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  • 05/28/15--01:04: Re: Gameplay Suggestions
  • About special ops I already have started an idea:


    and about RD1, I am using it every day when I want to collect skill points by jag. and assualts. It is really good and help me to save soap heal packages

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  • 05/28/15--01:13: Re: The Pull of Duty
  • I only play COD when I get too salty at my other games.

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  • 05/28/15--01:18: Re: AW: almost no lobbies
  • A few things you forgot to mention:


    1. What country you're from
    2. What kind of connection you have via speedtest.net
    3. What time you search for matches
    4. What game modes you're trying to play.


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  • 05/28/15--01:21: Re: Give defence a chance
  • Defense should have more options only because of getting more fun while attacking them. Sorry but its the wrong game philosophy, we fight with Special ops and they operate nearly 100% offensive! If you wanna have a stronger defense, delete the app and play some of the emberassing, comic style, Vikings and Elves games and build your undefeatable castle, while watching game of thrones! Best defense is offense, thats the way of real, tough men ;-) Go and get em boys!

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    You're reading into what I actually said what you wanted to hear. I didn't say it was the optimal experience. I said if everyone has their systems set up properly, then the game can work properly - regardless of where the players are located.


    Frankly, the concept of "optimizing" game conditions by limiting locale rejects the entire premise of the WORLD WIDE web. If I wanted to choose who I played against and I wanted to optimize via playing local players only, I would go to a local video game arcade.


    You know why I don't? Because video arcades gave way to online gaming about twenty years ago. And why did that happen? Online gaming made video games far more convenient by opening the possibility of gaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ... by making it possible to game against people from all over the world.


    Choosing who you play against for connectivity reasons is one thing. That's not what goes on in 21st century gaming and you know it isn't. For someone touting how much the studios need to improve their technology, why is it that you seem stuck on doing things that are two decades out of date? Believe it or not, the internet has grown and the ability to provide a gaming experience to people from around the globe that appears, on your screen, real time in opposite hemispheres is, amazingly enough, possible in this century --- even if that was not the case TWO DECADES ago.


    As far as making "COD a good game again," that will only happen when the developers build games based upon their own artistic vision instead of catering to every whine and whim of people who think the game is their artistic vision and not the artistic vision of the developers. Kinda like what the developers did in COD4, WaW, BO1, and MW3. All the other titles were reflections of what the community wanted, not what the artists wanted.

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    Thank you much for presenting your interesting idea; it will be a wonderful air force. But your idea need some modifications before being applied. by the way for now please consider below items:

    - Most of your presented air force troops need player interaction and so most of them should be implemented as a hero skill not a stand-alone weapon. Please see my idea about a pilot hero too:


    - As I have seen from the start of this forum, first developer’s priority after bug fixing is creating new features which are now exists in other similar games (like CoC) for keeping the game an standard strategy game in the current market and in this way they will implement some tiny ideas that don’t need complex game modification. Your idea even if it was liked my many players won’t be implemented in recent updates. Maybe you see it in update v.3 or v.4 of the game..maybe…

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    Will we see update 1.7 by the end of this week? And may we hear more about features of this update or it is gona to be a complete surprise?

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    Thanks all! i got some work to do.

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    What's the negative impact?

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    yes. its tomorrow. windows version will come earlier than other platforms as it takes longer for servers. do for windows players maintenance break will be longer.

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    Hello, it will take as long that is necessary due to console limitations. A fix will be available soon, we appreciate your patience in the matter. ^JE

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    Xbox 1 player!!! Very serious, I'm a slayer. how do I try out and when? gamer tag is optimumm

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    By "sledgehammer" you mean "Highmoon studios', right?

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    it seems like your the one insulting my forum so why don't you just go find someone else to argue about

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    gotsomestars wrote:


    Haha! Ok. You've got to be joking. Right?

    You are asking me for proof that a player with a high ping will  negatively impact the entire lobby? Seriously? You are really going to say something like that? 5 posts after crying about the 800 max ping? You honestly don't think that guy with 799 ping doesn't hurt the lobby? Well ****. We might as well not have any matchmaking at all then eh?


    Ok, so lets just say it does affect the lobby negatively by having a player with light latency in there. But with what you are saying, if I was joining a US host (from the UK) all the time then I would be negatively affecting that lobby because of my high latency, right? But the Netduma would stop me from connecting to the US lobby and then hopefully the matchmaking would connect me with someone local instead. So its saved a whole lobby (because the high ping will impact the entire lobby) and put me with a local host instead so hopefully the lobby I didn't get put into has a player with low latency in it and the lobby that I was put with will have one less laggy player too.

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    I guess I didn't make it clear.

    Matchmaking already tries to match you according to connection.  So, it picks 11 guys. You have your filter set for "70". Your ping to that particular server was 71, so it skips you. The next guy is 90. It grabs him. Does that make sense? 

    And that's just the tip of the iceberg, really. The issue gets worse when more people buy it. Because it won't just be skipping "you", it will be skipping 50 other "pros" and grabbing the guy who's at 150 instead of 71, 72, 75, 80, ect.

    It's bad for the same reasons they can't use only dedicated servers. While some people's experience may be better, it would be worse for the same number (or more). Anywho, I hope I've explained myself better. But, I've been up for almost 30 hours, so.

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    I've never been in Nigeria and I'm sure it's beautiful country but I hate the word. Every time when I hear "Elite" during opening SD or ASD I see something Nigerian. I've got all Nigerian gears hundred and hundred times. On Second place is of course MK14.


    BTW - I feel like there are no elite weapons in (A)SD last few weeks. Do you have similar experience?

    I'm MP10 but I'm still missing both ASM1 elites and R.I.P.

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