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    gotsomestars wrote:


    I 100% guarantee complaint threads about the new melee.

    If it cuts down on the panic knife you will not hear any complaint from me.

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    The only thing that will cut down on the panic knife complaints is if people stopped complaining about the panic knife.



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    Thx Mr. Obvious!!!!

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    This game keeps getting worse and worse every day! Case filed upon cases! Developers just hanging them selves by a thread! No support actions made! The more bad PR they get the more they need to just refund money to their customers and shut it down! Done with this!

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    That because your sorry shameful as used a hack to get there! I'VE BEEN WATCHING YOU! 

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    I did look it up.. your tiny clan wasn't on there so I called you out.. look at number one. then you can hop off

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    that was hilarious

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  • 05/10/15--18:07: Re: the way it is now
  • cranium2001 wrote:


    It's next to the




    Making one.

    This is a myth. When ever I see FalconR6 and OUHATEME post........ its always in threads with newbies.

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  • 05/11/15--17:50: Re: Self Conceit - BO3 & MM
  • Robalboa0 wrote:


    Foxhound-Pro wrote:


    KurtK24 wrote:


    There is waaaaaaay too many variables to measure skill in COD or any Fps for that matter.  So why do it?


    Players across all mediums want a challenge. Applying a loose influence of skill to the core, un-ranked game mode keeps those who don't want to play an explicitly competitive variant in that challenging loop. This works for multiple titles on multiple platforms. It's also important to note that there are even silent skill oriented systems in play at the first party level too. It's not just the third-party, game publisher level.


    Letting players climb a subtle ladder to increase their skills overtime pays off in the long run. Why? Because in both scenarios, a world with and without SIMM, player skill should increase. Matchmaking with SIMM, however, allows for a much more healthy growth pattern.


    PS: I'm abandoning SBMM (Skill-Based MatchMaking) in favor of SIMM (Skill-Influenced MatchMaking) as it more closely follows the described system here.


    http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/How-does-matchmaking-work-in-P ublic-Match

    the system that is described there is BOPS 2 current system and it works well. whatever variables that AW uses needs an enema . lol

    plus like ive said forcing thousands of clans to play clan wars in Pubs ruins the whole system in AW and Ghosts. we actually have to remove our Clan tags to get into a game. if we dont everyone backs out. but in League play we all know that we will be playing other players that are comparable to our team. and its doesn't FLOOD Pubs with thousands of full parties nullifying the matchmaking process.


    great find

    Yeah, I hear you on the "CL makes matchmaking hard" front. Even when a CL isn't present my team often had to pull our tags. It's lame. People don't want a fight sometimes.

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    thebiindsniper wrote:


    The catering can only go so far.  If developers blindly catered to this day, we would still have stopping power, juggernaut, deathstreaks, etc. Sure, those perks created different types of players, but not all types of players are good for the series itself.  I wouldn't call "OMA tubing across the map and earning free streaks" a good playstyle (in MW2).

    The reason why claymores, IEDs, and betties were broken was because the counters against them did not justify their existence.  Sure, you could circumvent the devices, but that would mean being extra careful, which added to the game's slow pace.  The other method is being forced to use a perk or several perks in order to avoid cheesy deaths.  Off topic, but speaking of being forced to use perks to avoid death, that's why Toughness is being removed in Black Ops 3.

    In order to have a proper proximity device, there needs to be an equal enough counter balance to their effectiveness.  That's why Explosive Drones were created.  Otherwise, you'll see cheesy deaths and slow gameplay because people are relying too much on those claymores/IEDs/betties.


    the Explosive drones dont do anything useful. like the guy above said ive never died by one and got 2 kills using 1400. whoever had left this joke of explosive in the game needs to take some notes this november

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    Is it really that low? I mean, I know speed isn't the most important factor when it comes to online gaming but... wow!


    If only my mobile carrier offered the low pings that my fibre connection does. I get great 4G speeds and unlimited data!

