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  • 05/24/15--20:10: Re: The Pull of Duty
  • Purchasing is a no-brainer for me. 7 years now.......... I haven't been let down. I don't think there is any marketing or announcement with changes to play that could deter me from giving it a try and then milking it for all its worth. As long as the devs try their hardest and I try mine...... we're good to go.

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    Go to Xbox.com, Account, Friends, Recent Players ... and block.

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    OK thanks, I was just wondering because I always get better stuff in the daily chalenge supply drops and a couple days ago I got a triple elite in one.

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    I'm interested Psn nate-69-89

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    Robalboa0 wrote:


    gotsomestars wrote:


    Valid at the time? Perhaps.

    it's funny how you are telling me that the info I'd correct but you continue to skirt the statement that you purposely left out.



    I'm sorry where do you read "across the board"?

    I pointed out pretty clearly, where the issues (I have) are, by no means is that across the board. You also need to take into consideration the fact that the data he/you used is 4 years old. At the time residential internet speeds were MUCH lower than they are now.


    The funny part is, through all of this you are missing the point.

    whichever server system they use will work fine, as long as matchmaking is done properly.

    this reminds me a lot of your "lag comp" discussion.  You post something, someone corrects you, you get mad. Later you'll understand a little better hopefully, and this will end the same way that did.

    Anywho,  I'm off to bed. 36 hours is enough. Night buddy

    well as stated above and all over the place its the same system they have been using so yes it still applies and yes some bigger cities do have faster speeds

    BUT alot of people still  have crappy internet or dishnet, using hotspots etc. or have 10 devices using it at the same time (netflix downloads smartphones and tvs etc) thus making it even sh1tteir then the slower connections 3 years ago when only i or 2 devices were connected.


    so the cons that i listed are real gamebreakers for COD. especially if you've ever played a true dedicated server based game such as titanfall. then you realize how awful the hybrid systems COD uses really are.


    the main thing that activision loves about this current system is that its CHEAP. our consoles do all the work no cloud needed no high processing power. real CHEAP. and for the money its the best bet for a business but not for the customer.


    gotsomestars you've got me working over here lol

         Note:  this is just discussion so no pun intended ever k. im just a little passionate about some things


    All of that, Robalboa0, is fairly accurate. I disagree regarding dedicated servers, though. Just as frequently as I experience lag in a COD game, I experience lag on Dice's system. Dedicated servers are not the be-all, end-all everyone keeps saying.


    I'm sorry. As I've said for years, if dedicated servers means we have 100% control over choosing our opponents, then I'm out. I'll just go play a different game. So far, every discussion I see regarding dedicated servers has some sort of analogy to the system Battlefield uses.


    That system is not about reducing lag. That system is about creating the illusion of being a better player than you are. It is about forcing noobs onto one team and then having fun at their expense.


    Advocate for a dedicated server system that allows for blind selection of opponents and I'll join the chorus. Otherwise, I'm against dedicated servers.


    You're right though - more devices equals more bandwidth stolen from the game. Port Forwarding can solve a lot of those issues, though. Those issues can also be reduced by coordinating with your family when you'll be gaming versus when they'll be streaming. These are all mostly things that are controlled by the player, not the game's design.


    For that matter, dedicated servers won't reduce the amount of bandwidth taken away from the player's game on their end. If my connection is throttling because of what I'm doing on my end, it will still be throttling on my end because of what I'm doing whether or not dedicated servers are introduced.

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    *BUMP* :-D


    30+ members strong now and rising daily


    Currently competing in raids in between playing normal games online.  We are not fussy with what we do and when we do it as long as everyone has fun that's all that matters,  we have members from all over the world so there is always someone online playing your favourite game mode.


    Add me on PSN - KerriAndKirsty or apply to the clan Bizzare Warriors [BW]


    Speak soon,



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    *BUMP* :-D


    30 + members strong now and rising daily


    Currently competing in raids in between playing normal games online.  We are not fussy with what we do and when we do it as long as everyone has fun that's all that matters,  we have members from all over the world so there is always someone online playing your favourite game mode.


    Please note: if you are in the clan 24 hours prior to clan wars starting you will be an active roster member and able to participate :-)


    Add me on PSN - KerriAndKirsty or apply to the clan Bizzare Warriors [BW]


    Speak soon,



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    The Black Youkai [xBYx] are looking for players who: Can follow instructions, communicate, have actual gun skills rushing&camping, and know how to work with others to complete an objective as a group.


