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  • 05/17/15--19:34: Re: All I want is
  • If you are using old tech,  you're rolling the dice. It has always been this way. You are taking a chance on whatever developer does the old gen port. And as a business I'd guess that they went with the cheapest option.

    As for your comments about bo3, as of this moment, bo3 is next gen only. That may change before launch, but if it does, it will be ported by some tiny studio that offers the cheapest services. That's how it works. Personally I hope they stick to their guns and keep it current Gen only. As of right now we are getting it worse than you guys, we paid a LOT of money to play games that are made for out consoles. And we are being punished by getting games that are held back so they will work on old tech as well. In the grand scheme of things until they go next gen only, both sides will suffer. So, buck up, get with the times and upgrade, then everyone wins.

    As for the "name on the box" comment. The name on your box is highmoon studios.  The name on our box is SHG.

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    Ok guys I was trying to start my own clan but I couldn't get people to join so I figured it would be easier to join a clan so here it goes I am looking for a clan on xbox one only the clan must be active fun to play with and mature no kids that's annoying and get on just to scream and deep throat the mic everyone must have a mic so we can talk I like communication its important no signing up on websites cant stand that lol must have a decent amount of members but not to many idc if its a community or a competitive team either is fine with me I like both if your clan fits all these then please send me a message or post here I am online right now for tryouts or whatever



    now a little bit about me


    I am 22 years old been playing cod since cod 3 I have been on gamebattles since cod 4 so I have a lot of expierence in comp teams I have sponsors I stream a little bit (looking to get into that more) I am on the east coast great connection I run scufs and just regular controllers I run 3 sets of turtle beaches and a pair of astro a40s I am also looking for a long term clan no clan that is gonna break up or argue of stupid stuff I am planning on moving to bo3 with the clan I get in and possible start back up with comp gaming (and also have a pub clan on the side if your clan isn't a comp team) that's really about it just looking for some cool layed back people to game with if you have any questions please feel free to ask you can post here or message me on live if interested my gt is oO JaCKa D3w Oo

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  • 05/17/15--19:56: Re: Glitches never fixed
  • Highmoon studios is in charge of the outdated consoles,  not SHG.

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    rankismet wrote:


    Soooooo... after all the discussion... we have come full circle.


    Host selection and matchmaking is the issue.


    Not SBMM.


    Now... thank me.

    Wow, you really are a legend in your own mind.


    You and MakoShark222 should get a room...

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  • 05/17/15--20:15: Re: Glitches never fixed
  • And who's in charge of Highmoon Studios?

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  • 05/17/15--20:26: Re: Glitches never fixed
  • if only it was you. Then every new game would work as intended on 10 year old tech.

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  • 05/17/15--20:32: Re: fix your game ...

    Yes they should have all these reported glitches fixed with in 2 weeks of someone reporting a confirmed glitch like these.

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    I don't think 1 room is going to be able to fit all of their ego.

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  • 05/17/15--20:52: Re: fix your game ...
  • And IMHO no one needs to be banned unless caught multiple times. The kid that told me that those guys were trying to cheat the game before on Climate HP and I didn't catch what he meant till this game, was just that a kid and I suspect the guys doing it were kids too (14-15 type). Just fix it and they won't do it. Simple.

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    For your viewing pleasure!

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  • 05/17/15--21:16: Re: (Ps4) Looking for a clan
  • I should add im not always gonna be on for clan wars as im outdoorsman and im out fishing mos t saturdays.  Im just looking for a good group of people to party with that can win.

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    gramthenOOb wrote:


    This is absolutely fantastic for the players and a smart move by the devs.  As a player that has a very busy schedule most of the time, having a weekend to be able to set aside and just play the game is awesome, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who will be happy that their first day with the game is limited to either a one-hour-romp or a session that goes to 2:00AM.

    for 3arc on this one.


    I hear that... my work schedule is very hectic and couple that with my major life changes... and a Friday launch is very bueno.

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    To settle the matter, the hair trigger does shoot faster than the other variants. I tested some footage of it at a very slow speed. It takes the normal AK12  2.4 seconds to empty it's magazine.  It takes the hair trigger 2.21 seconds to do the same.  So, the hair trigger is firing roughly one more round per second than the base AK12. This boost is not all that significant and in the grand scheme of things it really doesn't make the weapon any better considering the accuracy penalty attached to it.


