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    Recruiting for xbox 360 clan. We are currently level 14, more than halfway to 15( all levels were by 2-4 people). I had a 3kd and 3wl in bo2, similar in ghosts. We won many diamond clanw wars in ghosts. We are currently in Platinum Division and need help leveling the clan! If you want to be a part of a fun clan, message Y0(zero) Pancake to join. Must have at least a 1.1kd AND a 1.1 W/L,,, If your WL is high, i dont really care about your kd. the win is more important!


    Message y0 pancake (our lt)

    or apply on the app   "Breakfast Boys"

    or leave gt below

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    Unfortunately there is nothing official. I did find this article which outlines some tips and other info, http://www.ehow.com/how_2030066_article-title-url.html




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    This connectivity issue is known and being actively investigated. Until there is an update to fix it there are some troubleshooting steps one can take to attempt to remedy the issue.


    We appreciate your patience while this issue is reviewed and resolved.




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  • 02/22/15--12:01: Re: The numbers game ?
  • The numbers were declining before next gen ,Bops1 prime ps3 had minimum 700k online nightly often reaching 8-900k .Bops2 stayed between 450- 550k and reached 600k on double xp weekends.I genuinely believe the reason Bops2 has more online is due to 3 things.

    1.Dev support still remains

    2.People prefer it to the newer titles

    3.Its still popular because its the best of 4 very underwheing releases from mw3 to AW.

    I dont think its that good and if it followed cod4 w@w mw2 or Bops1,the community probably wouldve panned it

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  • 02/22/15--12:02: Urgent !
  • Dear,


    i am lagging against bots in private match and local play, this has been an issue since the game releases and those people haven't fix it yet. (ofcourse they don't)


    The lag  random appear during a match and it's really anoying, it's pretty frequently!


    Does anyone have a solution or a phone number of the support desk? thank you.


    PS: fix your servers, the matchmaking is horrible, even bo1 has 10 times better match making!


    reply please.

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    My theory:


    It's probably because of ranked play having a low population.  As a result, since connections are a priority, that means you'll encounter much higher skilled players more often.


    I honestly don't like ranked play anyway.  I mentioned this in my thread a while ago, but it only consists of ASM1 users, people rage quit a lot, and you never progress in rank as much as you want because of the rage quitting.



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    Malfunction-3000 wrote:


    Doesn't lag for me. Probably just your internet connection. If you're connected to a wifi, then there's probably other devices or other things like microwaves and stuff in your way from your router/modem to your PS4.

    EDIT: By the way the next update is probably this Thursday since that date is when Havoc DLC comes out for this console

    Sure it doesn't.

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  • 02/22/15--12:05: Re: Join my clan please?
  • I play very often especially at the weekend.I am in an exam year in school but I still play often. Probably every day for 1 or 2 hours . Add me ParkerJ470. I'm starting school tomorrow just saying

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  • 02/22/15--12:05: Re: Ps3 addys please
  • There is more players on PSN, and the way Xbone failing and burning fast i dont think they look very cool at all, more like bunch of fboys.

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    Describes ranked play perfectly. It's a joke, and I'd recommend everyone to stay away from it.

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    Got to be honest there are nowhere near the amount of sniper users as lets say Bops2,i rarely see quickscopers in AW

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    I hate quickscopers but to say it takes zero skill is quite a ludicrous statement

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    I've had a ton of fun with a bunch of games.  With that being said, it's difficult to name 3 of the best games I've ever played.


    However, I will name THE greatest game of all time IMO:


    Final Fantasy VI


    Also, the opening at 0:25 is the most epic music theme I've ever heard.

    FF6 Opening scene~ - YouTube



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    • CoD4...... MP5, M4A1,
    • WaW.......MP40, STG-44, Mosin Nagant
    • MW2........M4A1, Barrett, AA12 (secondary)
    • BO1........Famas, AK-74u
    • MW3........Striker, Type 95, MSR
    • BO2........R870
    • Ghosts.....USR, MK14, Honey Badger
    • AW..........ASM1,MORS, EM1...... at this point.


    Figured I would revisit each game since I have favorites from each. This all based off of good memories and what I can actually remember...... not so much the guns I did the best with or thought was the best in class.

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  • 02/22/15--12:16: Re: Idiots or griefing?
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    Not sure if sarcasm or just agreeing. It really doesn't.

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    Apocalyptic Harbingers


    Clan AH [AH] is  looking to recruit dedicated and loyal players who are willing to lend a helping hand to help the clan grow. AH is a laid back, and easy going clan in which our primary objective is to simply have fun. We also play competitively as well. Clan AH also has gold clan tags on Ghost & in AW.  AH has a well organized ranking structure. The more active you are the more promotions you will receive. Before you consider making


    Clan AH your home I ask you read below what few rules we require in order to join.


    • Must be at least 18 years
    • Own a headset
    • Be active both in game and for clan wars
    • No boosting, hacking, cheating,
    • tubing or glitching
    • Be drama free
    • Must be able to have fun


    We Do not care about K/D's We are a Community of family and friends; Looking for active players that are willing to stay and make us their home. . (Our Roster is Active and loves spending time together; and chit chatting. we are looking for people who are community orientated.)

    We have a Facebook group, Twitter, and instagram.. for clan chat and information.


    For Xbox 360, contact for more information.

    Banz x AH


    Add one of the following to  Xbox one, for more information.

    Medsua x AH ( clan founder)

    Lezmerelda x AH

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