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  • 09/11/13--20:46: Re: Quickscoping?
  • And the sniper rifles are still stronger for they can kill in one at any range which ,makes them even stronger then a sg at close range. because the sg will not unless enough pellets land on target to get the kill. where the sr only needs one round to hit for the kill.

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  • 09/11/13--20:47: Need Xbox 360 Clan members
  • Hi,


         My name is Xtrem3Cha0tix, but you can call me Alpha. I am recruiting for my Xbox 360, Call of Duty Elite clan called: Elicit Gaming.

    Message me on XBOX LIVE for questions. Look at my bio on XBOX to see requirements to join.



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    Necaross what do you think of the ranking system in zombies. i got my knife and skull at  35 kd and the highest round ive been to is on buried round 43 (which is easy ) i feel that kd is a minor element to ranking i feel that its more revives head shots,doors,perks drank,etc etc all add up??

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    I am currently writting a book that was inspired by Treyarch. The name is not yet decided, but so far it has earned the name 'Living Death'.

    The story is about a scientist who creates a machine that has the ability to control a human. The machine is programmed with the doctor's personality but haywires and becomes very evil and sadistic. Those humans who were buried with the chip still implanted began to rise from the grave and terrorize world. The endgame is that the doctor must create a paradox for his son, so as to save his future. So, the doctor creates a time machine and time travels to different periods of time leaving his plan in the past to save the future. The paradox is created on the doctor's birthday and his son is sent into the future where his father has turned. Soon, he learns that death will be the gateway to freedom and the key to the unpredictable future.


    The story is still in the works but it is planned to span over 7 titles. With settings like 1969's USS Enterprise explosion, the Berlin Wall, a Space Station, and many planned future settings. My question is, would this be something you would read?

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    no more quick scoping and i hope they change their minds and not put aim assist in at all that way theres no more lucky shots.PS, no more semi snipers at all only bolt action that way people can't spam bullets and get a lucky kill just put a couple fast rechamber rifles that jam when you try to shoot before it rechambers and it will be unjammed by switching weapons. thats all.

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  • 09/11/13--20:50: French Lesson
  • You suis un connard - I am an a$$hole

    J'aime quitter une partie car je rage - I love to rage quit

    Je suis un douche - I am a dbag

    J'aime me coucher dans une tente - I like camping

    Je suis un enfant - I am a kid

    Je ne devrais pas jouer a Bo2 - I shouldn't be playing Bo2 (17+ come on kids rage quitters)

    Je n'aime pas tomber en zombie - I don't like getting downs on zombies (rage quit huh? lol)




    If anyone want to add anymore, feel free. Now to all those kids, dbag, and such out there, you will be able to translate all that to yourself and see how pathetic you really are



    Sincerely yours, Necaros

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    i had the pdw PAP on round 40 last week and wasnt doing anything along with DT its pretty weak and the ammo doesn't last long at all .now i go AN94,SVU,RAY GUN M2 all pap and i only use the ray gun when i'm out of ammo with the other 2  and have to run to get more

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    I had a $**** ton of revive and such, but my KD was bad, i got my knife right after i made it to round 45 on a 3-man party, i still think that the KD has something to do, since i never got knife even when i made it to 40+ on motd and such... So i dunno, it's a big $shitty mystery... just happy i got my knife after months of playing game of 500+ KD, i don't want shotties cause they almost ALL DBAG anyway, i don't need to be treated like a rage quitter

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    If you look on youtube, you can see alot of ppl that get shotties at around 35k kills, with no headshots, barely any revives and such. This just proves that KD is important, maybe not all, but it's the most part of it... I can barely think you got your knife with a kd of 35, but if u did, then you must had a **** tons of others stuff like revive I almost made a game round 43 4-man party with 4.5k kills and 3.2k headshot, that was awesome

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    Yeah, I saw that, but it's still pretty cool there's been at least a little communication between the two parties since I bet Katee would make a great superhero.  It also makes me wonder that there might still be some role to be had just from the fact that there has been contact and availability talks, regardless of whether Katee is the one that gets it.  It's not like Marvel is gonna cancel a potential Carol Danvers movie or cameo cause they can't get Katee for the role.  I guess we'll have to wait and see!


    In other news, here's a video about the casting of James Spader as Ultron!  The host quotes Whedon as saying that Spader was his first and only choice and says Ultron is "very human and humorous".  Ultron is definitely very human as far as robots go with the complicated relationships with Hank, Jan, Vision, Jocasta, and Akhema, though I'm kinda scratching my head at humorous.  Hopefully they don't go too jokey with Ultron since I want him to be a real frightening threat to the Avengers and not just standing around trading barbs with RDJ all day.

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    sorrry but i feel the sniper when used preficiently is a great weapon pap'd. but that is my opinion ahvent played in a while and im a bit boared of this an94 papd aswell cant wait to use the scar in origins that gun is beast!!

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    I would clearly read that, but i hope you don't have any plans on marketing that, unless you get approval from Treyarch and they get a 99% of the sale Damn money whores

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    still need 2

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  • 09/12/13--21:18: Re: Zomb Souls
  • I Believe it is 30 for each soul box. If the giant steps on them they reset to zero. The fire staff is 50 and I think it's 30 or 50 to upgrade each one.

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    Team Atrocity originally came from a MW3 Top 50 K/D ratio all time clan by the name of WSA1- We Stand As 1. The co-leader which is myself decided to part ways with the active loyal members to form Atrocity in the new series of Call of Duty Black Ops 2. We have been through a lot together and no matter what game or console, our community will continue to fight to be strong and successful as a team. We hope for a successful MLG team in the future, along with sponsorships and fans who enjoy spectating our community.



    Roster Size-40 Clan K:D-2.00Level-15

    Requirements are 1.80 K/D or higher unless you have placed Masters in Championship Series solo rank of Top 50 or better. AtRo does not tolerate immaturity or players who are going to be in-active. We do clan ops and league play daily and our roster is  becoming a successful community preparing for the new upcoming Xbox one along with Ghosts. We look forward to sponsorships and a community website with the help of our members to make our gaming more elusive.  Send message or request to XBL:Smokecl or DM Twitter @ Sm0k3d541 You can apply now  https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/5888039

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    InfamousMist wrote:


    Where have you seen this?

    Here -> treyarch check the stats

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    Initial results, I played a friend of mine in a Private match:

    (Normal) 4.0 KDR

    (Netflix) 3.33 KDR

    (Disabled SLI & 8x MSAA) 1.25 KDR ; friend's observations were I moved slower, and for me I felt stuttering but in a BAD way.


    Later I'll mess with the Router settings.

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  • 09/12/13--21:08: Are they going to be stupid?
  • and have a probation? Going to cancel my preorder if they do. I don't play blops 2 for this reason.

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    Thread edited. No need for the insults.

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    I ts feed motion track and edit.FainT_FrenZie add cabers4 no randoms

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