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    Gear up for more Clan Wars starting Friday, May 15th! For more info, including timing and rewards, see community.callofduty.com/community/call

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    since I downloaded the New Patch my Xbox has completely frozen and needed to be unplugged to restart at least 4 times. in multiplayer mode sometimes randomly during a match, sometimes when trying to alter a character class.   WHo else is having this problem , and how can Activision BE this incompetent?  Bad enough that the most unbalanced weapons in the game are DLC only which renders the game nearly unplayable anyway, but this is the last damn straw.  


    Last COD game I buy ever if this isn;t fixed TONIGHT

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  • 05/08/15--17:03: D-day Anniversary
  • Tomorrow, June 6th, is the 70th anniversary of D-Day. My grandfather served and was a p.o.w. towards the end of the war. He is my hero. He never spoke about it and it wasn't until Band of Brothers that I understood what he went through. Thank a vet, no matter when they served.


    During World War II (1939-1945), the Battle of Normandy, which lasted from June 1944 to August 1944, resulted in the Allied liberation of Western Europe from Nazi Germany’s control. Codenamed Operation Overlord, the battle began on June 6, 1944, also known as D-Day, when some 156,000 American, British and Canadian forces landed on five beaches along a 50-mile stretch of the heavily fortified coast of France’s Normandy region. The invasion was one of the largest amphibious military assaults in history and required extensive planning. Prior to D-Day, the Allies conducted a large-scale deception campaign designed to mislead the Germans about the intended invasion target. By late August 1944, all of northern France had been liberated, and by the following spring the Allies had defeated the Germans. The Normandy landings have been called the beginning of the end of war in Europe.

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    i can see the bonus content under the manage game option on xbox one but when in advanced warfare its not there tried uninstalling and re-installing a couple of time still nothing my son is disappointed since we downloaded so he could have early.

    I originally purchased under my id instead of his so that is what started this whole thing i think.  ok i have called ms and they show that i received the refund and that i purchased again under his acct and they have tried to help and now say that activision will need to do something. Please help i really want to resolve this for him so that he can get what he deserves in the AW game as i was the one who messed this whole thing up.  he is young and can not buy thing for him self  so it all has to be done with my paypal acct.


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  • 05/08/15--17:28: Re: ->STR33T KINGZ
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    PC Never really kicked off.
    In USA, only game modes, Core Moshpit
    Hardcore TDM
    Sometimes Hardcore DOM
    and VERY rarely Grapple Moshpit.


    All others are null and void

    Sledgehammer, Activision, and Valve should be trying to figure out how to get more players to play, and listen to what the players want.
    But the Steam forums for SINGLEPLAYER (Since that's where they post the updates for multiplayer, why? I have no idea.)
    AND MULTIPLAYER (Which should be where the updates for MULTIPLAYER are posted.)

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    No me deja crear una emblema No me aparece la opcion Emblemas Y no me deja entrar en la opcion clanes

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    My clan Bad company is looking for players to join and play on Xbox one?

    Is anyone interested?

    Not many members at the moment so looking for a few.



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    cool man, thank, ii thot i was missing out on all the fun!

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  • 05/09/15--15:43: Re: KF5 Breakneck
  • Agreed. I don't much care for the irons on the kf5 but the genuine is a GREAT weapon. Once I got used to the recoil of the breakneck I liked it on the cqb maps. But the genuine is better overall.

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    AW is not hurting for players if thats what you're hinting at. I play way more than anyone here and I never have a problem finding a full game 24/7.



    Ranked #6 in the world on PS4 for the month and 118 All Time

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  • 05/09/15--15:51: Re: 3X CLAN
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    Humans are made to walk on the ground, hunt on the ground and fight on the ground. Because of this the humans are evolved to check their ground left and right and not up. This is why the television is wider than it is higher. Humans check and are aware of whats in their field of view which has more width than height.

    Maybe this is the reason people do not like the new vertical movement. It is unnatural to them.

    Maybe this why Treyarch said that all the vertical movement in BO3 will have less height so as to be in player field of view. 


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    The best thing for SHG will be to start showing the numbers that play online.

    This will stop all the speculation and arguments going on about numbers. Maybe it will shut as up.

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    I Need to drop shot

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  • 05/09/15--16:12: Missing Supply Drop
  • After purchasing 2 packages of 20 supply drop from the psn store, none of them show up in the library, for the download, or in the "new item" menu of the multiplayer section.

    None of the solutions proposed by the activision support worked.

    I would be happy to give you more information in order to solve the problem.

    Thank you.

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    fill out an app at egcgaming2015.enjin.com.. register then hit the join our cod clan tab

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    Contact me on psn! Name is OrpHicMagic! We're still recruiting!

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