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    You're on ps4 right? Just reformat your buttons.

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    LOL good one!

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    So I have been using the EMP3 lately and have discovered that it outguns almost everything so I decided to figure out how fast I could make it shoot. if my math is right then i am capable of making it shoot 600 rpm. Is this considered a fast trigger finger, average, or slow?

    the math i used was 60(seconds in a minute)/1.2(how long it took to overheat with heat sink) = 50          50*12(rounds shot before overheating) = 600 rpm

    Just added a VIdeo of me trigger fingering the epm3, 11 shots in 0.9 seconds

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    Watched that driftor video eh?

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    Driftor posted the video of him in a private lobby with Jhub showing the added in game latency/lag, showing both screens. Jhub would turn the corner ADS at Driftor before he was even on Driftor's screen. The video was up for a couple days before it was taken down. If I remember correctly, he stated after various tests that the in game lag comp was around 750ms, before the connection issues of a typical online game take affect.


    He also posted another video stating tests about dedicated servers. He described what he and others had tested so far, but they could not release anything legally about it until they were allowed. That video has been taken down as well.


    He isn't some random guy on youtube saying random things. He gets invited to CoD events and is very well connected with the developers/designers. Why would those videos be taken down?

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    So do the admins even read the forums? Or what?

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    Oh. My bad. Sorry

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  • 05/10/15--15:01: Re: This Gifs For You V:B03
  • giphy.gif

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    I'm definitely excited. I've enjoyed the little pieces so far and I'm hoping it's great. I can't honestly rate it yet though. Seems early to me. Vahn, don't screw this up. #invahnwetrust

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    JCONNOR wrote:


    Foxhound-Pro wrote:


    What exactly is the "full potential" of the EXO suit in your opinion?


    This lies more within the maps design... or lack thereof... Because if objectives were on different levels, for example, then this would provide added incentive to use the Exos and provide more strategic game play in both obtaining them and defending them. As it is, AW is just BO2 with jetpacks. I know that's been said before, but this is what I meant about SHG not executing the concept to its fullest potential because it's not just the Exo (player) movement itself. It's the environment those moves can be used in and this is where AW falls short, IMO.


    As stated, if they had more "puzzle" solving maps that required you to do more than just assess targets... Like maybe there is force field in the doorway leading to "B" flag that goes on and off at regular intervals... Players and teams could plan around these elements and it would make game play far more tactical than it is now, IMO. Especially if the window of opportunity is small, but predictable. You would have players queuing up in front and behind the force field waiting for it to drop. To take it a step further, what if the actual zones in Hardpoint had force fields that kept players out for a set period of time, but allowed grenades and other projectiles in? This would provide another layer to the "puzzle" and increase tactical thinking, IMO.


    I know there is a limit to map interactivity and devs can't overwhelm players. But once the players learn all the little quirks and how things work... and if they function on predictable intervals... Then it becomes part of a bigger meta game other than just shoot the other guy as fast as you can, or he is going to shoot you.


    This was a great post. Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion. -- Reminds me of this moment too.



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    Tactics74 wrote:


    Foxhound-Pro wrote:


    C_CHRIS11 wrote:


    Ali-a is true that he plays as a solo player and not in a team. He also plays a variety of games. Dom, FFA, TDM Gun Game , Infected.

    And he does this in every CoD title.

    And it's true. Never before I have seen him shot from behind so many times in previous tittles.

    He play style is Controlling and patrolling an area.


    Right. So then he deserves every moment that an opposing team punishes him for A) playing solo in team modes and B) not coordinating with his team / his team not coordinating with him. Factor in that he has risen in popularity and that people specifically target him in games so that they can share socially that "[they] beat Ali-A *photo of him losing*" and you have a very unique situation.


    I stand by my original points. A player deserves to lose team games if they are not part of or play as a team.

    Also add that players playing in groups are far more of a benefit to the game's sales, likeability and longevity than the lone-wolf player. This is true for not only MP but with SP as well, which is why we will see the addition of CO-OP campaigns. So, making the game easier/easy to approach solo in any way is not even a consideration in game design.

    Conjecture with sound logic. There are, however, a lot of players that purchase the game for single player who never go on to play MP. MP is a huge facet for sure, but I think we're in an age where co-op is king and Treyarch decided to add in some of their roots from WaW.

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  • 05/10/15--15:16: Steel bite or hole puncher
  • I have been using the arx 160 steel bite and ever since I got quick draw for it it has quickly became my favorite gun to use, I dont have the hole puncher variant but i picked it up off the ground once it seemed pretty good. So this is a simple question, which is better? Steel bite or hole puncher and by how much

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    thebiindsniper wrote:


    The only function of proximity explosives were to offer easy kills.  In addition, a lot more camping occurs when people can set up shop with their two proximity explosives and sit in a building for eternity.  That's why eSports rules banned the equipment.

    The only added awareness involved with proximity explosives were how often they are spammed because people absolutely need free kills.



    Claymores are only free kills if people don't pay attention. They are very useful in objective based games. And they are fairly easy to circumvent.


    For me... the fact eSports doesn't use them makes me like them more.

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    Jimmer032 wrote:


    Nah I don't suck. I'm way better than you and I know that. How? Your old.




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    I hate to be that guy but like @gotsomestars said, it's holding next gen back. We all had to move on to last gen before. Now is the time.

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    Trying to justify using "esports" rules will only hurt your argument.

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    Maybe you should look it up and hop off.




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    most likely it's because Activision doesn't give a crap about Black Ops anymore. i did a live chat with Activision about  problems with their  World League and was told we have NO info on the World League.

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