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    Whats your gt?

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  • 03/15/15--13:11: Re: Dear activision
  • Sure could of prob used a better word. Just very upset just feel we are getting screwed its like xbox selling you the next console and then you are like damn uhh what about the games I heard it would have? And their reply is either nothing at all or a Well we don't have the info on that just yet sorry. And now you stuck with a brand new system but non of the games are out.. This game literally is just screwing us all pc xbox and playstation. Like I have said why do they fix the guns and tweeks for everything else maps game modes connections butttt they do not tweek the "supply drops" ? Well here is your answer to that one $$$$ they cant add a price to supply drops so they come out with a new system Advanced Supply Drops now its something new and they can add a price to it .. always was their plan 

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    I actually think it got better with AW. There are less places to camp and campers don't last in one location as long.


    But what about grenades? Tracking drones?


    I've found camping to be something that noobs do and average players complain about.


    Pretty soon players are just going to want to be placed in a single room facing each other with no obstacles so they can "see everything", lol.

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    Thank you for your reply, i'm talking to some guys about sponsoring good stuff, so people can practice for the tournament, buut it costs quite an investment, because if it is 100% a ps4 tournament, i should have sum ps4's available , like if its 6vs6 i need 12 ps4's and 12 tv's .. #LOL


    But that's a next case.. ur right about the latency and fast internet stuff, it's ****.. A in-person lan is much better but for most people hard to reach ... If ur from a foreign country (i live in the netherlands) its not very easy to get here, in acheap way..

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    Looking for people who like to win, k/d isn't the most important but it does matter some. I play core tdm, domination, demolition, multiteam, and can play hardpoint but I dont play it solo. would like to play league play if I can get a team together. I don't care what your play style is as long as you play the objective and we win I don't care if you have twice as many deaths and kills as long as whatever you were doing to get that kind of ratio helps us win. My psn id is KA_coon_hunter (not racist I hunt racoons) add me and we'll play together. No 1v1 try out, just want to see you play a game online, if you help us win you're in.

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    same with me

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  • 03/16/15--13:20: Re: Nightfall Solo
  • I always use WS for the fast reload (especially if you like the LSAT, I will normally use the ARX & Bulldog, two primaries are a must if you are using limited ammo. I use the vulture and PT, only use the PT for the breeder as it takes it down so quickly and the vulture watches your back while you are on the PT. AP ammo is the best on this map (can't comment on CSA as I don't have it yet). I prefer armor to feral


    I don't think the order you do the hives in makes any difference on this map, but, I normally do the locker hive 2nd because if I get an LSAT out of the locker I need to have 4 skill points on WS for the faster reload

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  • 03/16/15--13:21: Re: Nightfall Solo
  • Everything should be routinely the same, the breeder fight being the only difference really. It's because of her, lots of relic loadouts are altered, Portable Turret over Grenade Turret among other things but that one being the most noticeable.. The Portable Turret will probably be your best bet in taking out the breeder, it's actually more fun than the GT if you are running 5+ relics if you ask me. Just look for the red hit markers in the head area, once it falls on its ass either aim for the head or the chest/heart part. The health should go down instantly if not running do less damage.


    I would lower my sensitivity to maybe 5-7 when on Portable Turret, you are more accurate, plus if you have CSA ammo, the Portable Turret will have incendiary ammo and they will start burning on impact. But definitely lower your sensitivity on the PT if you have it at 13+, you can be more accurate since you do need to be more accurate than on the GT.


    If you just don't want to go that way and just complete it with a shield on, then for the final breeder fight (I suppose thats the hardest part) make sure you have Venom-X ammo and shoot that as soon as you can. This will make the breeder fall down after 3-4 shots I say (depending where you land them, always go for the head) and then you are free to activate WS and just unload on her. But again, even with CSA, always look for the red hitmarkers and try to not move the right stick as much when you find it, only to compensate for her movements.


