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    What you need is located on the page linked below ...


    Activision | Terms of Use

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    Hi guys, im in a clan with 46 other people we are level 24. im looking for people from the uk only because we are allready with 45 people from the us and im the only one from belguim so i need people in my timezone.


    if you want to join please sent me a message on xbox one, my gamertag is: CUTIE KITTY C4T



    -You need to have a mic


    -and be nice


    thank you.

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    Fiz uma compra dentro do jogo call of duty heroes no dia  03/02/2015 ás 22hrs 17 min 35 seg,  comprei um large celerium pack no valor de 25,13, e não recebi ainda, hoje é 20/02/2015, quero saber como faço, com quem eu falo, pois o email do desenvolvedor callofdutygoogleplayapp@activision.com, não adianta, pois só recebo resposta automatica.                                                                                                                    

    ( I made a purchase within the game call of duty heroes on 03/02/2015 ace 22hrs 17 min 35 sec , bought a large celerium pack worth 25.13 , and receive not , today is 20/02/2015 , I know how to do, I talk because the email callofdutygoogleplayapp@activision.com developer, no use, because only get automatic response.)

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  • 02/20/15--12:19: Re: Classic mode Removed?
  • Sorry man but you should be happy that they even included classic in the first place

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    Dear Diary,


    Today I played a game that I don't like and once again I didn't enjoy it. I think I'll keep playing though as it gives me something to complain about on the forums, i've been doing this for 2 years now and think my message is finally getting through to my forum chums. These guys are awesome, they read all my complaints and really care what I have to say.


    Yours lovingly



    TL/DR: If you hate CoD so much stop playing and stop complaining.



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    HISTORY: Playing clan wars, clan had progressed to Platinum. During Seoul clan war, opt'd to play Diamond.

    PROBLEM: App showed clan as playing Diamond, with Diamond clock for EST 4 hours, but did not show platinum or diamond objectives map, but did show wins during EST play but not outside Diamond EST, but allowed other teams to continue collecting wins 24hrs a day during the complete platinum time periods and showed their wins. Clans winning were NOT enrolled in diamond and were participating as platinum.

    RESULT: Our clan did NOT win any objectives and and the app states we are to participate in clan wars as Bronze, but says we have opt'd in to participate in Diamond, EST.


    Anyone one see this before? Or, more importantly, where do I ask to get this fixed? Naturally, I'd prefer the loss not be counted and the diamond division opt in to be active, but what I fear is that we will once again be restricted to playing only during diamond division hours and be fighting in bronze division against teams that can fight all four days. I'd also prefer we not get stuck back at Bronze. Anyone can help?

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  • 02/21/15--12:10: ps4 clan RIR recruiting!!
  • The ps4 clan Rest in Reef (RIR) is now recruiting!  We will be on all day so send a message to PSN: Constablecoot.

    If you are looking for a competitive clan with true killers come join!  Please at least have decent stats if you are interested!!!

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    [ Who we are ]

    1) This team was built for the sole purpose of playing aggressive and objectively to dominate online

    2) Most of our veteran members are competitive players, they are heavily involved with MLG/UMG. We currently have 2 members currently sponsored by EXIS eSports, while the rest of hoaX is sponsored by Jag Grips

    3) We don't require our members to be involved with competitive play, but if you're interested in competitive play, let us know

    4) We think the time has come to grow our team in numbers, but we don't plan on being over 30-35 members

    5) Everyone on our team is committed, loyal, very friendly, and we enjoy getting together, having fun, and expanding our skills

    6) We make decisions as a team. We do NOT have one person making all the decisions for our members to abide by. For this reason, we require all members to have plenty of experience prior to joining

    7) hoaX is a team where hardcore competitive members mixes in with casual competitive members, and members competing for clan wars. No matter what you're into competitive wise, you'll fit in

    8) WE ARE NOT A RUN-IN-THE-MILL CLAN THAT WILL DISBAND IN 2 WEEKS. We have been around since Black Ops and we'll continue on to the next CoD



    [ Requirements ]

    1) Team/objective player, MUST be able to slay

    2) Must be loyal. If you change clans more than you change your underwear we are not for you

    3)Must be mature. Age does not matter, but please, act respectful

    4) Must be a very experienced player. We expect quality over quantity

    5) Must have a mic

    6) Must live in the USA (due to lag issues)

    7) Participate in clan wars.

    8) Must be a very active player, especially during clan wars.





    **  ♒ [ How to Join ]♒  **


    1) If you're interested in joining us, please add Dajinder2001 via PSN and say you would like a tryout. You can also add me, the team leader, DigitalFootprint if you have any questions.

    2) Apply for our clan via the Advanced Warfare App. You can apply simply by searching for hoaX Competitive(if you do not apply for our clan, you will NOT get a tryout. We require this step because it makes it easier for us to keep track/stay organized on who wants a tryout. Link to the app if you do not already have it: Call of Duty® Mobile


    [ How we Host Tryouts ]


    We require everyone to tryout via an 8's lobby (4v4) against members of our team to see how you perform against us in Hard Point, SnD, CTF. If we like what we see, you'll be invited to the team. Remember, this is when you prove to us you're a valuable team player by using call outs, going for the objective, etc.

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    Sorry you've had some issues with your emblems. Are you able to access the editor? Are you getting any error messages? Have you tried to clear you cache? How to Clear the Cache on Xbox 360




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    Recruiting still taking place till about Wednesday Feb 25th 2015,again we have a team of 14 members and growing

    worldwide we're currently Gold Division and we would like to have you apart of The E. Team We want gamer"s to be active and

    serious about winning Clan Wars that has a great personality that can have a great in game experience



    The Call of Duty App




    We encourage female gamer's to Join The E.Team as well


    Gamertag: MrStarChat

    Twitter: StarChat22

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    Unfortunately if you will need to contact your retailer of purchase for a refund if your content is experiencing region limitations.




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    Hello from BMGz (PS4), we're a growing clan of 55 members that I created 3 weeks ago.  We're always looking for further growth and players looking for a home.  Our foundation is built upon team play, so there's nobody left to fend for themselves.  Our members are on throughout the day, but we all are active EVERYDAY.  Our winning % is 75% and we have played our first clan war where we captured and held every node.  If you're interested then message me @ OTC_Roll_Tide or fill out a very short application @ bamagodz.enjin.com, we do have a website just for discussion threads and such that we register at too.  The only requirements are owning a working mic and having the cod app, since that's where we do our clan chatting.  We're also have ranking roles to help with new recruits and game play.  So there's room for personal growth within the clan if that's something you're interested in as well. I look forward to hearing from you.

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    I am an average player who plays often. I want to join a clan that isn't full of rules yet competes regularly in clan wars for fun. Add me on psn to join. Gamer tag is jramey64



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    Looking into your case further it would appear that you have violated the Terms of Service. However we do not discuss bans as they are both final and irreversible. Please refer to the Security & Enforcement Policy for more information regarding this, http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Call-of-Duty-Advanced-Warfare-S ecurity-Enforcement-Policy/




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    Help Solve This Problem Its Kinda Ruding My Days By Not Play The Call Of Duty Online Experienece .

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    mind blown animated GIF

    common sense.


    go figure



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  • 02/21/15--12:19: Re: Buff Me! NOW!
  • SaIN_V_Boss wrote:


    BUFF THE AMOUNT OF MONEY IN MY WALLET and also............

    let me leave a clue in the form of an anagram

      the 'mtounagfoameisonwlosencaodsn'


    money animated GIF

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    What is your gamertag/ID and platform? Did you get a ban message, if so what did it say?  If you perform a hard console restart by removing the power cable for a few mins are you able to get online?




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