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    Team Atrocity originally came from a MW3 Top 50 K/D ratio all time clan by the name of WSA1- We Stand As 1. The co-leader which is myself decided to part ways with the active loyal members to form Atrocity in the new series of Call of Duty Black Ops 2. We have been through a lot together and no matter what game or console, our community will continue to fight to be strong and successful as a team. We hope for a successful MLG team in the future, along with sponsorships and fans who enjoy spectating our community.



    Roster Size-40 Clan K:D-2.09 Level-15

    Requirements are 1.80 K/D or higher unless you have placed Masters in Championship Series solo rank of Top 50 or better. AtRo does not tolerate immaturity or players who are going to be in-active. We do clan ops and league play daily and our roster is  becoming a successful community preparing for the new upcoming Xbox one along with Ghosts. We look forward to sponsorships and a community website with the help of our members to make our gaming more elusive.  Send message or request to XBL:Smokecl or DM Twitter @ Sm0k3d541 You can apply now  https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/5888039

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    Can I still get The Ghost Camo for Xbox. I just pre ordered my game? If not. what's another way to get the camo code?

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  • 09/01/13--23:22: XBOX CLAN
  • Hey guys looking to start a Xbox clan, a name that came to my head was ViTaL if anyone would like to help me start this clan out message me on xbox to AzR ImpacTz

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    Banned for having no inspiration with your name

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  • 09/01/13--23:23: Re: XBOX CLAN
  • Ohhhh please mostly Australians and NZ people only they have good connection

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    46 downs... no big deal Just get couple games of 2k kills with 1 downs and that won't even matter soon lol

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    Points are broken to. Got 7001. So posts aren't a point anymore

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    and i ordered it from Game Stop as well.

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    He didn't earn a star. You've a start right at the start

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  • 09/01/13--23:29: Re: Sniper only playlist?
  • anmd a smg only playlist and a lmg and ar and pistols etc etc

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    kastro187420 wrote:


    These restrictions do not hurt SNIPERS, they hurt Quick-scopers. Huge difference. Quick-scopers are ballerinas whose goal is to drag down whichever team they're on. Snipers are the players sitting back providing support and long-distance engagements. Snipers have always been easy targets when you get inside their ineffective range, at least, assuming that sniper doesn't pull out a secondary weapon.


    Quick-scoping really should go. There's no sense in catering to a portion of the community that deliberately exploits part of the game for their benefit, even if the montage crowd sees it as a legitimate play style. Get rid of "Quick-scoping" and have legitimate sniping. Bring the balance back into the game, while at the same time, getting rid of the dancing ballerinas going for montage clips.

    Again this isn't a valid argument because you are solely attacking quickscoping because of the community behind it.  Instead of trying to come up with a compromise you are just insulting people that snipe in general.  Basically you are hurting the legit snipers here with this idea to reduce damage in close quarters and it just doesn't seem like a valid idea to "balance" but to ruin snipers all together.

    Here is a video of me sniping the "correct" way.  If this is not how I am supposed to play then this community(anti-quickscopers) really need to re-evaluate their opinions, because this is probably the most "legitimate" gameplay you will get for sniping these days, especially for a COD game.


    You are basically hurting players like this with your ideas.  It all comes down to your view on the "correct" way to play the game and when you have rebels like quickscopers, you feel the need to put them down because they are different.  This has nothing to do with the game mechanics any more but to hurt the community that is rebelling.  You have no valid reason to change snipers because in COD they are quite balanced, even in previous games like MW2 and MW3.  I would bet that quickscoping is going to be quite balanced in Ghosts as well.


    If this was a legitimate complaint about balance then where is the research on it for Ghosts?  The game isn't even out yet people are complaining about it.  It comes down to one part of the community hating on the other part of the community.  It is like when I get hated on for being better at the game when I go 50-5 with an AR by "camping" a wall or rock.  There are too many elitists that think that everything should be changed to benefit themselves.  I want things to be changed, but most of the things I want changed don't benefit me as much as others.  I don't see how it makes a difference if someone killed you in close quarters fully ADSing versus long range fully ADSing, they still killed you even if something isn't used the way you want them to use it.


