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    ahh kk ty for info.

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  • 04/01/15--22:48: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • @Rogue - This volume is supposed to cover at least from the time of Origin to Inquisition and volume 1 covered some of the previous eras, I believe.  I don't have the first volume, but going off what the website says it'll cover everything from the characters to food and songs to the history as well as some "never-before-revealed secrets".  It's not just ripping stuff from the game codex, I imagine this is like a Dragon Age bible Bioware has for themselves to keep track of everything when writing.  There's plenty of art in it too, of course.  There's even more art in the additional book that's supposed to be like a children's book straight from the Dragon Age world, which is pretty neat.  The lore book is over 300 pages and I think the dimensions are 12x9 so it's a pretty beefy book.  Not gonna lie, I'm probably most excited to see all the stuff about Cass in it, haha.


    It was done on Kotaku where people wrote their questions into the comment section of an article and a couple Bioware guys replied in the same comment section.  Not terribly easy for reading, having to scan through a comment section, but allowed for better replies than you could get from twitter with the character limits.  I would be perfectly happy to have half a dozen games just about my awesome Inquisitor and the whole gang having adventures, haha.  I'm sure the next protag and companions will be cool, but I don't wanna let go of Inquisitor Cadash.  Interestingly, they said they'd partially address the after-credits scene, but some of it will also be brought up for the next game, which makes sense.  The end of DA2 directly tied into Inquisition with Cass and Leliana interrogating Varric about Hawke's involvement in starting the Mage-Templar war.


    Nice!  Nothing beats the Fallow Mire for me, but Emprise is still a pretty cool place.  I really like how you need to use the war table to access some areas.  Like the broken bridge in Emprise and the poisonous clouds in Western Front.  It just made the areas feel real and was a neat way to use the war table.  You've got the resources, so why not have Cullen send a couple guys to build a bridge?  Awesome!  You'll probably won't be shocked to know I didn't need to look at a map to tell you how to get there, haha.  If you wanna find the dwarf stuff I would just get on your horse and take a beeline right toward the camps.  Most of the ruins are close to, if not directly next to, the camp sites.  And when the ruin isn't directly next to a camp site, it's by some kind of visually landmark.  Like there's a ruin in the deep canyon and another ruin site at the big work site at the mouth of the canyon and the campsite is kinda in between those two.  None of the ruins are in the middle of no where, cause that's just cruel. There is an oasis at the top of the map, which isn't super easy to find, but that's for a different quest about hunting something.  Yup!  You know how there's like random cheese wheels littered throughout the game?  Imagine one of those, but the size of a shield, haha.  It's in Crestwood and really easy to get once you know where it is,  Warp to the camp site close to the cave where you meet Hawke's Warden friend, it's called like Trout Lake camp site, and the cheese shield is actually at the top of western cliff that overlooks the camp.  To get up there you just leave the camp and turn west, hugging that cliff until it slopes down to an incline you walk up.  Then you just go north up that slope until you reach a sheer wall and turn east to head back toward the camp site.  You'll see a little wooden platform with cheese and wine bottles laid out and if you check the cheese for treasure you get the cheese shield!  Well, you can change the colors of your armor, but those are items.  If you take off your armor while out in the wild your Inquisitor is left in their casual clothes, so the casual clothes might just be the Inquisitor's default model.  Not something separate, like the items.  So, I don't know if the devs can easily put in a way to allow players to change the colors of that.  I imagine they could create casual clothes as an item to be equipped, but that would probably involve changing the coding of Skyhold to allow items.  I also remember hearing something about the casual clothes were needed cause of issues with the romance scenes, but don't quote me on that cause I have no idea where I even heard that from, haha.  I don't know anything about coding so I have no idea how hard it would be change the casual clothes, this is just my best guess based on some of my observations.


