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    Acabo de adquirir call of duty black ops II para PS3 pero cuando instalo el DLC revolution no me aparecen los mapas que descargue. La descarga se realiza normalmente y la instalacion termina satisfactoriamente pero cuando entro al juego e intento buscar los mapas que descargue no aparecen por ningun lado. [el juego esta en ingles, ¿puede tener algo que ver?]¿como puedo resolver este inconveniente?

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    PS4 ONLY!

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  • 03/16/15--13:39: Try out for Visionz
  • Try out for Visionz clan Ps3, add Visionz_Flame if u want to try out.

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    We also looking for lieutenants who are good in organizing teams during clan wars...

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    Yeah, I did get 20 uplinks in one of those matches from today.

    What I usually do is find the best route that works and use the following class:


    • Any SMG with an attachment
    • Stinger M7
    • Lightweight
    • Fast Hands and Blind Eye
    • Blast Suppressor and Hardwired (to avoid being stunned)
    • Exo Overclock
    • Exo Stim (I activate it just before I arrive at the goal in case I'm getting shot)


    In order to move faster, I slide, double jump, boost forward just before landing, and repeat.  Also, I go balls to the wall with the objective.  I will rush in and grab the satellite while everyone else is too scared and hides in every corner.  Sometimes I even bypass enemy personnel entirely in an attempt to confuse them (and it usually works lol).



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    Zombie-Hell-Fire wrote:


    What did I not get right?

    this entire response needs rewording.


    "What we had in 50's nicedrewishfela wants in call of duty and to call it real call of duty. What we have and the possibility to use it in such a way today is science fiction to nicedrewishfela, thus compares like other futuristic games that dislikes.

    What we have capable now in technology and can be used in such ways, imaginative ways is not theblindsnipers view of science fiction because science fiction is something that cannot be explained scientifically, thus science fiction. Anything that can be explained scientifically possible is not science fiction, but can be in some viewers opinion like such nicedrewishfela's, because it doesn't have application in the field yet brought to physical reality."

    These two paragraphs make no sense (to me)

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    Hey will u remak call of duty black ops 2 on xbox one

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    The whole thing really?

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  • 03/17/15--13:35: Re: i need a clan!!!!
  • Add NK_9419 on psn

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    Well first I was trying to make sense of their conversation. Which basically led me to say it's obviously a thin line of what science fiction is from their comments.

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  • 03/17/15--13:39: Re: Thx to everyone
  • He is definitely a friend noob LOL

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  • 03/17/15--13:42: Re: Flak Jacket???
  • That's the entire point of the perk...to stop people from getting killed by tubes, grenades, and rocket launchers. Try Danger Close.

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  • 03/17/15--13:43: Re: Nightfall Solo
  • I remember when I started doing the solo Nightfall runs (without relics)

    Two things gave me trouble:

    1. Rhinos

    2. Breeder


    I found that the rhinos were easily killed by activating my WS (my preferred rhino weapon is the MTS)

    I had best results killing the breeder with a fully upgraded Portable Turret

    - Empty the Venom X on it first than finish it off with the PT


    Use the IMS to watch my back on the PT or to watch the drill

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  • 03/17/15--13:44: ->STR33T KINGZ
  • About us


    Clan name:->STR33T KINGZ<-

    Motto: R3ST IN PIECEZ *___*


    Clan level :15

    Division: Platinum Division

    Hit us up on gamertags for XBOX ONE @

    Head Commander: KAYE2DAJAYE99

    Lt Commander: PoloGodKenny18




    Reply here with gamer tag win and kd ratio and i will try my best to message you



    Need some experienced people to join clan


    Requirements ( Not mandatory) (Will likely become lt commander if you meet or exceed these stats below)

    KD 1.05+

    Wl .50+

    Prestige 2+

    Rather 17+ (or mature)

    Prefer people to have Clan App on personal phone to communicate with the rest of clan. ( At desperate times)

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    How about bringing back a classic weapon the M4 Carbine.... It been a while seen we haven't see the M4 (seen MW3) a classic weapon and my real life favorite weapon! I think it will be fun... the M16 and the M4 Carbine it is one of the most used weapon of the US Marines! What do you think guys?!?! Bringing back one of the recent history weapon the M4???

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    Jimmer032 wrote:


    This gun Is hitmarker city. Please buff the damage and explosive radius

    It's one of the best guns when used properly, you just need to use it right, put on DC, and find a damage+ variant.

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    Clan name : ReDNecK GamerZ

    Clan tag : RDNK

    Clan Motto : Tearing Sht up


    Just Started the clan only 3 members at the moment but looking for a few members, I look at W/L ratio,  K/D not as important

    Currently PS3 but willing to accept PS4 players but I need a LT. commander for PS4




    W/L - at least .50

    K/D - at least .50

    Mic - Preferred

    Age - 16+ (some exceptions to age)

    Lt. commander

    W/L - at least .80

    K/D - at least .90 (a few exception)

    Mic - required

    Age -  18+


    1. What is your console?

    2. What is your gamertag?

    3. W/L Ratio?

    4. K/D Ratio?

    5. Mic? yes or no

    6. Age

    7. Where you from? Time Zone?

    8. Game Modes you prefer? Hardcore/core

    9. Have you ever been in a clan before? Explain experience and why you want to join?

    10. Other games you play online?

    11. Tell us a little bit about you

    12. Do you have Cod: AW companion app?


    I will let you know if approved: then you can apply through the app by looking up ReDNecK GamerZ or ask for an invite

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