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    I guess I forgot to mention I am 44. Must be the memory loss kicking in. Funny how I can remember things from when I was 3 years old but can't remember my wife asking me to take the laundry upstairs.

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    Be careful there JahMoon ... mental agility is a four-letter word in these parts.


    You'd think gamers would wonder how the 30+ crowd can so easily compete against the under 30 crowd and draw the obvious conclusion that the game requires more mental agility than physical agility (although that is slowly changing). But, nope. They don't get it.

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    Honeydewitus. It's a symptom of fortyplusmaleness. I've got it too. Mine usually affects me on grocery store runs.

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    As an age friendly gamer I would have to say that I disagree with your assessment of wanting to plan or use strategy as an age thing. I would put that more in a preferance category , for others it may be adapting to what they can or can not do in the game .

    The exo suits like them or not was more than likely needed for this installment for people to see, at this point and time I don't want to see it in BO3 or at least not this version of it.

    I Fall in line with what many have written in other threads IW stays true to IW Treyarch stays true to Treyarch and Sledge stays true to Sledge.

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  • 04/13/15--03:33: Re: Extinction banter
  • Nothing wrong with some friendly banter or not so friendly banter, as long as it doesn't get personal!!!!

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    I'd rather see exo's in the next game also.I'm an old Tribes player and like the way exo's bring a new twist to CoD. Looks like the only CoD left thats staying on the ground is IW's so far and thats alright with me.

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    I left PC gaming also and still have a pretty good PC crossfired 6800's, 4+Ghz I7, 16gigs ram, SSD HD etc. I left because to play on PC at close to Ultra settings I'd need to invest about $500 to a $1000 on video cards and thats not going to happen anymore with me. I bought a PS4 just before AW came out and an XIM4 so I could use Kb&M with it. Seemed like most have left PC and  there wasn't any competition anymore there. Of course I could of went with Xbox but I wanted the best graphics and online support so PS4 was a no brainer.

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  • 04/13/15--04:17: Re: Young gamers?
  • Iirc I think it says 17 is min age recommended. I wouldn't publish that I let someone under that play the game. We all make mistakes I let one of my kids play some shooters when he was under 17 and he turned out to be a serial killer. I'll never do that again!

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  • 04/13/15--04:22: Aussie clans/players.
  • Hey guys,

    I am new to this so please forgive me if I have put this in the wrong area...


    I am the clan leader for an Aussie clan and we realised during this Battle Royale that we need to connect with other Aussie clans/players to be able to find lobbys easier at weird hours of the morning. For us Aussies the Battle Royale started at 4am and for at least 2 hours there was no lobby's in any of the game modes needed to capture. We could see the other clans getting wins in modes that we were sitting in a empty lobby for. Nodes being captured by the other clans all because we can't find a game.

    So if you are a member of an Aussie clan or just an Aussie player and have the same issue (lag too when connecting to American/European lobby's) please hit me up on here or on the Xbox one.

    My gamertag is InkT Wabbit.


    cheers for reading guys


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    That is an interesting take on the topic. I wasn't expecting anyone to toss in some marksman rifles from ghosts, but more power to ya. I really liked the chicom, and hoped the amr9 would be a clone. Have you had a chance to snag the hole puncher version of the arx? The thing is dirty for anyone that likes burst/semi auto.

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    It was fixed again. You should be able to play it as usual. I guess your post was delayed.

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  • 04/13/15--20:09: Re: Where is the game saved
  • pricerock is correct.


    Currently, your base can be saved by logging to Game Center/Google Play/Windows LIVE ID/Game Circle and shared across the same platform. Notice that on Google Play/Game Circle you will also need to go to Sidebar->Settings in the game and log to it from there.

    We are working on a feature to allow you to move your base across platforms but it is not available yet.

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    This is the second post in this forum that cheered me up today (the first one was a post about valid report of offensive chatter can make these chatters being banned from chat). I really appreciate your and your team's effort to make this game back to work.


    But a server down is a server down. There are LOSS of players time and confidence in this game. If Activision thinks additional compensation rather than extension of loot bonus day is too much. Then please give back the LEAGUE POINTS PENALTY LOSS due to company's server down. There is no reason for players to test the company's server and accept the fact that hours of their achievement is reset.

