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    As they have been tweeting constantly about Aw  and are telling ppl to delete data to stop lag and freezing and promoting Aw they can answer when the patch is out. All you get from high moon is we handed the patch over.

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    pannysblizz wrote:


    Can you plz read this and obtain the info from what I am saying. Even when you do stay in a match and the lobby, the matchmaking will put all the best players with the best and you with the worst. don't bring up your college final exam.



    Nut2say is one of those who not only thinks he is smarter than everybody else, but makes it a point to tell everybody every chance he gets. Talk about insecure? He loves to spout logic and rational thought, yet when presented with actual evidence he then spins it for him and his forum groupies so it doesn't matter.


    I'm done with this circle-jerk forum.


    This post will probably be "not approved" by the moderator... Which doesn't surprise me since I also have a very civil post that was marked "inappropriate" for simply asking for more interaction with the devs, so we don't have to speculate on everything... But certain forum members here represent the worst of the CoD community because they are fanboys -- in every sense of the word -- who like to rattle of dissertations that mean absolutely nothing while receiving "likes" by their fellow forum sycophants.

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    I see you've been creating multiple threads regarding your issue. Please note that all of this can be consolidated into one thread. The creation of multiple threads regarding the same thing is considered as spam.


    If you're experiencing a technical issue with your game, figures, portal, etc... we can assist you in the troubleshooting process to rectify your problem.




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    SHANEM523 wrote:


    They deleted the link....that just showed game play....hmmmmmmm


    People defend this game and that it is probably lag and their end. They request video of said issues, someone does and it is immediately deleted. How convenient.

    When I asked for it, I should have specified for it to be sent via a direct message. Most people send it that way and the forum has had a pretty strict no-post policy regarding naming/shaming and how-to videos. When I was the Chief Forum Moderator, I explained a while back why we don't tolerate it. Reach out to the new moderators for clarification.


    I can still see the video, OP. Thank! If you run into a forum ban / warning because of the said action, let them know I asked for the content and it's on me because I didn't specify.

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    i did complete it, yes, but then i started prestiging past the 1st master prestige. which made the ads missing.

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  • 03/22/15--15:46: Re: UK figures in the US?
  • Hello!


    The figures are region-free, and will work with your new game and new system.



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    Apex Predators is looking for new members on PS4 AW! We are level 24 and are just about to get a big bonus for taking first in our Diamond Division clan war! We have 13 members, a 1.33 clan KD, and a 1.1 w/l ratio. We finished 99th in Ghosts diamond division, and are continuing this with a first and second place finish in Advanced Warfare's diamond division.We are international and have members from all over the world.   If your looking to join, and do not fit our requirements (listed below) you can request a try out.


    Here is the same message in Norwegian

    Hei! Hvis du spiller Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare og ikke er med i en klan, så kan du bli med i Apex Predators. Vi er spillere fra mange forskjellige land og derfor har du alltid noen å spille med. Vi leter etter folk som spiller på Playstation 4 og har mist 1 KD. Vi er også i Diamond Divison og er i level 25. Kontakt BigHawk75 hvis du er interessert i være med i klanen



    1 KD

    1 W/L ratio

    2 days played

    a microphone


    Contact us

    Twitter @ApexPredsPS

    kik: BigHawk75

    PSN: BigHawk75



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    Sir, i have the same problem here, but with the season pass, i installed every dlc and i cant roll any of the maps in private session, have ps3 system, i only have access a few things like the background and the ripper

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    hey your more than welcome to join hcc just headover to high-caffeine-content .com to register

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    That's actually sick, now I don't have to buy it.  Thanks bro

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    thank you for checking me out bro! yea my POC game I was at a higher score than Rylan was but that first hunter decided to go for me when he usually doesn't so that caused me to turn around and get stuck on the fence FML...

    I know the scores we put up are not WR scores but they are number 1 for xbox and I cant just go check ps3 leaderboards whenever because I don't have one. there needs to be a forum showing the wr scores and relics that is well updated. I know there was a one awhile back but everybody stopped talking about it and nobody gave any of the ps3 solo scores. one more thing, you guys need to really hop off our dicks with this 'glitching' situation. I would go more in depth on this but I wouldn't want to reveal anything. my team had the highest scores pre escape than any other team on xbox so we would've had wr glitch or not. same goes for profound on ps3. A 562,500 is crazy, we have only managed a 561 something and I would love to see the teams out there thinking there #1 because they did it legit with a **** pre-escape score

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    Im looking for a fun clan to play with my PSN is G4SB-KisSMyAsS10

    I do have a Mic

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  • 03/22/15--16:01: Looking for active Recruits
  • Hi, I'm DuckyDynasty I'm am Commander of the clan ...*Dirty*WormZ*...I'm am recruitig active player to join US in Clan Wars...Requirements : Stay active...Must play in all Clan Wars...optional: add and play with clan members to get that familiarity with each other....have a mic but not required..To Rank up in the clan must play Clan Wars and I will decide if you should be Ranked in the clan....Recruitments: New Recruits have to play 5 games with 2 or more clan members To Be Evaluated To Join...Anyone CAN Join Just Be Active ....Thank you for reading message me if you intested ..at .... DuckyDynasty

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  • 03/22/15--16:06: Clan Recruitment (Xbox One)

    Looking for members that are

    active and play in America time

    we play all game modes

    if u wanna win join us


    if interested add austin4764

    also looking for rank play team

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  • 03/22/15--16:08: Re: Base edit mode issues
  • i got same issue

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    - You need to have a K/D of 1 or above.

    - Have at least a 0.50/0.60 W/L ratio.

    - Need to be active

    - Country doesn't matter

    - Need to play ranked

    - 15/16 years or older!


    What to do ?


    add me on ps3 and send a message!

    IGN: OhSnazzy

    or send me on twitter!



    See you soon!

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    Please help, I just finally found the Light Expansion pack and now the Knight Light is not working. I tried resetting it but there is no option for it or i can't find it


    PLEASE HELP, my kids are devastated!


    Thank you!



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    Please recruit in the clan section.....

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