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    personally i think he owes you an apology

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    Am i missing something?

    i cant seem to be able to enlist any of my clan to do the raids, im assuming its done in the raid vault, in the raid that you wish to participate in??

    I have managed to enlist myself and my second in command has also enlisted himself, but do my members have to enlist themselves? I thought it was the leaders job??

    Any info greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    I know that, but i cant download in the in game store like i said, in the moment i cant even play online .  i did everything you told me nothing worked. if i go throught the normal store they want me to dowload 3 files. wich one is the rigth one i am from germany and got everything from germany, game account console etc. when i got in the ingame shop it shows me i bought the dlc,but when i go to downlaod it with pressing X i come to the playstore and nothing is ther to download.

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    You obviously have some issue with me, and you have no reason to.


    Saying "the spawns suck" is a cop out from intelligent discussion.


    Anyone who has played Call of Duty for a long time know that there is a LOT that goes into good/bad spawns( See teanah 's spawn discussion last year in Ghosts where they looked for specific information regarding spawns). What mode are you playing? Are you playing in a full squad?  Is the lobby full?


    Experienced players know that a coordinated team in several modes can control spawns. For example, in TDM a coordinated team can work together to control an area of the map to keep the other team from spawning behind them. They know that if they venture too far across the map, the spawns will swap and enemies will spawn behind their lines. They also know that if you play as an uncoordinated team with players spread all over the map, you are more likely to get random spawns or situations in which you spawn in view of an enemy, as there is just no safe zone in which to spawn (especially in a game with verticality like this, with more lines of sight than any previous CoD game).


    Also, there is a misconception of spawn kills. Some will scream spawn kill if they are killed while leaving their spawn area, others are actually spawning in sight of an enemy and instantly dying. Some are not really spawn killed at all, as they have plenty of time to get their bearings and choose their strategy but run into an enemy shortly after spawning, perhaps incidentally.


    Spawns can be atrocious in this game, no doubt. Since I play primarily TDM, I will use Retreat as an example. There have been numerous occasions in which I have been spawned in the Cave area either in front of or behind an enemy player. Its hard to even say what prompts this, as I have seen it happen even when it appeared my team was holding, or at least populating, one section of the map.


    Knowing the scenarios in which one is seeing spawns that...ahem..."suck", however, helps players avoid those situations and helps Developers get a better understanding of what we as players are seeing. This game is played by a diverse group of people every day. The human element is huge. It is nearly impossible to predict human behavior, which leads to some of the chaos in spawning.


    Do the devs need to do better with the spawn system? Absolutely, but we as players can either be part of the problem or part of the solution. People who come here to mindlessly bash the game and developers set us ALL back. Those who come here to discuss their issues rationally and thoughtfully help move the game forward.

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  • 03/13/15--12:34: Re: Clan wars?
  • No word on the next clan war yet, I would suggest keeping an eye on the forum as someone will usually post the dates when they are announced.

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    Crone has his account resetted, as of today.

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    I was banned for no reason in Aw for alleged violations of the rules

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    1. No one wants  to watch gameplay recorded on a phone. Ever

    2. You cannot advertise here.

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    Oh ok sorry and i am hoping to get a capture card the first ones actually turned out good but ya


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    In the upcoming major update, the request troops timer will be considerably reduced and will once again help the team to support their members more frequently.


    The bug of dragonfires being attacked by ground defenses has been fixed as of update 1.4.1



    Alliance: Dubai War

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  • 03/13/15--12:43: Re: LAG OF DUTY AW
  • gotsomestars wrote:


    Just for the record, the xb1 hasn't been broken yet. So when you call "hacks", you look silly.

    You must be wrong - for anyone to kill someone in AW they must be hackers or campers, cheaters or modders.

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    That's what happens when map awareness becomes a non factor and the significant increase of random luck based kills are far more predominant than they used to be.


    Camping was the easiest it has ever been in Ghosts whereas it's the hardest it's ever been in this game so it sets a massive discrepancy of 2 extremes. You cannot control the flow in Advanced Warfare whereas in Ghosts you could dictate the entire game to your pace with the right setups and you had a lot more counter setups to combat the enemy. In this game you can run 1 class on every single map with no variation. Do that on Ghosts and you will get ruined.


    Both games need different sets of skill though. Ghosts was FAR more tactical than this game but was too slow paced at times. This game is the opposite.

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    As far as I know, all other platforms have gotten the advanced supply drops update already. I would like to not get crap every supply drop for once. Thoughts?

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    My PSN is iMxaster and currently i own a lvl 20 clan we are restarting the clan roster with more active members who like to play alot it is a chance to meet new people and have some fun if interested send me a friend request

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    On top of everything that has been mentioned, I think it fixed the issue with the Ohm. Why you used the auto zoom sight in shotgun mode it force out a single "slug" that was a one shot kill. Drift0r did a video about it.

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    The MK14 takes skill because the weapon balance in this game is atrocious and full autos dominate the maps.


    I'd say 100% of the defences of SBMM are utter crap personally. 100% being only 1 defence and a poor one at that.

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    Yeah i'lol play with you tomorrow or next Friday if you get a friend request from bendersawsome accept it that's me ok if you got this text me back

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    Just going to touch on the "people buying 150$ router to play cod " comment. If the netDuma would have launched last year, or two years ago, or whatever, people would still buy it, and it would do the same thing. So, it isn't really relevant here.

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    Two weeks.

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