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  • 04/06/15--22:44: Re: Goliath Glitch
  • Bringing up the management of MW2 got me thinking of how bad this game could get with how bad they are about getting things fixed. So far (from what some on here say) X1 and PS4 ain't hacked yet. If it does get hacked AW will probably be unplayable within a week.

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    I don't care what people say, they need to support the ps3 and xbox360 better or just stop making games for those systems.

    People paid the same amount for their game on the old gen as we do on the new gen didn't they?

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  • 04/06/15--23:49: A question about connection!
  • Now before I even start "no I'm not imagining things" Ok since I got this game months ago i've been testing some things out with my connection. Everywhere you go they all say wired is the way to go. When I compare my game wired to wireless my stats are better wireless and I don't know why. When I go wired I feel like I'm behind people a little and have way more WTF moments. When I go wireless things are just smoother for me and my Kd and things like that even go higher. I have tested this over and over and every time I do better wireless. Is this lag comp or what is it. Does playing wireless put me in that sweet spot of lag comp or what is going on?

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    Chucky6661 The boards are being spammed in the AW forums, usually bot and advertisements.


    FalconR6 writes:

    "In the war on spam CAPTCHAS were added a couple of weeks back. But, they have not been overly effective. It seems the spam bots do have some human element to it

    A few days ago a new anti-spam plugin was added. It is designed to automatically detect spam.

    Unfortunately, it needs to be tweaked more. At the moment some spam is still getting through,,, while some legit posts are being put into the moderation queue.

    It is not a perfect outcome at the moment. At least a lot of the spam is being stopped before it hits the boards."


    Hopefully it's fixed soon.

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    If anyone is having trouble or wanting some understanding when it comes to all things mod related -->  drop a mod a private message.  They are very approachable .

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    The spam is getting ridiculous now. How is at that a spam bot can put up so many spam posts?!


    This thing about moderating every post is also a bit silly. I've had 2 posts rejected by moderators for no reason at all. I don't swear or insult people.

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    I'd love to know how anybody knows how many people are playing because I certainly don't know

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    Nope , that`s the only method i use... In some maps if you get high enough your shots can damage paladin (Riot - Bio Lab - ...) I Fire with an Ameli about 70-80 shots (dont know the exact number cause i play HC) then the paladin will be a One Shot kill with MAHEM or MAAWS

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  • 04/07/15--22:36: Re: THE END OF GOD MODE
  • that's funny. I thought I bought a new release game.  didn't know Advanced Warfare came out in '98 or even the year the ps3 was released.  Never bought a system before the price drops before and not going to start now.

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    Yea mate they do must change them but they haven`t changed it yet...

    One of the other problems is that UAV`s do have random locations in each map with different distances... So you don`t even know how much further of uav you should hit to even get close to it and if a million lucks be with you , your metal slug doesn`t change its way to higher or lower of the uavs exact location....

    Hope they change this challenge.......

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  • 04/07/15--22:43: Re: AK12 Placebo Effect?
  • Yea, going 12 - 5 with AK in TDM is not much fun.  I know have to stay back and out of the action. 


    Have the best weapon k/d with AK, but get a lot more kills with the BAL. More like 25 - 20.


    ASM1 like 28 - 24. Something like that. Different style of play.

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  • 04/07/15--23:08: Re: is it too hard?
  • I Agree. If removing the Goliath score streak as a temp measure would get rid of the hack/glitch then it should be done as an interim step.


    Something needs done before we get like MW2!!!

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    I'm Prestige 17. I suppose I'll be Grand master next month. How can I get new content (Cowboy suit e.t.c.) when I don't want spend money in ASD roulette ? From my point of view it's pretty unfaire towards to players who bought game in beggining and play frequently even on PS4/3. They have small or no chance to reach ASD without money. I feel like I belong to loyal players and we are punished instead of we should be awarded. Yes, somebody can say you can purchase ASD but I just spend a lot of money game and seasson pass and I don't want spend additional for thing which new player get automatically - 4xASD every level = 120 ASD = 200 $.

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    I've yet to play Infection online, played a couple of private matches but it sounds like the Outbreak glitch all over again, I know it's not easy to make sure maps are glitch free and they appreciate feed back so they know what to fix, I'm also glad that they do ban people who exploit these glitches, just because they're in the game doesn't mean you have to use them.

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    OK I did some more testing and with no luck! 


    Here's what didn't work:

    1. Vulcan

    2. Missile Strike

    3. System Hack with Disable Scorestreaks

    4. Paladin


    Stun grenades don't do much.


    Just so you know, it isn't possible for it to happen in any game mode with only one round (TDM, KC, Hardpoint). It needs to have multiple rounds (Domination, Search, Capture, etc), so you may want to stick to single round games for a while until it's fixed.


    One thing I couldn't test by myself is if using a Vulcan as the enemy is getting into the Goliath killed them or not. Since they do it at the start of the round, you basically start up the Vulcan immediately (if that's even allowed) and then kill whoever is getting into a Goliath. That might be the best shot from what I can tell after testing those other scorestreaks.

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    You make a good point about doing these challenges in Hardcore so it's easier to kill things.

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    Might have to get advice of you or find UK number for Netgear, just invested in the Nighthawk X6, currently waiting for a replacement modem from my service provider (Virgin), so hopefully I can get a stable connection, been having quite a few disconnections lately.

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    Thanks, will keep that in mind

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