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    Hey Max and Roanna,


    We are OSM (One Shot Maniacs) we are an active clan made up of ladies and gentleman from farm and wide.


    We'd be more than happy to invite you over if you are still looking. There is always someone online.


    We won the recent Clan Wars in bronze division and we are currently first in gold division also.


    Look forward to hearing from you. Add me on PSN - KerriAndKirsty if you'd both like to join, if not then happy to just party up :-)



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    Hey Im K6rmics <-- ( Psn GT ) i used to be very com sniping player on mw2 thru bo2 ig. then began started playing pubs , have a 1.18 kd i am always active with a mic of course. used to be on xbox moved to ps4 .if interesting in starting a clan please msg me GT: K6rmics if interest we will have lots of fun i also love to play rank play , besides that will have a kik chat to chat as normal people etc. hope to see u in my inbox !@@

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    Msg ("geraldsmith1976") to join and i'll invite you as soon as i can.

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  • 05/15/15--20:18: Deadly Nomads
  • Deadly Nomads clan is recruiting active members. We are on Xbox one. We are a  sponsored clan. There are a few requirements they are as follows:


    Must have a mic

    Must be ACTIVE

    Must be 14 y/o or older

    Must participate in clan wars


    we are currently level 22 in platinum division. We are a fun clan and competitive at the same time. We are sponsored by cinch gaming. If interested message Deadly Rescue or Deadly Krakenn on XBL.

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    Well the first day went worse than expected!  Total crap!  Only 5 of us playing but I had to reset my Xbox 5 times, and 3 other team members had to reset 3 times each.  Add in that on three occasions as we are winning the game just booted one of us on 3 occasions.  You get the picture, we got effed.  Thank you for providing us a product that brings such joy to our lives.

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    whats your psn would like to play

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    Narrator's Voice Volume Control, where is it ?


    Hi there Activision,


    I have been playing (Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare) from Apple AppStore on my (Mac) lately and I noticed there is not a button-feature to control the volume of the narrator's voice on this version of the game during online matches, only a button to control the general volume of the game.


    The narrator's voice I am talking about is the voice that announces UAVs, choppers approaching, who has the lead etc...

    In those Online Mac Matches there can be up to 100 people playing at the same time and becomes very difficult sometimes even to hear enemies coming with the sound of "Our UAV Is Online, Enemy Chopper Is Approaching, We've Taken The Lead, We've Lost The Lead, Enemy UAV Is Online" Etc...

    Over And Over Again Non-Stop.


    Is an update possible for a narrator's voice volume control ?



    Nickname: Rebel - COD4 Modern Warfare Team Death Match Hardcore On Mac.

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  • 05/15/15--20:02: Re: Self Conceit - BO3 & MM
  • i believe its a small player pool, combined with 6 man clans, and some really bad spawns that make this game so crappy. i truly feel SBMM has nothing to do with it at all.

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    I wanted to try the advanced supply drop purchase so I bought a 3 pack, but I can't find them.  I have re-downloaded the purchase from the transaction library and restarted the game but they are still not showing up in the new items list.  Am I missing something or should they appear in the "New Items List"?




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    Im Sorry for making you wait! you can message me on kik

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  • 05/15/15--19:49: Re: Variants or Skill?
  • The fact you have to ask is why variants are a bad idea.


    Players should make the choices that impact the performance of a weapon, it should not be based on chance.

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    I can look into this for you. Please send me a Private Message here on the forums with the following details if possible,

    - Email

    - Receipt number

    - User ID number(in-game)

    - Purchased Amount (Celerium + price)

    - Date of Purchase



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  • 05/16/15--18:41: Re: Destiny Update
  • Hey,


    We appreciate you taking the time to post here however for Destiny related issues you'll need to head over to Bungie's help page, Bungie : Help | Bungie.net I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.




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    The kid obviously doen't care what anyone says. The game is broken iho and thats that!

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  • 05/16/15--18:42: Re: Public matches and clans
  • I would love to see a mercenary playlist come back, even if it was just tdm or even just on clan war weekends.

    Either that or make clan wars a play list on it's own.

    I know this would break up an already low player count but clan war weekends for solo players are awful.

    Just my humble opinion btw.

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    We played all night last night on 6-15-2015 and our wins are still not reflecting in the Clan Wars Application. We stayed within the designated playlists of the application. How can we have this resolved? Please help! Due to this almost all of the nodes have been captured by competing clans. The clan name is GH5T. We do not want to continue to play if the wins are not going to count on the application anyway. We are very disappointed. I can give you the player tags also if this can be resolved. Thanks, Carson

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    I Have a 1.6 kd, and looking for a clan to pub stomp with, send me a message on xb live at BashQweeQwee

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