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    There's a gun in every weapon class every COD that is OP according to someone within the community. Personally, I didn't think the Bulldog was that great - unless you were in CQC.


    I got into a really ugly debate with someone back during MW3 regarding the SGs in that game. I have some video of me somewhere getting a MOAB using an AA-12. That SG was supposed to be too weak to use.


    It took me a while to figure out that everything in every COD ... works. But I figured it out during the WaW season by going back and "finishing" COD4: MW. I never did prestige in that game - there was literally no reason to do so. However, while I was waiting to have heart surgery, I went and completed every single challenge in the game. By the time I got ... I'd say about 70% to 75% of them completed, I started realizing that, "Hey, these guns are not under-powered or over-powered." You just had to find where they worked best. Same with the perks. Remember Eavesdrop? That absolutely had to be the most useless perk ever in COD.


    Yet, today it is one of the most relied upon perks in the game. Sorta. Granted, in MW we could hear "nearby" enemies (who happened to be using a mic - which was practically no one) at "all" times, the reality was that you rarely heard anyone and when you did, it was as you were killing them. That's a lot like the kill mic that we've had for a few titles in a row now.


    But Eavesdrop worked when you had to go up against a party / clan. In fact, it could be a funny perk to use for those times. But ... it required you to go 100% stealth, silencers and Dead Silent.


    Weapons that seem "too weak?" You really have use Overkill and keep them as a secondary. I guess it depends on how you look at things. True, even if you run OK, a weak gun is still a weak gun. But scoring kills is not what I find fun. Meh, you can always use the easiest weapons in the game and score a lot of kills.


    But when you can run a 15, 20, 25 kill streak and kills 25% to 50% of those kills using the "weakest" gun in the game???


    I'll be honest with you ... that is the one thing that has always made COD fun for me more than all else.

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    Stupid things I believed when I was a kid??? Uh ....


    thebiindsniper wrote:


    Back in 1988 (when I was 3 years old), I watched an old movie called "The Land Before Time" on VHS.  I used to believe that the eggs we had in our fridge contained dinosaurs, so I smashed a few just to make sure.


    I still check to this day




    I actually believed Rugged Savior was older than me. Much older.


    3 years old? In 1988????


    Oh, geez. So that was a cartoon for you ... I thought you were saying you really lived back during the dinosaurs like I did.

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    1) It might help if you mentioned the platform ...


    2) but it won't help much because the forum rules state clearly that ban appeals / questions are not allowed on the forums ...


    3) nonetheless, if you are on a console platform, bans generally clearly stat "You have been banned."


    4) It is interesting that you claim you have done nothing that warrants being banned ... but that's the first thing you assume has happened.

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    Sad.. my NAT TYPE is OPEN and I still cant find anyone to play on XOne.

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    Kothar44 wrote:


    Hey, I was just trying to steer the topic back to the OP.  Sorry if the winky twisted your panties.


    Alas, you guys have hijacked the thread, nothing on topic since you, nuttin and brain chimed in.


    Oh well.


    Peace, out.


    Excellent rebuttal. If you can't win the argument, always go straight to attacking the arguer personally.


    But I digress because you demonstrated a lack of comprehension when it comes to rhetoric when you missed the connection between calls for realism ... and a removal of streak rewards which are very unrealistic in this game.

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    southsideswanga wrote:


    Random idea but what about adding last stand back but not as a perk, just something that happens if you get meleed, really low health (less than 5 or 10 health left), too much fall damage (even tho it's not in AW), or anything that shouldn't kill you but for some reason does like being shot in the foot or tripping over an unexploded grenade. Just stuff like that would put you in last stand because most of the time none of those reasons will kill someone in real life but they wouldn't be able to go around like normal either so I think last stand may be a good "fix" since panic knifers will still have to shoot you in last stand while their panicking. They can also add a perk that lets you be revived in last stand as well as make you more likely to go into last stand instead of just getting killed.





    That's got to be the funniest comment in COD forums all decade!!!

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    Robalboa0 wrote:


    gotsomestars wrote:


    That is not true. The link provided explains it very well.

    I read the entire article the word listening server is not in it at all.

    now the difference between a listening server and P2P?


    You did, eh?



    You can duplicate the results I got by using Google Chrome ... going to the upper right of the browser, clicking on the "Customize and Control Google Chrome" emblem ... then using the "Find" function for the page you have pulled up. As you can see, the word "listen" shows up three times on that page.

