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    Same here!!!

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    Like the title says, are there any permaperks in Town on Green Run?  How do I know if I have a permaperk?

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    I would like to join. I live in West Virginia so I mostly play evenings in EST time zone and on my days off Wednesday and Sunday. My PS4 name is spiderman71377 Send me a inv and I'll join tonight when I get home.





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  • 03/14/15--13:12: Re: Centurion Shirt
  • Hey,


    As of today, 3/14/15 with the announcement of the next Clan War (Mexico City) there are only 5 Centurion pieces available, 6 if you participated in the first San Francisco war for the Gloves.


    Bronze-Platinum Divisions

    1 Clan War win - Exo

    2 Clan War win - Shin Guards

    3 Clan War win - Pants

    4 Clan War win - Loadout

    5 Clan War win - Helmet

    *** San Francisco War - Gloves ***

    Any other piece of the Centurion Set have yet to be announced as available rewards. Please stay tuned for more info.



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  • 03/14/15--13:16: Re: FIX THE SPAWNS !!
  • I'm not a big fan of the current spawn system as is.  It's great to prevent spawn camping but when I spawn I always do a fast 360. It's those occasions when I am panning round and get squashed by someone directly behind me before I can even react  that annoy me.  2 or 3 seconds of invulnerability on spawn would be great - you can't kill or be killed during that time.  Even with many fixed spawn points,  whether user optional or  game decided,  there would still be camping.

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  • 03/15/15--13:02: Re: Zoned Gaming LF Gamers
  • Name is classified 4 now

    Age is 15

    Timezone MDT

    CoD AW

    Xbox One



    Because I want to get better and feel the team environment. I can only do Fri-Sun though, due to school. Plz let me know what my options are, if any. Thanks.

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    Agreed.  Terrace is on of the better maps for me to play Dom on.  Don't think much of it for TDM though.  You want some B flag insanity Comeback's got it as well.  Haven't played Dom on the Havoc maps yet but I can see Urban being completely off the rails insane. 

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    Actually, if you want to be technical about it, there are 5 total HP locations.  Therefore, each team has a 20% chance of guessing where the next HP spawns.


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  • 03/15/15--13:03: New bug with alliances
  • Hi people and Activision!


    Today I and my clan suffered from the behavior of the players Sparta Russia.

    they found an opportunity to get into a clan without an invitation, to insult people, arrange provocations and threats.

    This is not the first time the use all the glitches in the game. Before they used the layout and rep bugs to reach top10 monthly.


    I dont mind their success but once they enter my privat area is another story.


    Used bug allows to enter into an alliance, even if it is closed and bypass the limitation on the level and reputation

    reduce road alliance due to the reputation of infiltrators.



    I ask you to examine the vulnerability and take action

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    I Have not got any invites try again please

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    Either one. Both are better than the ohm

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    I have made reference to this statistic in several of my posts on this forums.  I have confused some players and thought I should take a few lines to explain what it is and where it comes from.  There are a lot of youtube videos and online sights that compare weapons in the Call of Duty franchise. This information is helpful to some players who are on the fence about which gun they should use. After all everyone wants to win and seeking the most advantageous weapon is something players put time into.  The problem is there isn't a direct definition about what the best weapon is.


    Most weapon comparison guides take two guns and compared them statistic by statistic.  The author compares the weapons, time to kill, damage, recoil, magazine size, fire rates, reload speeds and other statistics.  Then they simply look at which one has more dominant traits or they use personal bias to choose a winner based on their own player preferences. For example, gun A might have 5 dominant traits over gun B, but gun B has better damage, range and fire rate so the author weights those statistics differently and chooses gun B to be the winner. 


    Relative average time to kill is a weapon statistic that proves a very solid measure of comparing two guns and how they perform in actual combat. It takes into account a weapons fire rate, damage, range, penetration power, magazine size, recoil and most importantly how you perform with it on an individual basis.  However, unlike the stat charts you see with most guns it's not a statistic you will find spelled out online and it takes some time to find it for yourself.  It's not as convenient as many of the other statistics, but it provides the best comparative value for examining the strength of two guns at a given range.  I'll explain what it is and how to calculate it for a specific weapon below.


    Theoretical time to kill as the time to kill statistic you are most familiar with. For example, with the AK-12 in AW we now it takes 4 shots to kill and then drops off to 5 at a distance. We know the gun fires at 750 RPM.  So we take 750/60 = 12.5 shots per second or it takes the gun 1/ 12.5 = .08 seconds between shots. Then using the n - 1 formula we get (4 - 1)(.08) = .24 seconds at close range and (5 -1)(.8) = .32 seconds at the 5 shot kill range as the guns time to kill. You can do this with each gun and get the results. However, this assumes you hit every shot or have 100% accuracy.  I am going to look at the relative average time to kill with the AK12 with myself for an example.


    If you go into my game statistics and look up my AK12 stats you would find I have a 23% accuracy with the AK12. This means that 23% of the shots I fire hit an enemy player. So, to find my relative average shots to kill I take 100 / 23 = 4.347, which for this calculation we want to round down to 4. So basically that means that 1 out of every 4 shots I fire will hit an opponent.  So, if it takes me 4 shots to get a kill that means it will take me between 13 and 16 shots to kill an opponent with the AK12 or 17 to 20 at the 5 shot kill range. We get this by multiply it out. 4(3) = 12 for the first 3 shots then I should hit one out of the next 4 so I get between 12 + 1 to 12 + 4 or 13 to 16 shots to kill on average.


    I know this sounds high, but this is against an opponent who is either behind cover or trying to dodge me.  It also takes into account that they are shooting back and I have to deal with the added challenge of the AK12s recoil, my strafing and the flinch from taking their fire.  Against an opponent who is unaware of me and not moving you can divide this number in half. Against an unaware moving opponent it's about two thirds the number of shots. This is why the AK12 kills in 4 shots on average but you often have to reload at least every other kill.


    To get my relative average time to kill I use the same technique as I did for the theoretical time to kill using the n - 1 shots formula:


    (13 - 1)(.08) = .96 seconds

    (16 - 1)(.08) =  1.2 seconds

    (17 - 1)(.08) =  1.28 seconds

    (20 - 1)(.08) =  1.52 seconds


    So my Average Relative Time to kill with the AK12 in AW is .96 to 1.2 seconds in the 4 shot kill range and 1.28 to 1.52 seconds in the 5 shot kill range. I can then repeat this calculation for other weapons and it gives me a good measure of how strong I am with a particular weapon and which one I should choose for a given role. For example, my relative average time to kill is faster with the AK12 than it is with the Bal outside of the Bal's 5 meters 3 hit kill range.  This is why I favor the AK12 to the Bal for most of my builds when I need a medium range automatic AR.


    There are some other useful things you can get out of this calculation in determining what weapon variants, and attachments you should use on a given weapon.  I will cover that in another posting if there is some interest in this. For this I just wanted to explain what this statistic is how it's calculate.

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    Xbox 360 only (Mr white298) it would be best if you have a mic but it isn't required

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