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    Plaza is fine. It's easy to take out those campers on the roof if you're accurate. I have no problems with them.

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  • 09/10/13--19:13: Re: Quick Scope?
  • Quickscoping abuses the games aim assist and bullet magnetism, it also abuses its one shot kill ability at all ranges.

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    alright i assigned you to your squad and posted everything you need to know on your wall

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  • 09/10/13--19:21: Re: Probation
  • Stop dashboarding and play the game right. Stop being a cheater. Who cares if your KDR goes down or up. It's not a big deal, all you need is to have fun.

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  • 09/10/13--19:19: Re: Quick Scope?
  • Snipers have the ability to one shot kill at any range and the bullet can land any where on the body as long as it is waist/chest above based on which ever weapon. No other weapon lands a one shot kill waist/chest other than shotguns but they do not count since they can only shoot as far as 12 meters aka CQC. SMGs, LMGs, and ARS can't one shot unless it is a headshot which is a small window. The sniper has a larger window which is any where above the waist or chest.

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    OMG thank you for saying this, this is what I have been trying to say!

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    This is so incredibly accurate that it's humorous to me. And let us not neglect the fact that soundwhoring is ridiculously laughable. On top of the fact that footsteps are almost completely silent, dexterity has a funny effect of working more silently than dead silence itself a majority of the time that I go up against it. Radar grenades are despicably awful, and don't even get me started on the nonsensical nature of the fact that pistols seem to outmatch AR's in numerous encounters.

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    I'm 18 add me: im-dabest1234

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  • 09/10/13--19:18: Re: Probation
  • It shows that sometimes you quit matches before they end.



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    I'm from the Bronx, New York. I usually play team death match (my fav), kill confirmed and ground war. I'm on at lest 4 days out of the week for about 6 hours each time.

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    Most people get frustrated and unhappy when they're they're getting their butts handed to them. I personally enjoy the map and find it one of the easiest to dominate in TDM. The enemy locations, spawns, and popular routes are really easy to predict on that map. It's right up there with Hijacked and Nuketown for being the easiest maps in the game.

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    Please accept my application, it will be really appreciated!

    My PSN ID: im-dabest1234

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    the exacutioner will be a hard one lol

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  • 09/11/13--20:34: Re: Class Action Lawsuit
  • Now now... how can you actually PROVE that it's their fault and not many of the hackers that boot you out of a lobby, or send you random PM, and such... If you can't connect to the game cause your ps3 is broke, maybe you have an internet connexion problems, nothing related to them. I am not certain that your Lawyer can afford countless hours of trial that aren't gonna give nothing in the end, because there is clearly NO way of telling Bo2 is responsible for your ps3 damage. If you leave your ps3 open 24/7, then you are just simply dumb. Exept for the rage quitter on zombie that don't stay long enough, all game and dlc works properly, i don't feel any lag whatsoever during a MP game, so stop bitching about the game, close your ps3 once in a while. Or maybe you should do a Class Action against Sony because your system broke cause you never close it ever... I am one of those that never closes his ps3, and i never had any issues with bo2 or any other game, exept the ps3 freeze on bo2 that happened a couple months back, but it's all good now, didn't happened in a month or so, all good. Now go try to UNDERSTAND why your ps3 isn't working instead of posting some BS lawsuit against a gaming company that isn't responsible for your ps3 being broken...



    Sincerely yours, Necaros

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  • 09/11/13--20:35: Re: Quickscoping?
  • This whole range argument everyone is throwing around is weak.  Yes range is the snipers best attribute but it ends there.  The snipers suffer from low ROF, High Recoil, slow movement, slow ADS, suppressing them ruins multipliers and accuracy, and they require fairly decent aim.  All weapons in the game have strengths and weaknesses however for the most part everything is fairly balanced meaning that if used with good tactics any gun can allow a player to have a good game.  The gun doesn't make the player.  There aren't that many good QS out there anyways and most people that I see use snipers at medium to long range that I notice.  Unless I just manage to take them all out in CQC situations but if I can do it then anybody should be able to do it.    Yes they pull off the occasional fluke and beat a shotgun up close but 9 times out of 10 I'm sure the SG wins.


    "So why can't the shotgun shoot long range?" is what people are trying to argue which is just silly because the SGs have so much strength when it comes to CQC it's ridiculous.

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    I don't have any plan on making Nuked Out anytime soon, i made 1 Nuclear on a DOM match, i mainly play DOM, so FFA... ppl spawning all over the map... unless everyone in a game just LEMME kill em, i'll never get it

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  • 09/11/13--20:39: Need Clan Xbox360
  • Hi all,


    I'm looking for a semi-competitive to competitive clan.


    My requirements:

    - Gold Tags

    - Under 50 People

    - No Ranks (Other than a leader and co-leader, I want this to be something I can sign in and play with the same group of people, not a job of recruit or leave)


    My Stats:

    -Age 23

    -I play Champions League/Search/TDM most of the time, but am reasonably good at everything,-

    -Over 1.0 K/D

    -I have a MIC and Custom Headset.


    If your clan meets all my requirements, let me know!


    I will be on Blops2 tmrw, please message me here or on Xbox Live @ f0rtydeep with tryout information. Or just post below and I will get a hold of you in less than 24 hours with a nay or yay.



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    has anyone tried to help "those people" with a little advice...probably not...would imagine you are the type players that tell that person to disconnect or uninstall....whata joke...I feel more sorry for you than I do the person that plays bad....at least they are trying to have fun with a game they bought with their money...I am sure you didn't pay for their game...so you have no right to try to control how they play...you don't like it...leave that lobby and find another one that suits your skills

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    I wish you all luck into acheving all your Challenges, but i clearly ain't one of those. I master AR Diamond, and ever since i only used the M8A1, don't care about other class, and now will i ever master another class, clearly not snipers

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    They could get rid of it if they wanted to. Just make snipers take 1 second to ads and add the bo1 sniper sway and they can only be fired after fully ads and breath held. QS removed from game, snipers now function as they should have been made to do.

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