    I have seen this debate before on another forum. It was started by one of Driftor's videos comparing the BAL and AK12.  In that video he said they fire at the exact same rate or 750 rpm do to frame rounding.   Since the hair trigger variant has the same coded fire rate of 857 as the Bal everyone assumed it rounded down.  The Bal actually rounds down to 820 rpm.  Driftor's test in that video was to fire both weapons until the magazine was depleted starting with a 2 round deficit in the Bal.  What was forgotten was the Bal has a wind up time of 4 shots, which accounts for the difference in the overall fire rates.  The normal AK12 fires at 12.5 rounds per second and the hair trigger and bal fire at 13.6 per second. This really isn't a huge difference and makes little change between what we can measure with the human eye and a stop watch.

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    OK, some more testing.


    This is on a brand new, level one "newbie" account I created on the PS4. I am searching for a standard TDM game:


    Notice, there are a lot of hosts. Nine within my search radius and two outside. That bulls-eye outside the radius always comes up which makes me believe it is a data center owned by Choopa, which handles MM and servers for Activision.


    If we compare this screen cap to the previous one I posted a few pages back using my normal account (Level 50; No Prestige), there is a stark difference. There are fewer hosts available in the last screencap. Same game type, same time of day.


    When I entered the game, all the players were at multiple Prestige levels... As you would expect at this stage in the game's life. I have a feeling SBMM is all but null at this point, but that doesn't mean it wasn't there at the start and effecting people's games... Until people either quit the game a few months later and have been leaving ever since, reducing the overall player pool significantly.


    Here, I search for a KC game at level five (that's how much you can rank up in one match), still on my "newbie" account:


    There are far less hosts for KC than TDM. That's not unusual, but what is interesting is it took two whole minutes for the game to find more matches (than the ones pictured). It would have taken less than 10 seconds without the Netduma, but I would probably be playing in Florida, or Arizona, which would have not been an "optimized" gaming experience.


    So, what do these brief tests prove?


    A couple of possibilities:


    1) SBMM may prioritize stats over connections.


    I wish I had bought the R1 seven months ago when AW launched, so I could not only do more testing, but the results would be more controlled with a broader player base who was all at the same level, more or less. Regardless, if a level one account produces more hosts than a level 50 account, then it has to be more than just connection being considered for higher level players e.g. stats factor into MM and may override connection. Compare the amount of hosts for a level 50 account versus a level one account. Stats seem to be a priority the higher level you are.


    2) SBMM is a non-factor at this point in the game's life.


    This makes sense considering most of the players left are going to be high-level prestige. What is funny is on the level 50 account, I get put into lobbies with a broad range of players, mostly a few levels below 50, but two, or three Prestige levels above 50 (probably more at this point since people have Prestige icons that I haven't even seen before).


    These aren't definitive tests. This is just a snapshot of what is going on in the game for one person, but I feel they show what is happening with this game and why connections are so bad for some, but excellent for others.




    P2P means you are playing on somebody else's console... Which the game does after it evaluates everybody's connections and finds the server (closest to everybody) may not be optimal enough.


    All of those circles are not servers. They are people's consoles. During the lobby, the circle in NYC will be large and pulsating, stating we are all on that server at the moment. Then, when the game starts, another circle... host a.k.a. console... Grows larger and starts to flash. That is how we all know this is a P2P game.


    The hybrid listen server system means what I just described above:


    The Choopa servers will MM on one of the servers and if there is room (bandwidth?), put everybody onto that server since it is dedicated. However, most of the time it does what I also said above and that is transfer the lobby to somebody's console. This is why it is a hybrid listen server system... The listen server being the MM part of the system. Just because there are no host migrations doesn't mean it is a dedicated server. It just means the person hosting has good internet and doesn't quit during the match.

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    I Thought it was the strider you got from the pics and believed you got no more asd once u hit.

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    Ghost Pack [WOLF] are clan level 18 and have recently placed 1st in platinum division. We now have 25+ members and are looking for active players who have microphones with a min K/D of 1.00. We are mainly made up of UK players but welcome anyone who speaks english. We have placed 1st in every clan war to date and hope to continue this trend.


    • A 1.00 K/D OR HIGHER


    Commanders: YetiDeath & Knox



    Message was edited by: YetiDeath

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    "Also, the R1 proves there is a host advantage as there always has been in CoD. That's just something inherent in the P2P system unless you play on a dedicated server."


    I was just going to say false, and be done with it, but instead. I'd love for you to tell everyone how exactly the R1 proves this.


    "Now, the big question everybody is asking is does SBMM prioritize stats over connection. Activision states no, but notice that article applies to an older CoD,"

    This however IS false. I'm the fireside chat they stated this SPECIFICALLY for AW.

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  • 05/18/15--17:58: Re: Clan Battle PS4?
  • still looking for teams to challenge us

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    So does that mean it will be a Thursday night midnight launch? .....and the Day Negative 3 edition?


    It does make sense for a Friday..... especially since the campaign is co-op.


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