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    If this is true yahoo there is a God!!  I have complained about this forever.  Forget your game strategies. Reason he is gonna punish guys for leaving is because players drop games just to maintain their K/D ratios nothing more.  Lets see how good players K/Ds will be in a few months time now if this is implemented.  What also happens when players drop they make the connection for the rest of the team that much worse.  When the going gets tough guys run for the hills instead of sticking it out!!


    My wish list also contains a nerfing of the Bal and ASM

    Also I wish for a silencer for the Mors.

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    i like the supply drops the way they are. The only thing they should change is it should not be possible to get duplicate supply drops with an item already in your inventory.

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  • 02/25/15--15:56: Ranked play team, need 2
  • 2 masters looking for 2 players to run ranked with, and maybe grind this next season to grand masters. It doesn't matter what division you are in, just be good. Mature, laid-back but we play competitively, so if you're going to get carried don't bother. Message- x Euph on Xbox One

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    When you back out of a game...your KD takes a hit for it.



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    Rof is a miner stat all i look at it for in other cods was to guess amount of recoil but we have firing range so i can see exactly what recoil is like so i mainly ignore it and look at the others. Most important is accuracy then dmg, then mag cap , mobility, handling then rof.

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  • 02/26/15--16:31: Re: Armory
  • I agree, I paid for my TV and my DirecTV basic package...I shouldn't have to pay for all the extra channels and premium channels.  They are just trying to rip us off!


    We demand FREE STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    Lol u forget exo is limited to movement speed and sudden power by the human body or it would rip your arm apart same for running and jumping.

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    Precisely...while I'm over here raging my ass off trying to get 100+ gameplays you are killing me so you are a tryhard scrub with no skill.

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    What are you trying to say, exactly?

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    Most important  Stat will  depend on  person. Me thinks you're  not seeing the big picture.

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    I will take my tryhard sweaty skills and spike drone you off your Dna bomb if you dont watch it.

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  • 02/26/15--16:39: Re: Clan R4vZ
  • PSN: Galaxiuss-

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  • 02/26/15--16:40: Re: Armory
  • Whats free we buy game, season pass and dlc if not season pass at what point is anything free, what u misunderstand is that microtransactions lower face value of games so u pay 60 for game and 30 for pass which is 90 for full game which means value of game is medium due to cost expectations are raised so then add microtransactions and now the value is dramatically lowered due to game seeming incomplete or slice and diced. U see every wants to get a decent value not low value ehich is why not many like these extra money making methods.

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  • 02/26/15--16:40: Where is the apology?
  • Common activision.



    DLC delayed for pc, still having issues with connecting to server.  Why hasn't an activision employee at least acknowledged the fact the PC version is so neglected.  Can't believe the disrespect for buying a premium version.



    We all know you all hate PC gamers but we still pay money for a game you developed.

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    Exo is limited to the limitations of the body or u would rip arm socets apart in 1 use.

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  • 02/26/15--16:41: I need a clan.
  • Hello! My name is Josh and i really need a clan. Ive been playing for a while know on Xbox one.


    Requirements & things to know


    Making new account


    My gt right now is Quackattack566

    clan must be 13+ i'm 14

    have mic

    good with smg

    i share the account with two little bros

    must respond by sunday

    must be welcoming


    thats all thanks if you need more info pm me plz!

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  • 02/26/15--16:42: Re: Best ASM1 variant
  • I believe theres a couple varients that will extend the 4 shot kill, maybe the boar strike and the impact? im not sure exactly...my problem is the lag in this game is 2x worse if not more than any other cod i have played, i just get a **** load of hit markers or not even hit them at all at times when the game is sputtering the frames of the player, i play on wifi so my connection is not always the best but i had the same xbox and the same wifi for blops 2 and had no problem.

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    jahMoon wrote:


    Core and HC TDM (KC a great variation) has been and will always be the best game mode. FFA second.


    Domination 3rd cause no one really cares who wins except the clan that comes in to make themselves think they are good.  Just a fun game!


    The rest of the games are just plain stupid. Too complicated for two random teams to play. Well, it's not two random teams, it's you with a random team vs a clan. But, I play these when I'm watching TV. Sorry, I'm the guy everyone complains about....yea we lose, but I'm working on my challenges. Don't care!

    A cancer on the community.  Be proud.

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    We are a newly started clan. Currently 3 members at lvl 7.  Looking for new members.  Only requirements are 14yr old and up and a good personality. No K/d requirements.  Chat mic is a plus.  Contact ChapleSteam7041 or DRGNslayr. 


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