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    Play hardcore.

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    Rogue_Convict wrote:


    Or......... you suck.p  I have 100 down 50 up, and My K/D's been above a three since the day it came out.  The lowest it ever got was a 3.0.  The highest, 4.2.  I don't even use a hard wired connection.  If you think you are better off with bad connection, you're either high, fishing for attention, or just REALLY REALLY bad.

    Rogue_Convict wrote:

    I don't even use a hard wired connection.


    Yap,  Wireless with very bad packets losses. Naturally you are not updating your position to the server. This is where others are having very difficultly shooting you when you are teleporting about in their view in real time but in theater view, your movement is smooth because you are the winner. Hence, it only render from your view.


    When you have packet loss, others are just seeing you from the lag compensation (rendering) where you are rendered to others. It is not your actual position, that's why they die faster and sometimes they are not aiming correctly in your view. In most cases you already see them before they see you.


    So what if you are using 100 down/ 50 up. Your wireless is helping you.

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    Is there any more info on this?  Is this something that they're working on non-stop until it's resolved?  I was under the general impression that this was probably going to be fixed in a few hours, but almost seven hours later...  I've got my Mtn Dew and Oreos all lined up, and I'm going to have to waste the night watching Next Generation on Netflix instead of shooting people in the face.  Talk about a bad day to Redbox Black Ops.

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  • 09/12/13--21:39: Re: Will there be gold guns?
  • if you go to this webpage will tell you what camoes are in the game Call of Duty: Ghosts - The Call of Duty Wiki - Black Ops II, Modern Warfare 3, and more!

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    Let's revert your post and change some words...


    the game is broke all you people saying its fine are the ones who run full teams all the time


    What you meant is: The community is broke and all you people saying it's fine are the ones who run full teams all the time.


    The player are broken as hell, the game is just fine, i experienced close to no lag at all, screw that 1 second delay, i never ever saw that happen in my life, i never saw an hackers, barely see any boosters but it happens, alot of glitchers on zombie but it's life... So yeah, the game runs fine, but the community is a broken piece of lil 10 yrs old kids Tryhard that just love to screw the game around... My internet is 1 mb up to 10 mb down... how the HELL do i never felt any lag then? It's not such a good connection, i'm rarely the host of any game, but even when i am, i never hear ppl complain about lag unless they live damn far away, yet again the selection of player i get during a game is rarely in europe or far away... I'm a frenchy canadian, and all i hear is US players laughing at my french speaking or my tryhard english talking accent... as for the game it's fine, the community is BS. I'll stop repeating myself, but community kinda sux

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  • 09/12/13--21:42: Re: SnD trickshot party
  • for one i dont know one person in a lobby or have anyone set up for me i am new to it and will shoot anyone on other team that is last. i go for and keep going tell i get it or the dumbazz on the other team kills me. for the other team im an easy kill. i do it for fun not tryhard.

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    as long as you login to your call of duty account you can go back and forth as often you like you can even sign on both your 360 and xboxone at the same time too you need to fallow charlieintell to get your information

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  • 09/12/13--21:45: Re: SnD trickshot party
  • I need some kills, plz make more TS party in pub so we can get everyone a nuclear like it's nothing

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  • 09/12/13--21:46: Re: Invisible Hack
  • This hack is a few weeks old now and im still seeing the same guy using it everyday, his psn id is Destony_hackz, I don't see the point myself, he must enjoy getting hate messages I guess.

    Please console ban all these guys activision, us fair honest gamers who support you by buying the game/dlc deserve a better service and should not have to put up with these cheaters.

    If anyone want's some fair 1 v 1 battles then add me psn id DAVIDR1978 .

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  • 09/12/13--21:49: Re: SnD trickshot party
  • Sorry, i didn't read the SnD on your post title... NVM i never play that stupid game mode

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  • 09/12/13--21:57: SiNTHESiS Gaming [Xbox]

    Hello thanks for taking the time to read this. SiNTHESiS GAMING is a competitive clan and currently we are looking for members to join our clan.

    We are currently mostly focusing on league play and getting to masters but our next objective is call of duty ghosts.

    We were also looking into MLG and thats why we need skilled players to group a Gamebattles team and we can get into some online tournaments and win some prizes.