    In my current playthrough, I have beaten Wicked Hearts and everything with the Wardens so I'm turning my focus on the personal quests and exploring more of the different areas.  I've finished the personal quests for Cass (ageees ago), Dorian, and Sera.  I have Cole, Solas, Viv, Josie, and Cullen (partially done) ready to go.  Bianca is standing next to Varric waiting to trigger that quest and I've gotten a couple cutscenes with Bull, so I'll probably get his next time we chat.  I'm not sure if I'm ready to face Blackwall's quest again so I haven't talked to him inna while, haha.  These are the story based personal quests, I mean.  Not the destroy red lyrium for Varric kind, which are there to help get easy approval.  I'm running around in the Exalted Plains since I've barely touched it and I'll probably explore some of Emprise next for the same reasons, even though I don't think there's any personal quests there.  I haven't fought any of the dragons yet, though I'm only at level 16 and all my companions are at 15.  I might just save em till after I beat Corypheus though since I'm trying not to get overleveled for the story missions.  I'm not getting my ass kicked as much as I kinda want to cause my gear is so good, but I'm pretty excited to try this game on nightmare, haha.


    I mean she's a step below power mad on the list of terrible leaders, haha.  She's not power mad, but she's also not the greatest leader for the reasons you mentioned.  As much as my Inquisitor fears responsibility, I think you'd have to pry him away from the Inquisition with a super powered crowbar.  He was a bit of a loner before the Inquisition and never really enjoyed being in the Carta, but now he's in Skyhold and surrounded by friends and doing good things he can get behind while still getting to travel so he never gets too restless.  He'd like for people to call him by his first name a little bit more, but that aint a dealbreaker.  Doesn't she become a Spectre between ME2 and ME3?  Or I misremembering something.


    Haha, I remember that line!  That's after you've been walking around the prison for a bit, right?  I don't think that happens at the start.  Well, it's Udina!  He aint really a person.  Haha, I can't remember if my Shep pulled the trigger or if Ashley did.  Pretty sure it ended up Ash though.  As stubborn as the council was, I understand where they're coming from.  Shepard is the hot shot new kid on the block and spouting all these wild theories, I'd probably be a little slow to believe them too.  My Shepard wasn't that open minded, but he tried to work with em, even if it wasn't always politely, haha.


    Awesome!  I had real fun at the end part of Horizon when EDI is uploading something or other and you have to fight through all these waves of bad guys.  I was zooming from one side of the area to the other shotgunning Collectors in the face, haha.  It's really fun in the suicide mission when ya gotta open the valves so the technician in the ducts doesn't fry.  You can just cut across the map with charges and bypass a bunch of bad guys, it's kinda funny.

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  • 04/01/15--22:53: Re: Ascendance Exo Survival?
  • I only play Exo Survival and expect all DLC maps to be available.  It's false advertising if you don't have the maps for Exo survival.

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    Thanks a lot for fitting the requirements. I'm Happy to let you know you've been accepted at the clan. Please send me a message on xbox and a friend request and I'll send you the clan invite as soon as possible

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  • 04/01/15--22:58: Re: I need a clan
  • If youre interested on joining the Diamond Foxes please send me a friend request and a message with your favorite weapon and KD. GT: David RF7

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    Bought the DLC and have been playing the new level in Exo Zombies. Every time I go down in to the sewer area the audio glitches out and I can no longer hear anything from the game. Also, shortly after that the frame rate starts to dip like crazy to the point of having only a few frames a second.


    Been searching but have found no one else with this issue. I have tried deleting the DLC and redownloading it, but that did not do anything. I also have tried doing a hard restart of the console, and that at least makes the sound work again until I go into the sewer area again. At which point the games sound is gone yet again.


    If I do not do the hard reset of the console, then the next time I try playing Exo Zombies the audio just starts out in its glitched state.


    This is happening every time, and has only been played offline in both local co op and single player. It did not do this before with the first DLC pack. And again, only happens when I go on to the sewer area.


    Any one running into this issue and have a solution??

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    CCan i join

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    I don't use the helipad because I don't want to have to defend it in survival mode, BUT it seems like a more sensible fix would have been to just keep the engineer around until you drag them to a matching location. Why do it otherwise?

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    Both SAMs and turrets will be able to attack dragonfire. My base only has level 4 SAMs but I still won against nearly 30 dragonfires twice in a row today...

