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    Add me got a 1.52 KD

    PSN - xzcookieszx

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    You must understand something to start with -  I don't care if SBMM is in the game or not. What I do care about is the cry babies who come in here and ***** that they can't do as well as they think they should. First it was blamed on lag, and a bunch of videos "proving" lag were posted. Trouble is, none of them proved it. The classic example is one guy who much have thought that shoot at some one was the same thing as shooting them. While he sprayed in the general direction, his "full mag into the target" showed he had 2 hits before a third party shot him. The it became the fashion to blame their faults on SBMM.


    We see it all the time, glitchers, camper, hackers, aimbot, modders - anything except "they got the drop on me". 95% of the time we are also told about their skills in other games.


    Guess what?


    This is not other games.

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  • 03/13/15--12:58: Re: Clan wars?
  • Follow this- Call of Duty Clan Wars


    And @BeachheadStudios on Twitter.

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    Hi all,


    After making the switch from Xbox to PS this time around I've completely lost everyone I used to play with, either due to them opting for Xbox One, or simply not playing anymore.


    I've been playing AW since release on my own, and although it's enjoyable, I'm getting tired of being the only person on my team actually playing the objective.  I've therefore decided to see what it's like to join a clan that want to win as a team.  I've never been a member of a clan before, but have actively played objective game modes with friends since WaW.


    I'm located in the UK, and play most nights (early mornings).  I don't use a mic at the moment, but can pick one up if needs be.  I have a very objective based mindset so you know you'll be playing with someone who wants to win.  My preferred game types are hardpoint and domination but I'm pretty used to most game types other than S&D. I'd like to play with people who want to win, but are friendly and not too over the top.


    Some stats:


    KD: 1.10 (increasing daily now I've started to sit back a bit and let my usually useless team get on with it)

    W/L: .77

    SPM: 380+

    Playtime: 5 days ish

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    Just trying to help.

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    also when this goes fully live, you will be able to cover people . which means you will be able to use your tokens to pay for them to get in. This version is only a test to see how it goes and what needs to be tweeked.

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    Active clan seeking members for upcoming clan war

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  • 03/14/15--12:47: Re: Question about COD:AW
  • Careful there GSS. Next thing you know SBMMstillsucks will be here recruiting the Op to the dark side. lol

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    1st 100,000
    2nd 75,000
    3rd 50,000


    1st 125,000
    2nd 100,000
    3rd 50,000


    1st 150,000
    2nd 125,000
    3rd 75,000


    1st 200,000
    2nd 150,000
    3rd 75,000


    1st 450,000
    2nd 300,000
    3rd 150,000

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  • 03/14/15--12:50: Re: FIX THE SPAWNS !!
  • Sledgehammer should just depart from traditional COD spawning, add more spawns and let us choose where we spawn.  Increasing the mandatory respawn time(so you can change classes and decide where to spawn) and adding some type of limited reverse fire or even invincability for a short time could also help.

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    Hallo AW PS4 Spieler, ich suche nach Mitgliedern für meinem Clan

    "Team Ultima". Es ist egal wie alt du bist und deine K/D ist mir auch egal (gut wenn 1.0)(ich habe 0.9 xD).



    Du musst nur gut,nett und aktiv sein! (Du brauchst ein Headset)


    Wenn du meinen Clan beitretten willst,dann schick mir einen Nachricht.




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    not sure how you posted a link to the correct answers but posted all the wrong numbers. Maybe you need to read the link also LifeSong1

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    Unfortunately if the console, account, game and DLC are different regions they won't work.




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    LOL @  you pretty much aknowleged that you do remove your clan tags just so you and your entire clan can dominate a team without them knowing you guys are a clan.


    Yes!! you are absolutely bang on I leave if I see 3 or more same clan members in a lobby.  One, I know they will dominate an area of the map and secondly I find clan domination of maps make for quick exits for frustrated novice players. Then your basically fighting a one sided no win situation game.


    Simple fix for this and I have said this in previous COD titles, clans should only be allowed to play with other clans.  Take out Hardcore and replace it with Clan based games.  Seems Hardcore numbers are slowly dwindling anyway.  If they were not they would still have all their game modes.


    Most importantly, yes make sure that clan tags are enforced once you join one.  I like this idea alot!


    Oh and NERF the ASM alot more!!   I will include this in every thread I post lol from here on..

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  • 03/14/15--12:37: PS3 join clan FURY
  • add Fancy_Grandpa on psn to try out for FURY

    Qualifications to join-

    1. Must be 14 or over

    2. Have a KD above 1.00

    3. A mic

    4. good with a team (not being a lone wolf)

    5. No raging (communication will be hard if you  are yelling and complaining)

    6. Have fun, don't be such a negative nancy because you aren't perfect.

    7. Play often so that the team isn't short a man.

    8. Don't eat wheat bread!


    thank you  

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    I do not disagree that we need Merc back but I would say bring BAREBONES BACK!

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    This is the thing: Normal people just play for fun. I am really bad at this game and I don´t care at all. I care about my future, I care about all the work I have to do, I care about important stuff, not my skill in a game.


    So all I want is to have some fun for 20 minutes. 0/30 is no fun at all, it is a waste of my valuable time. Of course 30/0 is a lot of fun, but then I would be ruining everybody else experience. So 16/14 or 14/16 seems pretty fair so we all can just get our share of fun.


    BUT kids think all that matters in this world is your skill at COD so they see unfair wasting their whole pathetic life getting super good but not abusing later of healthy people who just want to sit back and enjoy some FPS.


    To those kids: you are lame. Think about this: if you hate SBMM so much because you get frustrated not constantly getting 3 or more K/D, come on, SBMM is not your biggest problem.

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    there must be a way for me to purchase a redemption code and then install it to my current game with the correct settings.



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