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    The email issue is on the activision homepage, keeps promting me to verify email, tried to resend verification email and im not getting one.


    And I'm still getting the two profiles on my clan roster (in game) plus no credits in my bank.


    Just had another clanmate getting the same error, said he was not in a clan, i told him not to have a re invite in case he gets the same errors as I'm getting.


    Hey, i appreciate your replies and hope it can get sorted.

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    NNuke town takes place as the events of moon unfold. Remember round 25 the eyes change coloR.

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    I don't know of any system in place that searches for any kind of cheating or boosting. I'm pretty sure it's all in the hands of the players in the game to report...... and then SHG to take action if the reports pan out. From what I understand SBMM is just a part of the matchmaking system which has no idea how the players got the statistics they have.


    I think the only way to see if someone is blatantly cheating or hacking without being in game would on the leaderboards.

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  • 05/13/15--18:49: Re: slots in war aliance
  • Alliance War layout uses your first layout when a war starts as a default. You can edit in in the “Alliance War 6th slot” whenever you want up to Battle Day (Day 2). We just wanted to allow you to have a different slot/layout for Alliance War and for your regular base for PvP


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    To better assist you with this we should go into a Private Message. You can access your PMs here, https://community.activision.com/inbox




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  • 05/13/15--19:09: Re: PS4 clan member needed
  • BUmp

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    Hey GirJR,


    Please note that if you've received ban messaging it is both final and irreversible. For more information you may refer to the Security and Enforcement policy here, Activision Support


    Since we don't discuss bans on the forums or in general this thread will now be locked.




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    Hallo Ich habe mir gerade Black Ops 2 Gekauft. Nachdem der Download bei steam beendet war startete ich das spiel zum ersten mal. Bevor ich überhaupt spielen konnte stand bei mir das ich dauerhaft von den BO2 Servern ausgeschlossen wurde?! Warum das wenn ich noch nicht einmal gespielt habe?

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    Aww man, loosing elite loot is frustrating. Luckily there is a Loot Recovery tool for this very situation. I suggest heading over to this Support Article which explains the tool and how to go through the process of getting back that beautiful BAL Inferno!



    https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Call-of-Duty-Advanced-Warfare- Loot-Recovery/


    If you have any trouble with the tool please don't hesitate to let me know!




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  • 05/13/15--19:17: Beta access
  •   On the beta access page after i log in to the call of duty black ops 3 beta website it says to preorder game and redeem code I already redeemed my code from best buy?

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  • 05/13/15--19:18: BO2 riddled with hackers
  • Ive been playing search and about 1 in 3 of the games that I play have people who either have a UAV hack or have aimbot.  Its like ever since black ops 3 became a thing treyarc completely gave up on banning these hackers.  That or they don't console ban and then people just create a new psn and continue to ruin the game with only a slight inconvenience.


    Hacking the leaderboard for better looking stats is one thing, because itll be pretty obvious and it doesn't affect the actual game.  but the aimbots and red boxing is pathetic.  People who were so bad at the game that they had to resort to cheating just to make them feel better shouldn't be allowed to play anymore

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    Clan vs Clan or 1 vs 1?

    ADD me on PSN: Team34_GoldShot

    Mail: team34official@gmail.com

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    PSN: RAT_ROD46

    Level: 14th prestige

    hours played: 173 hrs

    K/D: 1.06

    I am usually a rusher but I know how to seat back and pick people off with a sniper. I listen very well to commands and full the rule book. I am always on and work great with a Team. My favorite game mode to play is HC Domination.

    Message me on here or on psn if you are looking to recruit. Thanks.

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    looking to pick up 4 players tonight we are only recruiting until tonight so hurry and apply

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    Cuidado para compartir lo que pasó con sus gotas suppyl avanzadas?

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    Its really hard to believe that these guys are always having connection problems when I have hardly had a handful in almost 30 days of playing AW. Your quality of connection has a huge factor on your gaming experience and it sounds like they don't have it.

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    Team Genesis is now open for clan recruitment.

    Find us on Twitter:

    Team Genesis™ (@TeamGenesisOrg) | Twitter

    Sponsored By: Cinch Gaming

    use ''TeamGenesis5" for 5% off of all Cinch Gaming Products

    Team Genesis Twitter Banner 2.jpg

    We are starting from the bottom and working our way up together as a NEW clan. Currently only have 9 members on our clan roster. However, we are looking for new talent out there. Team Genesis as a clan shall grow into a friendly community of players of both casual and competitive gamers. Everyone who meets the requirements is welcome to join.Team Genesis also has a separate UMG competitive team. If you're interested in our competitive team, a try out is required. Team Genesis is sponsored by Cinch Gaming.

    We are currently organizing our competitive team as well as our YouTube/Twitch content team.



    1) Must have a Headset.....communication is key

    2) Must be 15 years old at the minimum......TG has no room for childish behavior, RESPECT is a must

    3) Must have at least a positive K/D (1.0 or higher)

    If you would like to join Team Genesis,

    contact us on our Twitter Page OR message Clan Leader on PS4

    Clan Leader: DJ_Chizzel


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    System hack brings those down w/disable SS. Glad to see someone else going for SS. I just in my last 2 games got 10 blackouts and then 15 blackout the next game. If some of these people would understand how much that helps the team towards a win maybe they'll pick up a Stinger and start helping.

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    I am looking for an European clan with English speaking players, because playing in an North American clan makes me lag. My gt is: IvorianRage

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