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  • 05/14/15--19:03: Re: Help!!!
  • An email containing a beta code will be sent to you when the beta goes live.

    Check out the Beta FAQ for more information.

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  • 05/14/15--19:03: PS3 Clan Sniping and Smg's
  • Hey people of the internet I am currently making a brand new clan called Itz my gamertag is ItzGrizzly-_- I currently don't have any members yet but thats why im here so yea this clan is going to be a fun and competitive clan so TRYOUT!



    • Must have MIC
    • Must be +15 years or older
    • Boy or Girl
    • Make New Account
    • Must be good at sniping or smg's
    • Also Looking for Good Editor for Youtube

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    haha right, i always see an enemy warbird or paladin above the map but my teammates completely didn't care and kept rushing into the open sky area and died over and over again, and their warbird or paladin was getting a lot of kills. only i was standing at a dark coner, then rockets flied toward the paladin or warbird... i guess my teammates never realized i just took down a bomber and saved probably so many of them. well by the other hand i believe it's so frustrating if your own scorestreaks have been taken down by enemy......

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    Have you checked if you linked your online ID to your COD account before you access the app?

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    I believe, if you haven't done anything to get you an infraction or anything like that, you don't have to worry about anything. I've just read this and this may be of help to know what are the consequences and reasons on how to get an infraction.

    For Advanced Warfare: Activision Support

    For Black Ops 2: Activision Support

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    I don't think that there is another way to reset stats aside from using the Stats Reset option once you reached prestige 10 max level.

    You can try checking this out for other information. Activision Support

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  • 05/14/15--19:20: just an idea
  • Is it possible to make the beta faq easier for newcomers to see? Maybe give it a different color font or possibly bigger text. Seems like most people are missing it.

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    Thank you this does help

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    Hey Mate!


    HAHAHA I know the feeling! I'm 40 and totally understand what you're saying. We have a small group who play together a few of us are of similar age Old (just big kids) we are on almost every night and some during the day also. All of us are on Mics if not in game chat we are in party chat, with plenty of old man bantering along the way we do have a few teenagers in the group, but they are mature enough and don't get annoying hahaha.


    Feel free to add me or anyone else in the same boat.


    Gamer tag: WainbowZ

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    OK, I tried out the Netduma with my Xbox One tonight on AW (I may do Ghosts, later tonight as well). Interesting thing:


    1) The XB1 is unquestionably second to the PS4 in terms of market penetration as there were far fewer hosts in my area than PS4.


    2) I did a trace route to and from a particular XB1 host.. ME... to the master server in NYC, and it demonstrates some of the concepts we talked about above regarding hops and how clients and servers never being in a straight line from one another:




    3) This is a typical MM search for a TDM lobby at (my) Prestige 3:



    Look at how the MM tries to pair me up with hosts (or vice versa) at least 1,000+ miles away from me. This is why I, and others bought the Netduma R1. We are no longer forced to play others who are WAY out of our geographic location.


    4) During the game of TDM, I looked at the score board and noticed a lot of the players had three and two bar ratings. This did not surprise me since the above screen shot illustrates beyond a shadow of a doubt how the MM tries to put players together regardless of region. One player was even warping around the screen, his/her lag was so bad.


    So, this doesn't prove SBMM. But it does prove a couple of things a few of us have speculated on:


    A) AW has a lower player base than we imagined. It's lower than the PS4, but even for a single platform and the supposed "home" platform for CoD... It's pretty sparse, at least in my geographical area.


    B) A lot of the increased lag over the past months may be due to a lower player base and the MM having to reach beyond its normal parameters to fill lobbies.


    Now, this isn't a scientific analysis by any means. Remember, I'm more concerned with getting a general, overall picture and trying to pin down why the quality of life for AW online has... for many... Been less than optimal, to be polite. Well, now we know why to some extent.

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    Just wondering, isn't it possible that a few of those "hosts", outside of your "region" could provide a better overall experience than the ones inside the region? Particularly given the earlier conversation about hops ect.?

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    is this clan on ps3?

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    I just applied for the clan on the app

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    Everyone has different impressions because everyone has a different experience.  That's how it is online. It will always be so. I haven't personally had any connection issues with any cod since the beginning of bo2. But I also pay attention to my connection more than most. I take MANY steps, some of them every time I play. If everyone actually optimized their connection, everyone would have a better experience . The odd part is, Mos would rather spend 20 minutes writing a post about how "the game is broken " , than spend 5 forwarding their ports, hardwiring, and making sure no other devices are connected.  Simple things that would make a huge difference,  I'd everyone did them .

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    Our only requirement is that you have a mic if possible so we can better communicate :-)



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    Flacksguy wrote:


    Never even thought to check in this section, looks like I've been missing out on some good Hockey talk.


    Looking forward to tomorrow,

    Most of their series go 7, so I guess I'll pick Rangers in 7


    Yeah.... I linked you to the thread from the get go. Figured you didn't reply because you didn't want to jinx the Rangers.


    Too late now.

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    86 hours? 2 tin cans and a string for internet?

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  • 05/15/15--19:49: Cosmic Bullet [NEW][XB1]
  • Looking for active members to join clan CB   (Cosmic Bullet).


    We are in our first clan war, Winning hardpoint right now.


    We are US based clan members.




    Message me if intereste on xbox (Crooked Slice)



    Crooked Slice

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    I agree and disagree.  People should do what they can, but even when I do these types of things in AW, I can even go wireless (did by mistake switching from PS3 for a couple days) in Ghosts and lag less.  Yes, my experience should be different in AW.  It should be better.  Learning from the past.  Newer game, more time to develop, better?matchmaking with larger pool.  On my end, the only difference is which disc is in the PS4.


    There is something different.  Whether it is code, matchmaking, whatever, but something is driving this outside of our homes and ISP.  Can I make it better?  YES!  But that is not my point.  Better doesn't always equal best in comparison.


    The Netduma Router should not improve game experience.  Why is my ping better to EU or Mexico than Columbus, Pittsburgh?  Why does the game see this?


    Well I may ask questions based on further posts, but I'm done ranting for now.  I don'the expect it to change in this game.  People would call them out.


    Good night and good gaming.


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