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  • 05/16/15--19:29: Re: Public matches and clans
  • I like seeing huge parties when I'm playing solo. Once you think it matters a lot they got you. And of course I'll tell them how its all blew up in their faces after they get waxed!

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  • 05/16/15--19:31: Re: Variants or Skill?
  • You start being a good boi and I'll let your post stay.

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    "I'ld imagine it would be disappointing going back to a game that doesn't offer candy like creating your own camo....... we'll see."


    In the interview (at the end) - an editing tool to make custom cammos and we keep the emblem editor. I'm with you brother, except I'm not going to be disappointed, if it's not there I'm not playing.


    Yes, random supply drops have been fun and enjoyed them. I turned when they wanted real money for them and not just $50 I've can't believe the amounts you can drop on these things. It should have been bait to make us play more.  Great idea turned bad. The drops are really slim now....if they would take the trouble to figure out what you have and give you something new...It would still be fun.


    I'm right behind you with 10 days. 

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  • 05/16/15--19:50: Theory Clan Recruiting
  • Hello everyone! my clan is recruiting or searching for new members to play any game modes and help on clan wars. My clan is called Clan Theory on Xbox one and its just me and 4 of my friends at the moment. contact me on xbox one at PillsburyGaming and I'll play as soon as I get the chance with you. We would love to have you part of the team no matter how you play or level.

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    Well, 7 months since this original post, and nobody seems to give a damn on Activision or Sledgehammer's end.  With a simple search, I have seen hundreds of complaints across every different platform and, yet, they remain silent.  I did not buy this COD because Ghosts wasn't the best and I was getting tired of the same game being repackaged and sold every year.  My friend left his copy over my house because we were just having some fun with the AI Bots in the Offline Team Deathmatch (a pretty awesome feature).  I figured I would hop on and give Online MP a try, because the gameplay did intrigue me. Error- The Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare service is not available at this time.  Please try again later.


    After running into this server issue and reading the countless forums and discussions on the people having the same issue, I am so happy I did not buy this.  I may even recommend that my friend return it.  Activision and Sledgehammer- it would be nice if you came out from underneath your blanket and faced this boogeyman.  Your silence says enough, though.  You don't care.  You have given up.  Thus, I have given up on you.

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    The first thing you need to do is hard wire.

    Then forward the correct ports.

    Make sure nothing else is connected.

    Hard reset your router.

    My first guess without any relevant info from you would be a router issue, or a throttling issue.

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    I'm with JGPLOSEQ I rather build my weapon then have it selected for me. Using the Forza example - I can get a car random with 10 setups or get a car and have to build it with unlimited options.


    Get a weapon and build it and take it into a match...make adjustments and test again. It's a grind, but more fun then having weapons handed to us.


    You don't care about clothes, but a lot of us do care. I wanna look good when I'm gunned down.


    Bottom line. Like the variants...I would rather work on it instead of having it giving to me in a random supply drop. Give me unique pretty cloths in the drops. Pretty clothes is the FUN part of the game.   

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  • 05/16/15--20:30: Re: game engine?
  • Thank you, Biron,  I don't have to bump.


    Yes, it is a great game...think the game it a victim of transition from Xbox and PS to their next systems.


    Sad the count is low...it's a fun game.


    I'm hoping BO3 uses TF physics. I watch the gifted youtubers and can't tell, but I skip and can't listen to more than 1 minute of these people. No way I can watch a 10 minute video from any of them. They would have to pay me.   

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    I'm super mad just bought supply drops again and didn't receive them I recently had this problem a while back either my asds or my money back

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  • 05/16/15--20:44: recruiting
  • free to join

    come and join us if you want a serious ,adult ,and active aliance

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    The Black Youkai [xBYx] are looking for players who: Can follow instructions, communicate, have actual gun skills rushing&camping, and know how to work with others to complete an objective as a group.


    The clan is Diamond Division and is almost level 25. We have 18 members, a 1.21 Clan K/D and a Clan win ratio of 1.05. We are looking for active and dedicated clan mates to join our community. This clan focuses mainly on Domination when it isn't clan wars. If you're tired of randoms getting you killed because they can't watch your back, randoms always making you lose the game, or not having anyone to communicate with then come on over to: The Black Youkai.


    The requirements to join [The Black Youkai] are as follows:

    • Over a 1.05 kill/death ratio.
    • Speak fluent English.
    • A mic that doesn't have background noise/static. Playing loud music is unacceptable.
    • Gun skills on the move and knowing when to camp.
    • Need to be on at least an hour every other day around the daily meeting time of 7:00pm Central Standard Time.
    • Communication skills. (Telling the team where the person is that killed you or where you saw someone)
    • Must be over 15.
    • You also need the messaging app or program called Line to join our clan group chat.

    Please don't apply if you're going to leave a day or 2 later. It wastes everyones time.

    We don't need any indecisive people who can't follow through with what they say, especially when it comes to clan wars.

    You WILL be kicked if you say you'll be there only to not show up or not put in the hours you agreed upon.

    (Type your PS nick down below)

    Contact Voidgangsta on PSN if you meet the requirements.

    If you can't get easy scorestreaks like bombing runs or go negative consistently do us a favor and go join a weak clan instead.

    We don't like losing.


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    still needing people to join I am online right now message me

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    i agree. SBMM is a non issue. the problem is player pool, clan wars playing in pubs(which nullifies the matchmaking process) and possibly the compensation is off a little or at least clearly not stable.

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  • 05/17/15--18:29: Re: All I want is
  • That would imply that they would actually test their product in an online environment before launching it.

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    rankismet wrote:


    Soooooo... after all the discussion... we have come full circle.


    Host selection and matchmaking is the issue.


    Not SBMM.


    Now... thank me.

    So SBMM is not affecting the MM???

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  • 05/17/15--18:28: Re: All I want is
  • OK, that's neat. Now translate that for those of us that just pay the game, not build it. I'm assuming you're use of the word "port" has to do with the various platforms and the Xbox 360 is a last gen "port"? Basically you're saying that anyone that doesn't buy an Xbox One for BO3 is in for a real crap fest?


    So is AW working perfectly on Xbox One this whole time? I really don't know because I don't have one and I don't know anyone with one.


    Oh yeah, why isn't Sledgehammer responsible? Where does the buck stop? Sure they might have farmed out this "port" working business to some other company, but ultimately it's their name on the box, so in my old world view it is all their problem.

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  • 05/17/15--18:33: Re: All I want is
  • Or Advanced Reboot.

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    Wish they would remove the obviously hacked scores off all the leaderboards.

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  • 05/17/15--18:51: Re: Glitches never fixed
  • Why is that hard for you to follow?? Let's say 1,000,000 copies of AW are sold at $60 each. That's $60,000,000. Then maybe 40% buy season passes and or individual map packs @ $50. That's another 20,000,000. Then maybe another 20% buy DLC averaging say $10. It's another 2,000,000. Total sales= 82,000,000


    Now let's say 10% of those buyers go on YouTube, watch a video on how to cheat like a god, follow the link and download the code to their console, or they spend $100 on some modded controller that gives them god like abilities. Then let's say Sledgehammer, Activision or whoever the hell is supposed to be responsible for this game bans all those guys. That's a potential loss of $8,200,000 on the next one. That's significant. They don't want sales to go down at all. So keep the games marginally fair to preserve the dedicated online players and the occasional players that hate ending a game 2 and 25 by keeping the cheaters in check, but don't go nuclear on them because they are part of the total sales too.


    Does this help? BTW, I made all those numbers up and I have no idea what the real numbers are, but I bet they aren't that far off.


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