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    I Want to also add that restarting the console and multiplayer menu tricks didn't work for me, they actually vanished and I only got 1 out of 5, and that one was for prestige.

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    I have the same problem

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    Can i join

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    what are the requirements

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  • 04/06/15--01:15: PS4* Recruiting - [6ix]
  • Any questions please ADD main account - "pimmmer"

    Must be good with sniper, and assault

    Serious people only..  cheers

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    Thanks Tracy but that's not what I need help with exactly. I'm referring to the icons that are listed directly below the weapons that don't have an explanation. Such as the two magazines side by side shows the amount of rounds per clip either going down or up. These symbols aren't shown anywhere else in game except on loot weapons.

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    I 100% agree with this.


    For a game designed to allow further freedom of player movement, it's a disappointment that it actually feels restricted. I like playing AW (not as much as previous CoD's however). The truth is that the Exo-abilties could truly be incredible, if it was done right, Exo's have the PERFECT place in Call Of Duty, it is most definitely refreshing, and most definitely works well, but Advanced Warfare just doesn't show it.

    The campaign displayed it's functions perfectly, there was verticality, there was variation, but it wasn't reflected in the multiplayer, instead I was left feeling like Multiplayer was the tacked-on element and the campaign was the main showcase. Unlike previous games where both campaign and multiplayer were in suit with popularity and general design. That's not to say people can't like AW's Multiplayer, because I know thousands love it, but you can't deny it could have been done better.


    I mean...we have these 'jet pack' designs, boost jumping, strafing etc. But it's like SHG didn't even think about verticality. Maps like Solar, Comeback, Defender, Horizon, Riot? Yeah, high platforms. But no purpose, just a means of scoping over the broader sections of maps. I always imagine a map like Detroit. So much wasted space! It is a perfect map for verticality, imagine being able to climb up the buildings? Use rooms? Choke points! Vertical based domination flags! The possibilities are endless, but there is nothing to show for it.


    Even larger maps like Turbine (BO2) or Stonehaven (Ghosts) would be a good fit for AW. They might not be vertical, but are larger and open, perfect for strafing, boosting etc.


    I'm actually excited for SHG's next game. I WANT exo-suits back. I think it was a very good move, but it just needs to be done right. Nice attempt for their first 'solo' Call Of Duty, I will continue to play it, but a lot can be improved upon.

    Again however, this is just an opinion. There are so many different personal 'experiences' that derive from a game like this. I think the most important thing is people understand that, and know that not every game will be to their liking, but may be awesome to someone else.

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    what i did is upload my video to youtube, then shared the video with @ATVIAssist @SHGames on twitter. there pretty good at monitoring it.




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    Still looking for active players for upcoming clan wars

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    I think I read more than once that he doesn't want to stomp kids in every game.  Pulling an even game in KD in almost every game becomes stale.  Maybe it's SBMM or the fact that this game is harder to learn that previous CoDs.  As one person mentioned above, AW does have the three lane system but that statement is flawed.  A three lane system doesn't work when you can fly all over...that makes it no system at all.  Therefore, planning your opening route or predicting enemy movement is not relevant anymore as it has been in the past.  Enemies basically come from everywhere.  With that said, it becomes very hard to rack up those kill streaks or go on a long gun streak.  It becomes more of a luck issue than a skill issue.  Add in that sound whoring is gone and it makes it that much more difficult to do well.  To me, sound is a sense and you should be able to hear enemies behind you....you certainly hear your own clip-clopping as you move around the map.  It's just not a game where you can use the typical CoD strategy and expect to do well.  To be honest, he is right, we all want to do well right?

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    AUTiger93x wrote:


    Gosh darn this is the best CoD ever made.  Sledgehammer is the best developer out there.  The game has run perfectly every day and SBMM is the greatest.  The graphics are the best and the exo movement is to die for.  There is not a moment that goes by that I don't think about this wonderfully made game...just makes me quiver with excitement every time I jump online.


    Cool....now I can have some lag comp thrown my way and get a second up on the enemy!  Now my next game won't go 17-15.  You are reading this Sledgehammer right?  I mean what I say!

    Funny. But, Lag comp doesn't get thrown anyone's way...

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    Except for the part where the eco crap was the worst thing ever implemented in a COD.  I don't think I am alone and I will not buy another COD that utilizes eco-suit.  Just my opinion

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    how is possible?the day Saturday ireceive a message, resetmystats andprestigeand just this daywhenI playedonlytwo hoursin the afternoonthey

    banmepermanently from thegameonline?

    I played only two hours this day !! pay for season pass, pay for advanced supplies, pay for camouflage and you just keep me everything?



    what I did this day in two hours for a permanent ban?




    and all the money spent?  the game, the season pass, advanced supplies, DLC etc?




    is not possible  to remove my statistics and prestige in three days and only one day after receive a permanent ban, are sure that this is not only reports bad players who want to affect me , where are the evidences that violates the code of conduct?


    That Saturday after reebot my profile I began to play again , prestige one.. what did i do?

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    I don't know how relevant this is, but I'll mention it here since we're talking about possible player retention (or not) for AW:


    I just played my first matches on AW since two months ago (I had real life commitments and even other games vying for my attention). So, I log onto the XB1. Connection isn't bad... Since they have confirmed  dedicated servers... But I noticed WHO is left playing the game; mostly kids with clan tags. That's fine, but it was apparent this is all who is left at this point simply because clans are the early adopters and die-hards who compete on a different level than casual players like myself.  So, I got my a$$ handed to me, and I was OK with that not having played for two months.