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    The penalties are simply to harsh. If they were reasonable, then that would not be a problem either...

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  • 04/13/15--20:46: Re: Where is the game saved
  • New information!

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    Good news is that Beuwolf78, the great moderator in a disappeared post said that the extended loot bonus day will last till Tuesday.

    Bad news is that so far the company doesn't come up any program to recover the league points loss due to this error.

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  • 04/13/15--20:06: Re: Im hated by players
  • The way I see it, the word glitch sounds pretty harsh especially if you are referring to Extinction glitches, a lot of people confuse the word glitch with knowledge. Rylan's 595k on NF wasn't "glitched" I believe he would've had a higher score had he used that sentry gun placement. Which by the way it is not a glitch, you just have to know that, that spot exists. Either the developers completely messed up by creating such spot, or they created that in case anybody figured it out, but if you try to place a sentry on top of any other spot...it won't work the same. I really doubt the developers overlooked such facts, since "Lines of sight" are what they mostly work on. Since they created the coding for everything, they shouldn't have missed that, they should've known.


    If you understand game mechanics for zombies, if you let a whole hoard spawn in without killing them, 25 I forget, you won't get random spawns...you can just deal with them hoard after hoard. Same concept can be applied to Extinction, you just have to understand game coding and how far you can manipulate it to whatever suits your needs, i.e Vulture escaping with 0 kills, the 8 relics aren't really an issue since he could've ran 20 if they had they not interfered with his challenge...I'll bet money he can't pull that off with stand your ground, mortal, take more and fragile, maybe no machines in there for the no riot shield advantage...and thats only 5.


    Like Kliff if you get on any time soon, I'll let you know what happened between me and Rac City and why I left ePro.


    Knowledge is power after all, a lot of score runners out there are STILL trying figure out our double POC glitch. For example, I found out that if you knife a phantom in solo, and no sentry or arcing stun ammo damages him, the phantom will leave you completely alone. As many may know, a phantom will bring you down in 3 seconds flat, faster than a rhino, so if you don't take care of him first, he will mess your game up. To know that if you knife him and he will leave you alone changes a lot of things for a lot of people...but you have to have knowledge about that. That comes in handy in plenty of places/situations especially in the FEMA generators in Exodus. Since you may not know that fact...you may call it a glitch, but all it really is, is knowledge.

    Oops....here I go releasing more tips tho...want to bet I got more?

    Mayday doors score boost, glitch? Nope, knowledge. Ancestor gen order score boost, glitch? No, knowledge. Carrying sentry and GT together, glitch? No, knowledge. POC escape bonus, glitch? No, knowledge. 10 relic high score run, glitch? No, knowledge. 3rd area nightfall spot, glitch? No, knowledge. Having a player drop 1k instead of knifing scouts for 30 min+ to get money up, glitch? No, knowledge. If you think we cannot pull off 10 money swaps successfully for the first hive then you are out of your mind....


    Now Rylans Mayday score is definitely glitched, and since that glitch is patched...meaning nobody can do it anymore/come close to the score...it shouldn't be considered top score. Nobody can get that kind of score unless they get a Gold on the Krakken and that can only be acquired one way...it would be whatever if it was still possible but since its not, its pretty much the only score that should be voided.

    Mayday Krakken score boost that is patched for everyone trying to do solo, glitch? At the moment, it might've been okay since thats just how things were...but since nobody can do this now, yeah it might be considered a glitched score. Unless he shows/states pre-krakken score, then we will never know and shall withhold judgement because we are the fools to not have done it when we had knowledge of such thing.


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    Lol I used to take pictures if I had several flare spots I needed to remember, OP tip in the game without a doubt! Lol All these noobs can get a #1 now.


    Funny story though, agree they should add a pause button was laughing out loud when you left barefooted in hopes to make it back in time Lol. I take my breaks after the second area before planting the drill in the third, you have all the time in the world. I once fell asleep with the game on in POC back in the days because I was on a good score but so sleepy! Lol I said, F it! The game will still be on if I sleep for 8 hours.


    But the pause button would be so good for solo, its not like it can be used to an advantage or anything, so no crying from no one.

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  • 04/13/15--23:36: Re: Why so down on AW?
  • What BrentMurph said basically in regards to the message. 

    I think if you are on a dedi you receive a different message if you are disconnected.

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