heavy duty since the default core modes felt like hardcore due to how fast you could perish.
    6. No dual rendered scopes:  I understand it was a good idea and it was unique, but all this did was hamper the framerates quite often, especially for splitscreeners.
    7. More colorful maps:  The DLC maps had some good color, but the vanilla maps were pale and lackluster in their visuals.
    8. Ping bars:  A minor little thing that upset some people.  Since there were no ping bars, nobody knew if they or others were lagging.  Personally, a part of me said IW removed it so that laggy players would not be put into the negative spotlight, but I could be wrong.


    Did anyone else have opinions regarding what could have made MP better?


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    I play league play all the time i know all call outs and strategies. I'm looking for a dedicated hard working clan to join.

    you can contact me through psn @ iTzzAce-- or kik @ v2ace


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    Hey I don't know why but I can't access to CAG.com  can somebody help?

    I really want to joined and play with you guys. I'm on PS4

    My play-style is have fun, I don't care about KD or that kind of stuff (like Vanoss)

    ADD ME if anyone want to play (i prefer mic)
    PSN: jo433nas

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    I kept getting disconnected from the COD BO2 server several times. I was unable to complete multiplayer matches because I was kicked out. I restarted console, modem, etc and the same happened. As a result I was placed on "Probation" for not completing the matches. Any update or advise?

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    I'm want to join CAG clan but I can't access the web page  HELP??
    I really want to join and play with u guys

    My play-style is have fun and i don't really care about KD or that kind of stuff (like Vanoss)

    ADD ME if anyone want to play AW with me (I prefer mic)

    PSN: jo433nas on PS4

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    Sorry to hear you've been having some trouble. However for Destiny Support please head over to Bungie's Help Page, Bungie : Help | Bungie.net




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    LOL did you have to have a PM forum with the rest of the Cabal of Shills to come up with that stunning reply or are they mostly off for the weekend?.  As for this thread being fun well I'm having fun. Now remember I never named names, it was you who came running when I made the call . Extra points for bringing up me being here for years when I already debunked that in my previous post. I have hardly been here at all in the last few months since AW is so not fun to play that it managed to turn me a bad COD addict away. I doubt I will be here much in the future either so enjoy my contribution to the forum while you can.

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    Capture.PNGNoia Clan is a rather elegant and simple sniping clan.The Official release of the clan will be in July. There is no judgment for age, just fourteen and older. There are 8 more recruitment slots left in the roster until July, where people really need to start sending in clips. This clan is currently looking for a:




    -Regular Clan members



    -People who love to do YouTube


    Add me on PSN: Noia_Lunest

    Speak to me about recruitment on Skype: Noialunest

    I hope to see you in our clan.


    -Noia Lunest


    I live in Oahu, Hawaii. Hawaiian time zone. The leader (me) is usually on at 6:45 pm to 2:00 am on weekends.

    Name must start with Noia_


    "Noia Clan. Kids who game."

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    What is your gamertag, platform and game?




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  • 05/29/15--23:22: Re: Looking for a clan (PS4)
  • Whats your psn ?? We are a new clan wanting to go far and recruit active a loyal players

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  • 05/29/15--23:30: Re: Looking for a clan (PS4)
  • KingSpudnik hmu

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