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    my psn is TheJuiceMan-_- i been playing on ps4 with my friend awhile now and have played cod since bo but just got my own copy for ps3

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    It's a pretty important distinction actually. A hack is someone manipulating the games code, like an aimbot. A glitch (or exploit ), is not. Its like going into the walls on horizon, or what your videos show. Both are bad, both are bannable. But they are very very different.

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  • 04/02/15--22:41: Re: Hacker or glitch
  • The replays aren't accurate in 100% of cases. If the replay shows a legit attack, it probably wasn't a hack, instead the replay is probably wrong.

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    I'm not sure why you're acting like a 5 year old and typing like a 9 year old. It is against forum rules to post videos of glitches here, for a reason. Giving someone attitude for trying to help you is pretty silly imo.

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    Ya know the list of problems and issues with this game are starting to stack up real quick. Every day and with every patch and update we get new problems and still some old ones that never seem to get fixed. All you need to do is just scroll down the threads of this site and see that things are getting a little crazy. We are what 5 months in and things don't seem to be getting any better. Glitches that we had at launch still going on people not getting things they pay good money for and today I got home from night shift and downloaded an update and right after that my game starts to freeze like it did at launch and then it kicks me out of the servers all together. I'm afraid to log back on and see what is going on now. A lot of people on here have tried to defend this game and I was one of em but this stuff is just starting to get silly. At some point we need to stop defending and start demanding better from a AAA title. This is just my opinion and everyone has one but in my opinion I think it's a good opinion. I wont say this game is broke but it is very sloppy and I think that is putting it nicely.

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  • 04/02/15--22:49: Re: incorrect rankings
  • Ok, bumping this again. My personal stats are now up to 670 defensive battles at 61.04% win, which means 409 defensive wins, which *should* place me at #70 on the lifetime ranking, but I'm not even in the top 100.


    I am curious if anybody else is experiencing the same thing. Look at your Personal Stats and calculate like:

    Defensive Battles * Defensive win ratio / 100 = Total number of defensive wins


    Is there anybody else that should be in the top 100 but is not? If you are already in the top 100, does the number you get match your ranking number?


    It sucks thinking you should be highly ranked but not seeing yourself


    And I wrote Support last week but haven't received a response yet.

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    Finally figured out what my problem is with the random supply drops. It's a form of gambling the preys on people with that disorder.


    It's even worst than legal gambling because at least you know what the odds are of winning vs. losing. With the purchased supply drops you have no idea what the odds are for getting whatever you are trying to get. You can read that agreement all you want, but does it override state and federal laws?  The point is you need to know what you are buying, not something as vague as something they items won't be duplicated. 


    I wonder how much money is being made off the purchased supply drops?


    It needs to go away, not just because it is wrong. But, some bored law firm out there will bring a class action suit if they figure out how much money is being made off his scam.


    Think it's wrong? you don't have to post, but let me know.

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    msg me Orion Absolut or answer here

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    DirectX Unrecoverable Error.

    There are many users reporting problems with this new patch on Steam forums.

    Please revoke and rollback this patch. And test before release!!

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    R2H (Rise to Honor) is recruiting Feeders, Trickshotters, tomahawk/Ballistic Knife feeders, Competitive players, Editors, and Graphic/Web Designers. We play any Call Of Duty game on xbox 360/One! We'd like to see if this clan can go a long way in the gaming community and would love for you to be a part of it. The only requirements to join are...

    1. Age 15+

    2. Change Gamertag! Doesn't need to be immediately but put (R2H) in clan tag until you do change your GT.

    3. Be mature and active with everyone in the clan.

    4. No 1v1! Instead I'll play a few games with you in pub matches and see how good you do.

    5. Editors and Gfx designers. Show us something you've made recently.

    If you wanna join message me on xbox live and I'll see how good you are

    Also tell me what type of player you are or if you're an editor Or graphic/Web Designer

    Gt: R2H RePlayZ

    Our youtube page is RiseToHonor Nation Twitter is RtHNaton if you want to follow/Subscribe to

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    i dont want to play with ppl just when clanwars is on

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