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    Should add that you can check for profile issues by playing AW with a different profile.


    Also, to isolate the issue further.... Disconnect your PS4, and delete any port forwarding for the PS4.

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  • 04/20/15--03:42: Re: it's laging to much
  • I don't even know exactly what that does (pc?). Looks like you can pay for it separately but who wants to do that?


    Edit:This helps me understand it better.



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    It's never 100% accurate. The closest way for me to tell is go to my twc (time warner cable) and do a speed test from their website. I choose the correct server and it will tell me exactly what it is. I'm supposed to be guaranteed 80% of what I pay for so 2.3 for you would be pretty much on point.

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  • 04/20/15--04:40: Re: it's laging to much
  • Saves having to use a VPN separately on every device. 

    Perfect for hiding my torrents and other certain activities. 

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  • 04/20/15--06:09: Re: ->STR33T KINGZ
  • bump

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    I restored default settings, made a completely new profile. Now I am gonna buy AW Digital and gonna sell the disc to a friend.

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    Default settings of what?? your router?

    Not sure why you are going for AW digital


    did you try any of the suggestions above ?

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    Yes I tried ur suggestion mate , removed PS4 from router and also removed all ports that were forwarded and restored default settings on XB1 and made a new profile . Now my friend wanna pay full retail price coz he is in a hurry , so I thought why not sell the disc and get AW Gold digital. I am gonna download and then try again and will let u guys know.

    '[;PLK[]0PO9IO989087-0P[67Y6T45R4ED  BVC

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    Come on now.. After that clip you posted of you massacring the enemy team with the XMG, you should have no problem It was a nice clip to by the way.

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    I got a ton of team kills in HC Dom with the MGL trying to get those bloodthirsties lol, found out that you only needed the final kill by accident then smacked myself in the head lol.

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    According to Michael condrey it's there "so players with a .5 KD don't get smashed by veteran players with a 2.00 KD"

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    hello could i join your clan and ik i dont have 1kd

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    I have picked up a few direct kills with the recon drone. You just have to know how to use it. I would suggest that you use it as one of your streaks, set is as support, and add an EMP of flash grenade.

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    In simple terms, YES, it does. Lost forever.


    You're not going to get them back as you have gone past the trigger point prior to them being introduced.


    Time to put yourself into grind mode and start rattling off the levels to start getting them.

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    Ranked Play is as far as i know the only game mode where non-completion of the game results in a temp ban.


    I agree with gotsomestars above playing over wifi is not ideal.... it's kind of always worked for me in the past but on AW i've been hard wired and port forwarded and noticed the difference.



    However Ranked is Play to Win - at all costs, screw the stats, screw the score streaks, play to win... think of it as an additional global leaderboard.


    So now think of what happens to the other members of the team when your wifi goes down and you 'leave the game' or if you do actually choose to leave the game.


    yep thats right you get slapped on the back of the wrist and called a naughty boy for hindering the other team members chances..


    once the ban is off and you can play again best sit down and put the hours in on ranked... (Preferably on a hard wired connection!)

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    I have no concrete evidence on what i'm about to say is correct or not...


    But i bet you the answer is NO....


    this sounds like a programmers nightmare to go over x amount of accounts and automatically allocate the drops.

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    Nice rant, but so off base, and full of misunderstanding it is lame.


    Here is what  you need to do: Start a new account. After a session of having to think and actually out play worth foes, go in it and play noobs. Remember, run around and get killed a bunch of times so that your "true skill" is not factored into the matchmaking, and then you can sit back an "own" the other players.


    Feel better about yousrelf. I don't understand how the devs can't make a game where everyone can come in, stomp the lobby, and have fun. I mean, how hard is it to make everyone a "winner"?

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    OUHATEME wrote:


    I Would add misconception --- how many times have you watched the kill cam to find that it was someone altogether different that got you and not the person that you thought ?  I know they don't have kill cam in hc but watching ones own footage cam be eye opening as to what they think happened and what really did .

    note- I was not there and did not see what had happened I'm just adding another take on it, while you were adsing he may have thought it was someone else that got him and not you, and that someone else may not have been looking at him.

    Of course he may have just said that so that he could have an excuse to get shot besides being outplayed .

    That would be true, but not in this case. The was hard core. There is no kill cam. While he thought I was "not even looking" at him, I had been actively hunting. I think your last statement is the one that most closely fits.

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    No, it is a discussion. It does make a point. Sorry that it is too fine for you to pick up on.

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