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    bonsoir j ai un gros probleme j ai telecharger le season pass de advanced warfare et rien dans le jeux de nouveaux pas la carte ni l arme pouriez vous m aidez svp

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  • 01/28/15--12:45: GUN YOU DOWN IS RECRUITING
  • GUN YOU DOWN IS recruiting. We are a mainly PS3 based clan. If you meet the requirements why not apply to join?

    Would like to get some more female recruits as well

    Must be 18 (Preferred) or mature player.

    Requirements: K/D +1.00

    -W/L Ratio +1.00

    -Loyal to the clan won't clan jump (NO CLAN HOPPERS ACCEPTED)

    -Must have a mic (preferably)

    -Must be super active during clan wars and play as many hours possible during the clan wars time period.



    If you think you've got what it takes to become one of us. Then please apply to the clan or message me thanks.

    Contact. --->Mr-mfker2u.   (Psn)<------ or use the app [GUNYOUDOWN]

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  • 01/28/15--12:46: Re: I love the new DLC
  • Urban is insane....... a little too much for my taste but enjoyed it the first time. Core is cool.... unique design, Sideshow is nice for long range engagements but didn't like spawning at C in Domination .  I haven't played Drift yet.


    I'm enjoying Exo Zombies at the moment. After all achievements are earned....... not sure how much I'll wind up playing.


    The maps not being in normal rotation stinks. I had been playing Core Moshpit most of the year anyway.... so the moshpit doesn't bother me much. It would be nice to have 13+1+4 maps all together for some variety. Which reminds me...... when will Atlas Gorge be released for everyone??


    HC and Classic players got shafted.... not cool.

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    You must also have a mic to be able to join

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  • 01/28/15--12:46: Re: Anyone else loving AW?
  • I'm one of those "older casual gamers" who started with the 1st MW, and I've always thought that MW2 was the best game overall. BO1 was pretty good too, but after that I was increasingly disappointed with each new version, to the point where I probably only played Ghosts MP for about a month after I got it.  In my opinion AW is the best COD since MW2...maybe just as good.  Sure there are a few things that are still annoying, but overall the gameplay is fun.  And as non-HARDCORE player (meaning I don't spend hours every day obsessing over the hit-rates and rpm rates of each gun an how every variant is affected by every attachment ...because I actually play HC mode almost exclusively), I enjoy knowing that there is a very good chance that every match I play I have a chance to win and/or go positive k/d, and that after the 1st round the teams are probably going to be evened up.  I quit playing Ghosts because it was no fun whatsoever to enter a game where there were only 3 players left on the team because they were getting stomped, only to have that dominant team stay together for 4 more rounds, and knowing there was no chance for my team.


    So yes, I am actually loving AW.

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  • 01/28/15--12:47: Re: Anyone else loving AW?
  • Ghosts was the first COD I played. My partner and I almost always played split screen. That was fun. AW is absolutely terrible at split screen: it is too fast, the exo movements, and so on. Oh, and it crashes all the time, especially in Riot. So, I play AW on my own. Playing solo, I prefer it to Ghosts, although I miss leaning. Apparently we can't lean around corners in the future. Despite all the talk about SBMM, I don't find many problems with it: lobbies are as balanced or unbalanced now as they were with Ghosts. There is almost always someone pulling off a 4.0 k/d and there is almost always someone pulling off a .25 k/d. And, of course, there are still people in TDM who think they are really great getting twenty kills and thirty deaths, largely because they can't do basic math and realize that they've put their team behind by eight. Being someone who doesn't usually run classes with streaks (primary gunfighter, plus two double-perks, usually), I like that the streaks are most underwhelming. The helicopter streak in Ghosts was annoying.

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    it says purchased on it ive tried downloadint it over and over again but nothing please help

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    Please help

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    It is very annoying that it isn't in the normal rotation. If they believe the game modes in the mosh pit are so popular, just put them in the rotation for those game modes in the normal rotation.


    Phxs72, you should just save your money...I wish I didn't have the DLC for PS4. I will say, I played them last night on Xbox 1 under my son's account and wasn't that impressed with the DLC. I thought Drift and Sideshow weren't bad, urban was ok but limited and Core was just simply was boring. Urban and Core both reminded me a lot of Riot in there isn't a lot of strategy involved in that map because they are very basic and limited imo.  I am not a fan of zombies and didn't try it out  so I can't comment on that portion of the DLC.

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  • 01/28/15--12:51: Re: supply drops
  • Supply Drops are stupid, mate. I don't even care about them at this point. They were cool at first, but now they're just annoying.

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    Hello does anyone know the story on how they got heretic or how it happened? Or there still no information on this? Thanks.

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    phxs72 wrote:


    Notwithstanding the overall point of the topic but MW3 didn't include DLC in the normal rotation until after the next DLC dropped either.  So I would look for that again with the next IW game.  I do find this practice to be undesirable and decided after Ghosts I wouldn't be purchasing the next IW DLC even though I did like the maps in Ghosts and MW3.  Keeping them out of the rotation for so long means that I'm either playing them in very small playlists with inordinate amounts of lag or I'm not getting to play them until really late in the season.  As a Sony guy, I hardly get to experience the 3rd drop and don't get to experience the 4th drop at all in the normal playlists when they separate them this way.  So I'll be keeping my money in my pocket for the next IW DLC and unless Exo Zombies ends up being epic, I'll be keeping my money in my pocket for future SH DLC as well.  3arch got it right by releasing the DLC right away to the normal rotation.


    MW3... DLC would first be available to those who were Elite subscribers for a couple weeks in a mosh (and there was no HC mosh then, too).... however, once the DLC was available to all to buy... the maps were in the the regular rotation.


    Ghosts started the whole wait until the next DLC thing... even had a chat with Candy about this

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    Try going into the game audio and see whats going on there.

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    You on Xbox one? I can help you if you are.

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  • 01/28/15--12:55: Re: S12 SHOTGUN
  • For the double kills go with hard point in core.  Use stock, advanced rifling and extended mags, on the compliant or whirlwind if you have either. That will give you 15 shells. Pair it with light weight and overclocked and come into the hardpoint with your sights up like you are playing a close range AR.  Pin the trigger and hose them down, should take about 5 or 6 games.  For the dog fights go with free for all. Jump in swap out stock for laser sight and start jumping around the map continuously.  Don't use blast suppressor, you will have a lot of people coming your way and you can often get them to double jump and pick a airborne gun battle with you.  Good luck.

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    Its possible that you have been banned. Someone might have reported you for something in the past and your account is banned, and or blocked by Activision.

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  • 01/28/15--12:58: Re: EXO ZOMBIES ERROR!!!!
  • still having a problem, sometimes it works...others it doesn't

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