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    beuwolf78 I would have expected the visual firing animation to always exactly match the actual firing sequence. Is that not the case? It would be super hard to play the game if we couldn't be guaranteed that when we see somebody fire, they are actually firing...

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    I think they realised that if clans dominate they needn't go up just one tier as it is much the same for all divisions.

    Unless you are in Platinum or Diamond then most clans don't even bother playing.


    When I started my new Clan in Feb it made us go through 2 Bronze wins of well over 300 points before it moved us to Platinum.

    Pretty annoying but I am glad it allowed you to go straight up.

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    Lol good luck with Diamond.

    It isn't about being 'good' or 'bad' per se, more about having all your players on at the same time for 4 hours during the nominated times.

    If you aren't in the US or Eu the timing can really screw you over.

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    All supply drops and advanced supply drops contain randomly generated items, no one can say for certain what will be in them.

    Since the release of the new SAC3 variants and royalty weapons I have received 1 of each, it's frustrating, I know, but it's just the luck of the draw.

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    They are unnecessary.  Not only are they hard to earn, but they're just copies of original Elite weapons.  Also, I think it would have been a better idea to sell Royalty Camo as DLC so I can apply it to all weapons.



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  • 05/27/15--01:56: Re: new update incoming...
  • Why should I spend money for items which another players get for free in regular ASD? It is penalty of SGH for loyal and good player who finish MP before royalty weapons arrive to PS4 ? Unfair attitude of SGH at all in my opinion!!!

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    Up to now, I've only got one Royalty weapon and that was the TAC - 19, the stats are exactly the same as the Sledgehammer Elite variant.

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    Hey superswagger69x,


    Not a complete AUS Clan, but definitely an international one so we cover most time zones. You will always find someone online.


    Most of us have merged from clan 'One Shot Maniacs' in which we were about to go in to platinum division. We are starting again at the bottom but this time as a whole family. Everyone part of the clan 24 hours prior to Clan Wars starting will be an active roster member and will participate within the clan and count towards to the score


    We are currently 40 members strong and rising every day, we are a mix of males and females of all different age ranges from all around the world. We cover all games modes too and not just certain ones.


    Very active and chatty, you will always find an active party to join. I have sent you an invite just in case you are interested in joining the family!


    Hopefully see you around soon,


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    IMO, I think the next DLC weapon should be a new shotgun.


    Specifically, these ones.


    Double Barrel, Akimbo Only

    Best Hipfire of its class



    • Damage - 18/20
    • Accuracy - 5/20
    • Fire Rate - 13/20
    • Range - 2/20
    • Handling - 17/20
    • Mobility - 16/20


    Positives:  Very high hipfire, good mobility, and an crazy fire rate (since you can fire both at the same time)

    Negatives:  Only 4 shots (2 per shotgun), weakest range of the shotguns.



    • Some variants are triple barreled and single barreled
    • The weapon is best used with gung-ho and fast hands
    • Some would be nostalgic by equipping these weapons as 2nd primaries via Overkill wildcard.
    • The reload time is similar to that of the SAC3.
    • The weapon features limited attachments available:
      • Laser
      • Parabolic Microphone
      • Advanced Rifling



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    We don't know that.  That could be the intent, but for all we know, it can change prior to or after the game's release based on the number of lopsided skill differences in multiplayer. 


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    Hi ich bin 24.. und spiel seit WaW Cod und meistens mit Sniper. Ich würde mich selber als guten Sniper bezeichnen. Können ja gerne mal Tryout machen. Hab auch schon quadfeeds im AW gehabt. Mein Gamertag ist : iSmoQzh

    headset und whattsapp natürlich vorhanden

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    This should help.

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  • 05/28/15--00:20: Re: I need help (BO3 Beta)
  • You will receive an email containing a beta code along with instructions later this year.


    TopFighter | Community Forum Moderator

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    RuF Green will be the RuF's competitive division for the PS4. It can simply be referred to as "Green". Name's aren't the most important thing to me, so I went with my favorite color. You can find all of the recommended requirements for RuF Green outlined below. If you think you have what it takes to be apart of RuF Green, feel free to let me know on KiK(cameronc93) or on PSN(cameronc93). From there, you will be invited into a game with myself and other members of RuF or RuF Green. This will allow me to give you a proper evaluation and determination. If I feel you are not ready for RuF Green, don't worry, you will still be offered an invitation to join RuF, and an opportunity to try out again when you feel you're ready.



    • K/D: 1.2 or greater (Not Required)
    • Prior Competitive Experience, such as GameBattles, or private matches against other clans or players. (Not Required)
    • Mic (Required)
    • Taking Responsibility (Required)
    • Team Player (Required)
    • Thirst for Winning (Required)

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  • 05/28/15--00:37: supporto
  • Buongiorno questa mattina ho trovato la scritta sul gioco call of duty heroes "restrizione per comportamento improprio" bloccato per 164 ore.non capisco cosa e successo chiedo al team activision di ripristinare il mio accaunt che mi e costato molti soldi e molto tempo.potete verificare i miei acquisti.il mio accunt e salvagenni@gmail.com. il nik gioco salvagenni.aiutatemi a non perdere tutto quello che ho fatto in questo tempo di gioco grazie

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  • 05/28/15--00:54: Re: Give defence a chance
  • upgrade your base and you will have a chance to win defenses. 1 thing tho! once you start winning defenses don't start moaning that you lose a lot of loot in defense! because thats what most people do! never happy!

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    lol if you get 50% of loot from such raids you get a star!

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    Sign up to our site and apply and we will review ur application and hopefully get u in for wars

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