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    wanted to get a few things off my chest:


    first, usage of the expression "try-hard".  i understand that when someone unsheathes what seems to be the COD player's signature insult, they're implying that i'm hunched forward in my chair, sweat streaming off my face onto the controller i'm crunching with my nerve-induced kung-fu grip.


    yeah, so?


    let me guess - you accusers are operating the controller with your toes while using your hands to eat a sandwich.  or perhaps you're barely glancing at the screen as your harem oils you up and dangles grapes for you to chomp.  no, no, you're click-clackin' them buttons in the back of your escalade, your attention diverted as you drive by female fans honoring your sexiness with a booby flash.  how special!


    well, coolios, wanna know what makes the usage of that particular insult especially dim?  it doesn't even mean what you think it does.  trying hard to accomplish something (which you consider...uncool?) does not render one a "try-hard".  rather, i am a try-hard if i claim the scar on my hand is a stab wound suffered as i interrupted a mugging instead of admitting it was self-inflicted - the result of careless lettuce chopping.  i'm a try-hard if i rap about life in da hood despite having enjoyed a cushy childhood in da 'burbs.  in call of duty-land, i'd be a try hard if, say, i threatened to "hack" someone offline despite being ignorant enough to mistake my CD rom drive for a cup holder.  clear?


    secondly, excessively-bright gear.  why?  just as i had a problem with challenges forcing players to use weapons unintelligently (launchers!!!), i'm not crazy about the fact that wearing the weapon master outfit renders me an easier target.   who designed that thing?  dolce & gabana?  jennifer lopez?  was it inspired by the movie "dirty dancing: havana nights"?  when i wear it, people are like, "oh, look at that bright orange [BLEEP] over there!  i'm gonna shoot that fool right in his bedazzled nips!"


    silly stuff, yo - as messed up as the front teeth on the joker mask (which ruin that otherwise awesome mask, in my opinion).

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    Hi Frank,

    I, solely, admin my router. The modem, I can admin, or the I.S.P. does remotely.



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    gotsomestars wrote:


    They need some sort of proximity explosive. It adds to the game, makes map control possible.  If the explosive drone was even a tiny bit useful AW would be a completely different game.

    well said. i totally agree.

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    Your upload is RIGHT at the minimum.

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  • 05/11/15--17:59: Re: Self Conceit - BO3 & MM
  • nuttin2say wrote:


    Foxhound-Pro ... do you think some of the confusion could be coming from the wording of the following step ...

    I ask this because I think a lot of gamers falsely believe "region" or "locale" or "local" = their city, county, and/or state. My understanding of a region is that it works by ping range. For example, 25ms ping ~ 250 miles (not at all exact but for demonstrative purposes). I also understand it to be a circular "region." Would that be correct, yes or no?


    Yes, players tend to believe that local means their home city, state, or country. I'm not sure how regions breakdown though as I'm not a dev.


    nuttin2say wrote:

    Also, regardless of the "shape" of the region, the goal is to keep players from the same "region," but does not necessarily mean there will never be players from other regions for a whole host of reasons. Among those reasons, player population within the game mode and available games would be factors. Would that be relatively accurate?


    This logic sounds accurate to me. A large amount of players think that because they're playing with people across the coast that their ping must be over a very absurd amount. I can connect to some parts of the US west coast better than I can connect to some places here in Texas.


    nuttin2say wrote:


    In essence, my experiences tell me that "proximity to the player" that the first phase of MM is to create a large pool of connection qualified gamers from which a lobby can be formed. The process then fine tunes the player selection until a lobby is created. Is that fairly accurate or completely off base?


    Again, that sounds logical. To me, this is how matchmaking works and has worked for a number of games including those that aren't Call of Duty.

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    yep. It's that low. Even when hosting. There really isn't that much data that needs to be sent at the core level. The only real factor is the ping/packet loss.

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    The loot recovery tool keeps telling me to link the console but the profile says it is linked.  it won't ever let me use the recovery tool.

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    Hey unfortunately this company is not one to just ban a user for a one time thing. If multiple players have reported inappropriate behavior, modding, exploiting or boosting the teams at Activision do investigate matters thoroughly. Though their methods are not disclosed to the public I can assure you from a past experience they do look into them. Remember the people that you play against are not always sitting in their own homes, they could be at work. Though it's a costly mistake on your end it's one that usually doesn't get repeated. My best advice get a new account and play fair. Exploits may seem like a good idea at the time and are great if you're going for that seemingly unattainable goal, that random slip of a inappropriate comment may get you a laugh in the lobby, that hack may seem cool to those that are using it, but ultimately they are all bannable offenses. Even the most innocent mistake can be a harsh lesson learned. Once banned it cannot be undone. If they felt you were playing legit you would still be playing.

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