    What is really going on in this community is an all out attack not on the quickscoping mechanic, but the people that use it. It is just one of the biggest segregations that I have seen in a long time. If anything it is this anti-community bullshit that is destroying this community as a whole.  Everyone seems to be out to hurt another part of the community by insulting them or just judging them by how they play.  It is either you suck for doing this or that, or you are terrible because you are a tryhard.  Even if I play the game with friends there is always some douche that has to complain about getting jumpshotted or outplayed in general.  This community just needs to drop all the complainers and then the game will be fun once again.  MW2 was great but after that is when the elitists really started to come out of their shells and start putting down others for how they play, like many people on this forum.


    The only community that I actually felt like it had meaning to be in was the early days of Halo.  I felt like I was actually a part of something cooperative, but the COD community, even the Battlefield community, has been overrun by these entitled, arrogant, elitist players that have nothing better to do that put other players down and try to ruin the games for others.  From some of the comments I have read on these forums over the past couple of days, even the past year, just seem to be attacks on one form or player to another.   It is just biased judging and hatred towards a group or community; that is ruining this community and it really needs to stop.  Quickscoping should stay to support the community as a whole.  Dropshotting and jumpshotting should stay to support the community as a whole.  These things have evolved to the point where they are needed for everyone to co-exist in this game.  If you start removing portions of the game without any just cause other than to hurt a part of the community then that is when conflict will really get out of hand.

    For ***** sake can we drop this anti-quickscoping bullshit already.  We get it that you don't like the community, but hurting them won't make the game any more fun than it is now.  You are no different than those who segregated the blacks over the last couple centuries.  It is sad that I have to compare it like this but it is the truth.  I may not like some types of people, but I don't go straight to their house and start ruining their life just because they are different.  I show them respect and hope the best for them, because the last thing they want is another person to put them down for being them.

    I am done with this ******* community and their biased attacks on others.  I stand up for others and for what is right with nothing in return but more attacks and insults.

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  • 09/01/13--23:31: Re: Sand is overpowered. .
  • It's annoying. Even got mails whiles it turned of.

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    I completely agree. I had problems with matchmaking since I got the season pass, the only time I am able to get into games is when playing with my friends who either have all the maps or none of them.

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  • 09/02/13--23:37: Tranzit ee ps3
  • anybody wanna help with the richtofen ee on tranzit? plz have mic. add farmerguy95

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    Well I am currently prestige master and I want to fresh start. When I go into my barracks there is no prestige mode tab. Please help.

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  • 09/02/13--23:43: Re: Zombie Clan Tryouts!
  • Just a lil suggestion, if you really want good players, don't do try-outs on buried lol, getting round 25 without a down is WAY too eazy, i'm on ps3 or else i'd prolly join

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    They could create a map with yellow cows, purple zombies, lime walls, in a field full of red flowers, children dancing in the grass during a zombie apocalypse... I Would still buy the damn game lmao!!! I'm not here to destroy anyone thinking alot about the story-line, but even if Origins is the end (kinda), they could still make a zombie game that isn't story-related and milk money all they'd want... Don't you EVER tell me that all you story-line lover do the ee EVERY game you play? There's my point, just get a gun, kill zombie... rinse and repeat... That is zombie, adding a story is a just a lil plus to the game, but it's not THE GAME! So really, stop thinking over your head, and go slay some damn zombie for god sake and stop calling every a dumb ass and sh*t head for putting a theory down on the zombie story-line... I vote for yellow cows zombies... Call of Duty: Attack of the Yellow Cows


    That was not meant for you, KSeigyoki

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    Add xXCaptainCustardXx

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