    I then logged onto the PS4 ,and low and behold, better connection(s) on my end, and I was tearing it up... Even beating kids with clan tags. The one thing I noticed that may be more relevant to this discussion is the number of lobbies for certain game modes took a while to populate. Ground War said, "No Matches Found" for about a minute and then finally connected to one. TDM always has lobbies, but even that one  said, "Eight potential games, Finding best connection".  Granted, it is late where I am (East Coast), but when AW dropped almost six months ago, game modes like GW had at least 50 lobbies to choose from and now it is down to eight. I know rank has something to do with it, too, but I haven't even hit the first prestige on PS4 by choice. I am level 48, and am going to stop at 50, and not prestige. So, I don't know if this has anything to do with it... Since NOBODY knows how the SBMM works in this game, but... Just from logging on tonight, the game just "feels" less crowded in general... Except, of course, for the die-hards a.k.a. Clan kids.


    I will check the weekly leader boards on Friday, but I would not be surprised if both XB1 and PS4 populations are in decline simply because this is the natural part of the game's life cycle where two DLCs have dropped, and players are waiting for the third and forth before the next CoD in the Fall.

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    I've been playing all night, I live eastern standard time, (Midwest) and I have had no trouble at all. Usually around 30 potential games. I've been playing hardpoint and dom.

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    Damn no wonder I'm not doing well. I suspected they were using my Q3 stats. 

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    AngryBus97 wrote:


    I don't mean to be rude or cause arguments to anyone but I think some above me are being very harsh on the OP. I disagree with his points well, but there is nothing wrong with his statement. It is perfectly understandable.


    It just comes down to your experience LiveActionInc. No one is stopping you from changing games, there are at least 5+ other CoD's with working and active multiplayer communities behind you. Otherwise...the only advice I can give is to try out new weapons, strategies etc. The general gist.


    To some of the people above ^: I don't think there is anything wrong with someone wanting to 'stomp kids'. To absolutely destroy in every game, getting DNA's and streaks like crazy and completely and utterly pwning them. If that is how such person wants to play, if that is how such person wants to enjoy their time with the game they payed for. So be it, work your way up the ranks, improve, and hopefully one day you can. Personally, that's not me. I savour every kill no matter what it is as long as I am helping out the team, but you can't judge other's experiences.

    The difference is if you blame not being able to 'stomp kids' on SBMM, or on lag (unless the lag is legitimate from your own connection), or because 'SHG is so bad crap game bad connection blah blah blah'.

    Let's not be too harsh on this...I think what he has to say is perfectly reasonable. Everyone has their own definition of a 'good game' or wow moments. As I said, unless this is based on wanting to exploit the game or downright blame some dumb factor (when really it is just them)...there shouldn't be a problem.


    I agree. I also agree with AUTiger93x.


    I, differ, however, when I claim it is not because of SBMM. It's because of the game itself... While fun at times... Is very repetitive and very unbalanced at this point, IMO. I know SHG is working on it, but let's be honest. There should not be two, or three guns that determine the winners and losers of this game. Many of you have said it is up to the player to learn to adapt and play with whatever they choose... and I agree... But I also believe there is a fundamental imbalance in this game even six months later that may not be addressed, or addressed just when the next CoD comes out and nobody cares, for lack of a better word?


    CoD doesn't take a lot of skill to learn. It doesn't. If you can hold your iron sights on somebody for less than four seconds, then you can play CoD. I say this as a long-time CoD fan and not to disparage it, or other players. There is no bullet drop, there is no fatigue, there is no delayed ADS if your character gets wounded, etc. It's an arcade shooter to the core, but... One that lacks any real motivation to keep going past a certain point once you do realize how easy it is to kill in this game, IMO. Even compared to previous CoDs. Getting kills in CoD is easy even with the Exo movements because most of the normal player population... Including me... Aren't very good. Good can be defined as Clan, or Ranked (League) players. Most casual players DON'T boost jump and often get caught TRYING to boost up to somewhere they can't, but don't know they can't  because they haven't played the maps long enough to know where you can and can't go.


    So, a game with a low-skill ceiling is not going to keep you coming back for more. This is the real "Wow" factor I think a lot of people are missing and it has nothing to do with "pub stomping".


    This is why SHG and AV have Supply Drops and other incentives to keep players coming back. Heck, even the annoying medals that pop up during the game is another form of positive reinforcement that is trying to fool players into believing they are achieving something "hard" when they aren't.


    Is there a solution for this?


    No. Not at this point in CoDs life cycle, in my opinion.


    AW is what it is. You either like it, love it, or hate it.


    I am in the middle where I sometimes hate it for lack of (base) content, but other times I love it simply because it is so easy to do well if you put in a little effort to just learn the weapons, maps and movement system.  As an older (40s) gamer, I would love it (more) if SHG put a separate offline profile that allowed you to rank up against bots AND allowed Supply Drops, too. I wouldn't have to worry about connection issues and could just enjoy the game through Private Match, or System Link / Offline local play.

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    gotsomestars wrote:


    I've been playing all night, I live eastern standard time, (Midwest) and I have had no trouble at all. Usually around 30 potential games. I've been playing hardpoint and dom.

    I usually get about 50 potential games during the peak hours of the day.

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    I don't completely agree with this. I think AV (if they were willing to go all out) could get the old numbers back if..............

    1. If they would finally build a new engine and show us what this new gen can do.

    2. If they would fix all the problems that have persisted in the last few games like the broken camera issue that is even going on offline in local matches.

    3. If they could come up with some way to fix the spawns.

    4. If they could fix the lag and get the lag comp more balanced.

    5. If they could give us more freedome in the maps and make the maps more interactive and let us destroy the maps in every match.  If they could do things like that and make the games play like a AAA company made them and give us a beta so we could find all the problems before release and maybe even stop releasing a new game every year and make it every other year then maybe I think they could get the old numbers back and maybe even bring some people who gave up back.

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