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    Robalboa0 wrote:


    gotsomestars wrote:


    Maybe it's because you keep saying listening server.



    sorry the term is used for port issues also and when they are working they are listening. my bad on the "ing"

    there are numerous problems with these servers or console hosted matches

    The list is long so I'll try to be brief but concise. Listen Servers fully rely on the host for being able to perform all the necessary functions to host a match including cpu needs and bandwidth.   Residential bandwidth often doesn't have the capacity to handle such needs. The upload limitations for your typical household are far less than what's required. However, if a lobby is made up then the person with the best upload will be picked regardless of their qualifications.


    You know what?


    Your ENTIRE "sbmm sux" argument ends with the bold, italicized, underlined word "required." Why? Really, really simple ...


    Of all those "weak" or "noob" players that you think actually make a difference to your performance ... how many of them do you think have the top-dollar internet service they can buy?


    My answer to that question is probably as valuable as yours ... no clue.


    But if I could place a bet on the answer to that question in Vegas come a couple months from now? I'd bet just about every penny I have that the answer is ... very, very few.


    That being the case, this is where the idiocy of the "sbmm affects lag" argument really hits home ... at best, you're actually arguing that the worst 2.5% players in the game ... have the best connections in the game and that one thing alone is the root cause of 95% of all lag experienced by 97.5% of the community.


    Can you please stop all the "sbmm causes lag" arguments for just a few minutes and actually think about the full breadth of what that claim is actually saying? Because I mean ... well, I'm not going to say what I think everyone should draw from that argument because it would probably get me banned. At least temporarily.

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  • 05/24/15--00:40: Re: PS3 crashes constantly
  • The frustrating part is that I played 6 hours straight last night and it didn't crash a single time, so last night was a good night.. Maybe I'll consider buying a PS4 instead. It's a little sour, since I bought my PS3 a little over a year ago, I'm pretty new to the console world in general.


    Thanks for the feedback in general, even though it's not exactly what I wanted to hear .

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    It is broken only when people purposely affect their connection quality. Remember what I said a week or two into this season? That connection quality was being given greater priority in lobby selection?


    Yeah. So all the dashboarding because people feel they have a right to a 50,000 to 1 kdr are getting pooled together.


    Ironically, those are also the ones with the greatest complaints about connection quality. Funny how that works, huh?

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    My one and only temp ban from MS live years ago is the result of a similar incident. In fact, it was that incident that gave birth to my current GT. I vowed never again. Now my mic stays on mute unless I'm in team chat with friends - which is very rare.


    The new approach to dealing with jerks has worked much better ... I've since been notified when my reports result in someone else being banned.


    I feel your pain, FiftyDETH ... but I still prefer TK over ricochet.


    When I run into people purposely trolling, I leave the lobby, pull up the dashboard, then 1) report recent players causing the harm and 2) rate them as "Avoid" and bad sportsmanship. If I get dropped into the same lobby again, I immediately leave - even though I'm scored a loss if it is a match in progress. If I am dropped into the same lobby a third time, I go do a lobby search in another game mode. Usually you only need to find one lobby in an alternate mode for this idea to drop you into a different pool of players than the trolls. If not, repeat the process but after finding a different lobby in a different mode, go to a third game mode and find another lobby as well. Very rarely do I not stay in the new lobbies for the duration of a match in progress or a full match.


    If all that fails? Time to throw a different game into the console or just call it a night.

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    I did that all the time on the 360, but how do I avoid a player on the One?

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    Guess it was Bishops turn to respond.

    Rangers had the puck most of the game, but they just couldn't get many shots. Tampas defense was good, however they gave up a ton of odd man rushes.

    I guess they will have to come back from 3-2 down.

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    Nope I didn't have the 3 download files, only 1. But you're right about the region being an issue. Damn I didn't think it was like that since that didn't seem to be a problem back in the PS3. Able to play my Mass Effect 3 dlcs which I bought from US but my game is Asian.... Do you know if I can get a refund on this?

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    The series comes down to the next game. Tampa wins...... it's over, a Rangers win will take it to MSG for game 7--------> victory.

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    1. Clan Level 25
    3. 22 Members




    Good Working Mic (Need callouts)


    15+ Years Old


    1. 1.20+ KD


    At least a .90 W/L Ratio


    Must be an active player


    If anyone is interested of being apart of a community that is determined for being the best clan out there and with players that are skilled and up to any challenge then 'You Dash Alot' is the clan for you! Don't hesitate to ask questions.


    Message the following player in order to tryout


    mikethebest03 (Clan Founder)


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    Friday aka TGIF aka everyone's off work, it's the start of a glorious weekend...

    Yup, I think this was a great idea.  I don't understand why this didn't happen any sooner.


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