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  • 05/03/15--15:47: Re: Connection problems
  • OK thanks for the tip, I will try port forwarding.


    I usually try domination first and then hardpoint, moshpit, tdm in that order.

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    Still recruiting!

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  • 05/03/15--15:56: Re: ->STR33T KINGZ
  • bump

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    gotsomestars wrote:


    If competitive is going to grow to where the players want it to, they need to play the same game as everyone else. Not a stripped /dumbed down version.


    The point of competitive play is everybody is on equal footing, supposedly. That doesn't happen with weapon variants. This is also why certain Killstreaks, attachments and Exo abilities aren't allowed in competitive play either like... The UAV, the Tracker Drone, etc. Anything that takes the emphasis off of player vs. player (gun vs. gun) and provides an unfair advantage.

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    No one knows when they are releasing the Beta yet.

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    There is a very simple reason why they are not banned. You have to remember that not every player has reached 5th prestige or spent the 2 bucks on the extra 60 class slots. If a player never did either of these then they only have 5 slots available.  If a player only has 5 slots and plays both ranked and normal public then they either have to rebuild all their classes when they swap between them or would be limited to only base variants in public matches. It's one of those issue that removing them from ranked play would piss more people off than it would appease.  So Sledge Hammer left well enough alone. It's not like there is a million dollars on the line in ranked play.

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    Im looking for a clan to make so friends and do whatever (I'm not realy sure what to put here lol) I guess thats it if you think I can be in the clan message me tag:MonsterGuner0v0

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    The problem is the netcode. It's been bad ever since MW3 when IW fired the netcode developer. Since then, they haven't been able to get a handle on it.


    MW3 tried a method of ADDING latency (in ms) to the connections to even it out for players on both good and bad connections. This, alone, is flawed, and is why if you "lag switched" -- increased latency -- Above the servers ping in MW3, you could do better than somebody with a lower ping. This is counter-intuitive for most online games (low ping = better game play), but the way IW did it was trying to please everybody and ended up screwing everybody instead.


    They tried again in BO and BO2, but the method used was a very outdated method (1/2 ping) which relies too much on having perfect connections because it assumes the travel time back to clients from the server will be half the time it took to travel to the server in the first place. You can see where this is flawed with the complexities of congested internet, right?


    Ghosts has a reputation for being a terrible game, but for having the best netcode since MW2. It's because the devs reverted back to standard lag compensation most other games use and not the 1/2 ping (or similar) method BO, BO2, AW and I am sure BO3 is going to use, unfortunately.


    So, all of these reports about lag aren't wrong. But it's something NONE of us can fix and falls squarely on Activision and the devs shoulders... As well as just using a new engine that separates the game from the netcode like modern game engines do.


    Q3 Arena is 16-years old now and was designed for days of 56K dial-up. We're way beyond that, but the methods to help combat latency haven't been updated in the engine since 1999, except for when IW tried to do it various ways described above.

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    I love your enthusiasm, Howevee keep in mind your opinions are just that.

    they may be 3 for 3 with you, however many, many,many would disagree with that statement.

    Oh! BTW welcome to the fanboy /shill squad!!

    Your membership papers are in the mail


    Also, if your theory about "mw3 did good because of black ops" were true, wouldn't that mean that ghosts did bad because of BO2?

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    Don't blame it on the company, you obviously can't make the same deal with 2 companies and plus we all paid 60 dollars so why should xbox get favoritism, now if the xbox version was more expensive then that would be different

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    Awesome, what's your gamer tag?

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    I found the same issues with clan wars.  In Ghosts, the clan wars matched you against seven other teams, but you really only competed against the one other team that wasn't not participating.  In AW, I haven't touched clan wars and, on a few occasions, have actually avoided playing during wars.

    The pub-stomping thing is really big for me.  During wars when getting wins as fast as possible is the factor determining who wins, teams of six run through lobbies until they find groups of randoms and will leave if another party is matched with them.  They also leave as soon as the going gets tough.


    I think the system works well if everyone participates.  Unfortunately, as RayOldGuy said, the system is flawed in this way.

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  • 05/04/15--12:59: Re: -HiGH TiMES- Recruiting
  • Hell o.  Ha ha Like your style. Very interests in joining a clan for team play. been there done that Metallica to Ozzy. swag to Kindness. I play solo so my WL & kd not so impressive ,But have just started prestige 7 and need  2 unlock more perks n stuff. I LOVE cod and have been playing since Pong. I message u later hope we can play as a tryout, (I wanna c if I can really kick ass) . I Compared stats on COD tracker ( cool site) for a solo player I think its above average. I want to play serious games , lets chat for a bit , I play NY time  11pm - 3 am  yusually. Quick whats Half of 840.   psn: auntmarie33


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  • 05/04/15--11:00: Re: hacks
  • I agree look at the guy on top of hard core dom on advanced ESCURO Assassin been there for months and who ever works in that department really must never even show up to work it is hard to believe with Billions we spend on these games no one watches the leader boards for hackers. I have said it before and I will say it again if hat ever slackers you guys have hired cant or want do their job hire me the leader boards will be cleaned several times daily we are owed that much

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    I'll do that before I get on tomorrow morning . I work tonight and usually play after I get home at 7 30 or so.  Thanks.

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    so you got the code already? Did amazon give you a date when will the beta start?

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    its not working anymore :´(

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    RayOldGuy wrote:



    For the "mob" forum goers, my K/D is a 1.21. 90% of my games I am so drunk I drop the controller. Sober, it is between 2.5-3.5. My buddy oRLsx317o is a beast on the sticks with a crazy K/D...don't listen to us though, the people who post on the forums more than they play are the legit sources.  

    I checked my KD the other day, and found it was 1.7 something. I don't care if SBMM is there or not. It does not matter. I play the game. I don't ask for lobbies where I don't have to play against people who are trying to win. (That is what a try hard is, now, isn't it?) My beef with these kinds of threads is the fact that they boil down to someone saying they are sick of not being able to stomp all over lesser players.  If you can do it, great! If you can't, look in the mirror. The fault is not the game.


    By the way, you should seek help with that drinking problem.

    You forgot to drop the microphone.  I think that's what the kids do these days.

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    Oldmanray, good to see you back on the forums. You have ignored everything else I have posted to you, yet you chime in on a sliver of my post (almost taking a childish jab at me). I wouldn't say its a problem...I just play the game late nights when I don't score some strange on the weekends. Surely an old man like yourself can remember days of doing something other than playing CoD every day.


    If I remember correctly, you posted stats struggling to break even about 2 months ago, so with a 1.7 you are a legit beast now (clearly you have been raping lobbies to raise that K/D in such a drastic manner). Getting good at a hobby in retirement is always a good thing.

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    There have also been netduma users who report a worse experience .

    as far as the "bars" are concerned they have never been accurate.  I think maybe you're trying to put words into my mouth. I would never be against a better system.  However,  no system will every be perfect, and moreover the vast majority do NOT take the necessary steps to ensure that their end is set up properly.  Hell a HUGE portion play over wifi, while sharing a connection with others, then come here and blame whatever developer happens to be on the clock.

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