    What we offer:

    1. Clan website with built in ranking sytem
    2. Open leadership positions.
    3. Great people to play with (skilled players).
    4. Members that will be getting the xbox one.
    5. Competitions with Microsoft Point prizes and more.
    6. People playing other games like minecraft.


    1. 1.15 KD+
    2. Intentions of buying a xbox one. (optional)
    3. Helping clan challenges.
    4. Mature.
    5. Loyal.

    First six members will get in without tryouts 4 more places left.


    Apply Here: SiNTHESiS GAMING - Live Server - Call of Duty - Clan Hosting - Guild Launch

    Feel free to message me on my GT: LickMyWhatt I wont bite.

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  • 09/12/13--21:58: Re: SiNTHESiS Gaming [Xbox]
  • Welcome Super5kyder

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    Here's to innovation: none. If they're not using these fillers and forcing us to buy them in map packs if we want actual new maps, then why not?

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    I'm with you Tontonronton.  I ditched my console for the pc, and the lack of split-screen games is embarrassing.  It makes my blood boil when I start looking online for solutions and read a bunch of "nope, give up already" and "Who would want to play split-screen games?".  I don't feel like I should be pleading with anyone for a no-brainer like this.  Fortunately with the steam-box systems on the way, it's going to bring attention to the PC gaming community. Which will ultimately bring a larger audience with the same interest in split-screen games. 


    I'm looking for a response from the developers on the split-screen situation.  I don't want to waste my money on a game if the developers can't even take pc gaming seriously.

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    No, I'm not a troller.  I actually have a brain that I use, and use proper punctuation so others can actually understand me.  But, coming from a imbecilic cretin as yourself, I would assume that we can't confabulate with each other.  If you wish to corroborate your validity, then I advocate using more of a prominent phraseology.


    Also, beating me in a 1 v 1 authenticates nullity, as those with a sinewy lexicon tend to to do more competently in life.


    Have a nice day!

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  • 09/15/13--20:24: Invisible Cheater
  • Here's the cowards psn name. XTopClanChevyX. Hope you get what you deserve you coward.

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    I'm looking to join a clan who plays hardcore game types. I'm willing to participate in daily challenges and clan ops as long as I'm available. I'll provide some basic info below that seem to be requirements from most clan posts I've seen. If you want/need to know anything else, just leave a post or message me at GatorDontPlay3.


    Age: 24

    Mic: Yes

    KDR: 2.07  

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  • 09/15/13--20:25: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • Pretty crazy game going on between the Seahawks and 49ers!  The refs have really blown some big calls but the Hawks are still in it 5-0.  I was pretty surprised when the refs called a rain stoppage, when did that rule get added in?  Football players and fans have always pounded their chest over how they always play in the most extreme weather conditions so its odd to see a delay over a bit of rain.  It didn't even seem that bad, they weren't slipping and sliding in mud.


    The Eagles lost to the Chargers, but it was a pretty competitive game.  Their defense, though, needs some serious work, but I expected that going into the season.  Still, it's frustrating to see the offense come up with a big play to take the lead then the defense slowly and surely lets the other team march down the field.  Given how the Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins have looked, the Eagles still might have a chance at the division.  I don't know what's happening with the Redskins but they're getting demolished on both sides of the ball.  Ya knew RG3 would be rusty coming off the injury, but who would've thought they'd get blown up in the first two games.  Giants looked pretty awful against the Broncos and Eli is throwing a lot of picks.  I didn't see any of the Cowboys game, but I saw they just lost by 1 point.  They might be the biggest competition for the Eagles right now, but it's still early in the season.  I'm hesitant to ever count out the Giants.

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    ghamorra wrote:


    What is this "camp" you speak of?

    Is it near Yosemite? Nice place there this time of year! Should go CAMp there,

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  • 09/15/13--20:28: Re: Ghost camo missing
  • SAme here except my Internet decided to be slow today and tell me repeatedly that I couldn't connect to the black ops 2 server so when it finally let me in any trace I had of the this camo is now gone so I thought my game screwed me over again, like when I got reset TWICE so now that I see that I'm not the only one with the problem I know something's not right. Plz fix it treyarch

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