    When you are trying to do high solo relic runs, sentry gun placements are very crucial. A lot of the times you don't need the reactions if you pay attention to what spawns and how many of them and the path they take. As long as you figure that line they take when they shoot straight at you whether it being a phantom or hunter or even a rhino. Then you will be alright, that sentry gun should be there as a choke point more so than a crutch to have them with less health coming at you. The more you practice, the more you will be able to experience certain points work better. You can't just plant sentry's where ever and think it will work, you have to set them at certain spots.


    But yeah Venom-X ammo is the breeders kryptonite, even in Co-Op thats the route you want to take.


    Do you not have double class yet?

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    Clan Anonymous-Gamingis now recruiting new Members.

    we are looking for different skilled players.



    -we are an upcoming clan

    -we won 1st place in "Montreal" clan wars with 281cp and all nodes captured and fortified.






    - we will be posting events and announcements in the "clan app's" clan chat (we highly recommend the usage the clan app)

    - our instagram page is up and running, here we will post our clans weekly top contributors and other general announcements.


    - our website is up, you can now apply at:





    the requirements to join the clan:

    - you must be at least 14 years of age                                                      

       -  you must be an experienced player, AT LEAST 1st PRESTIGE        

    (if your application was not accepted, this could be the reason)   

    - using a mic is highly recommended                                                           

    - no arrogant attitudes will be tolerated                                                         

    - no degrading language towards other clan members will be tolerated

    - you must be an active player                                                                        

    - HAVE FUN                                                                                                    


    How to Apply for the clan

    - use the clan app to find and apply to our clan : Anonymous-Gaming

    (NOTE: make sure to include all non letter characters like the minuses in your search)




    you can apply at the website above

    We are looking forward to your applications.


























    █████████Knowledge is free.██████████

    ████████We are Anonymous.█████████

    ███████████We are Legion.████████████

    ████████We Do Not Forgive.██████████

    █████████We Do Not Forget.██████████

    █████████████Expect Us.███████████████

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    I get frustrated as well with COD, ( as in other MP games)


    I do what you do, stick around in a lobby to try to win. Good example.


    But from the sound of it your not doing any challenges in particular?

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    Gamer tag is ExplicitMembers. I play Xbox one. I currently have a 1.40 k.d and it is constantly rising. I am usually the carrier. Send me an invite to your clan if you want me.

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    Gamer tag is ExplicitMembers. I play Xbox one. I currently have a 1.40 k.d and it is constantly rising. I am usually the carrier. Send me an invite to your clan if you want me.

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  • 03/16/15--13:26: Re: Looking for a clan
  • 1. Are you over 18?

    2. Are you an active player?  Play Cod: AW at least 3 to 6 days a week/2 to 4 hours a day?

    3. Are you/can you be available for clan wars?

    4. Are you a team player/plays the objective?

    5. What is your K/D?


    I will send you a clan invite pending on your response.  This is our simple clan requirements.


    BTW, only one member has a ps4, I play via split screen.  The rest of the members are on the ps3.

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    I play all game modes but not really a huge fan of hardcore.Don't have a favorite gun. Most used gun is Bal or ASM1

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    Hey man this clan sounds like its the one for me message me on xbox live @ Roxahh and i will talk to you on wednesday!

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    my dragon ball xenovers not working on my xbox one

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    [PS4][UK] South Wales gaming is now recruiting [SWG]


    just want as many memvers as possible so anyone can join

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  • 03/16/15--13:32: clan recruitment
  • Recruiting for clan on PS4, not bothered about k/d ratios. Looking for anyone that needs a clan to join

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  • 03/16/15--13:36: [PS3][USA] Join Team KrypTec
  • Recruiting players for a online competitive team. We play for stakes (Cash) all members get paid equal shares upon winning 3 games to those who participated. We have regular training // practices as a team starting with a 10 man roster running two squads.


    - K/D: Above 1.00

    - North America or UK

    - Microphone


    Add my PSN for tryouts and our questions: CrazyCandyMan125

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