    The clan is Diamond Division and is level 25. We have 18 members, a 1.25 Clan K/D and a Clan win ratio of 1.05. We are looking for active and dedicated clan mates to join our community. This clan focuses mainly on Domination when it isn't clan wars. If you're tired of randoms getting you killed because they can't watch your back, randoms always making you lose the game, or not having anyone to communicate with then come on over to: The Black Youkai.


    The requirements to join [The Black Youkai] are as follows:

    • Over a 1.05 kill/death ratio.
    • Speak fluent English.
    • A mic that doesn't have background noise/static. Playing loud music is unacceptable.
    • Gun skills on the move and knowing when to camp.
    • Need to be on at least an hour every other day around the daily meeting time of 7:00pm Central Standard Time.
    • Communication skills. (Telling the team where the person is that killed you or where you saw someone)
    • Must be over 15.
    • You need the messaging app/program called Line to join our clan group chat.

    Please don't apply if you're just going half-ass it and leave. It wastes everyones time.

    We don't need any indecisive people who can't follow through with what they say, especially when it comes to clan wars.

    You WILL be kicked if you say you'll be there only to not show up or not put in the hours you agreed upon.

    (Type your PS nick down below)

    Contact Voidgangsta on PSN if you meet the requirements.

    If you can't get easy scorestreaks like bombing runs or go negative consistently do us a favor and go join a weak clan instead.

    We don't like losing.


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    I also let everything load and take my time navigatin through menus. The times i froze twice has only been during a match. While playing....

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  • 05/25/15--20:48: Re: Ideas for zombies
  • I didn't really like the way Upgrades worked in Exo Zombies. I prefer to have one pack a punch .... But being able to do a Second upgrade after completing an easter egg a bit harder than the one to activate pack a punch.


    Personally I think most attachments are useless in zombies so most players would buy extended mags and Dual mags from the room you are saying. So even though I agree that attachments must be included I think it has to be with another way . Maybe have four wall weapon slots and have a chalk (like those from buried but this one is a chalk you had chosen pregame), And just make your favourite attachment buyable. Then you will have chosen 1 attachment and any other would be from your teammates attachments...

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    I'll assume you are not in that demographic in which you speak?

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    Still recruiting

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  • 05/25/15--22:10: Re: Schlechtes Matchmaking
  • Cod aw auf der ps4

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    I would like to hope I am, but I am not naive.

    Video games are primarily marketed to teens and 20somethings who have faster reflexes and possibly shorter attention spans. This isn't a slam, this is just biology and being inundated with multimedia unlike any previous generation(s).


    The irony is I am part of the generation (Generation X) that grew up along side the gaming industry... literally... Starting all the way back on the PC in the '70s with the Commodore 64, early Apple computers, ATARI 2600, etc. We have more disposable income than the target demo because most of us are established in our careers & financially stable, but we are still not who the games industry targets as a rule. We may not have as much time to game due to real life responsibilities, but that doesn't mean we don't game at all, or that we won't be the first to go out and buy the brand new consoles when they are released... Simply because we can afford them and "kids" cannot.


    There is a recent thread where the OP played CoD4 again, and he said it still holds up even eight years later. The main thing he cited was it is less complicated and slower paced, but this is a good thing because the game play itself is what shines vs. trying to make the game convoluted with the over abundance of everything we have now (not just Exos, but Scorestreaks, perks, etc). This is his subjective opinion, but it also illustrates (how) the more the devs try and make CoD appeal to newcomers more than veterans who have stuck with the series, the worse the entire series becomes as a result.


    You can't please everybody all the time, but CoD keeps pushing boundaries into territories none of the fan base wants to go to (Future War) and AW's lukewarm response is an indicator if the devs push too far, there won't be very many players left unless they actually take a step back and reel in some of the overly complex elements and get back to basics, so-to-speak and hopefully a more traditional modern, or past warfare settings and gear.

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    Huh, that's weird.

    I have been banned from using all emblem features for having an offensive emblem but nothing like stat resets.

    It could be that you got reset stats from a different offense but it came up as Offensive Emblem.

    Can you post a pic of the message if you try to go into Emblems ?

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    If you were banned for having an offensive emblem, then perhaps you shouldn't make offensive emblems.



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    I keep telling myself the same thing - the game is becoming a collection of Easy Buttons. Unfortunately, that pesky voice in the back of my head keeps asking, "Then why are so many people who normally perform really well saying they performed like crap this time around?"


    To that, JConnor, you're right - the game is increasingly aimed toward millennials with faster reflexes.


    I'm not feeling well tonight or I'd elaborate much further. I think gamers prefer to have both their mental and physical agilities tested. AW is a matter of physical agility more than mental agility. A balance between the two needs to return. That's where "balance" is so misguided in this community.

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