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    I've never been able to understand the whole panic knife argument.


    To me, it's kind of like saying the only reason Bruce Lee kicked Chuck Norris' arse is because Lee panicked.

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    I posted earlier that I actually haven't died but maybe a handful from a knife in AW. I actually don't can't recall for a long time being knifed a lot.  I actually can't think of the last time it happened in AW.   I was just posting based on what his perception was because he might not have been making it all that clear.


    I just think there should be some "ADS" time for the knife to be pulled. It shouldn't be instant, you can't toggle weapons as fast as you can knife someone. That has always been my complaint with it.

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  • 01/13/15--09:17: Re: AE4
  • Same problem here in Holland. The store says there is no content available for download. Hope they fix this soon.

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    Knifing isn't even a problem in this game tbh, and why would they make it a 2 hit kill that's dumb I might as well just not panic knife and just shoot him with my gun then knife twice. Plus remember last time they had a perk for knifing: commando in MW2, how well did that idea go? The only issue with knifing in advanced warfare is when you sometimes miss for no apparent reason, even if you are close enough to hit them you just miss somehow.

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    He already purchased them but he can't seem to wear them on his character

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    I never created any offensive image nor did I ever get any message that I was banned from using the editor - so unless I was banned for no reason and with no warning, that's not the issue. It just stays grayed out with the 'loading' AW symbol by it. Any idea what the problem is or what I can do about it? Thanks.

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  • 01/13/15--09:20: Re: EM1 - Star Wars Anyone?
  • iHattoriHanzo0 wrote:


    After using the EM1 a bunch this weekend....... I find it to be a cross between Star wars and Ghostbusters.......


    star wars animated GIF

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    9816400b2606da743b2370a743ab35cd wrote:


    Does anyone not think that sniping is becoming a bit over the top anymore? I mean whole teams of snipers now, even on maps like strikezone...

    Next game you play, listen at start of match, the first thing you will hear is sniper rifles going off, and I have noticed lately when I join a match in progress and you are watching from one of the players in the matchs' perspective, 9 times out of 10 you are looking at someone aiming down a sniper scope...
    I don't know, I was always OK with snipers in MW3 and BO2, altho I despised the QS death after you have already put a few bullets in them, but in Ghosts, it seems to be just snipers, snipers, snipers...to me anyway, its just getting a little old (like me lol)

    Actually I would like to now change my opinion on this

    Sniping in Ghosts is far 'better' than MW3 and BO2 in terms of far less quickscopers

    Maps like stonehaven, stormfront, and prison break still have plenty of snipers, but to me the biggest problem is Ghosts has and always will be that damn thermal scope  lol

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    What I find most striking about this person's post is it appears they have created a forum account (based on their current level) to go onto said forum and make his/her first comment one that they themselves deem ban worthy.  Enough so to "happily" await it.  This is just left of those who create an account just so they can fire off their charter thread going on some hate rant about something that has already been droned on about ad nauseam a hundred plus times in the 2 weeks prior.   


    I also think it's interesting that this level 1 apparent newcomer indicates knowledge of the identities of the "Forum Elite".  How is THAT?  The "Shill Squad" has actually been named so that's an easy one but the "Forum Elite".  Come on.  That's like knowing the identities of the members of the Star Chamber.  You only know that if you are an actual member. 


    It's almost as if he's been down the banned path before and is boomeranging back for some more.   Either way it's able.

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  • 01/14/15--09:42: Re: xbox 360 clan recruiting
  • Bump

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  • 01/14/15--09:42: Re: Looking for a clan
  • I havent can u hook me up PSN= Arab_Hacks KDR 2.07

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    Thanks for the advice.  I never thought to cloak before firing.  I'll have to make that adjustment because trying to do it uncloaked is just handing the other team a free kill.

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    You probably need coldblooded for those warbirds because they are often player controlled.

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    Same here. I tried do download it yesterday and there is still no content available. Are there already some solutions?

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    fair enough on the ping vs distance thing , there are however over 120 million people in India with internet that's 3rd highest in the world so it must just be down to copies sold.

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  • 01/14/15--09:51: Re: Account Suspension
  • Thank you.  I just tweeted activision support. I am really stumped at why I would be suspended.  The 24 hours is not a big deal but I do want to know why so I can correct the issue.   

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  • 01/14/15--09:54: ps4 clan recruiting
  • Starting  new clan for ps4 aw. NM KINGZ

    ... Looking for people that live in new mexico with mic. Kd don't really matter,  team work does. Add me on psn if interested. andyalvarez87

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    Developers, please read and do a patch:


    Elite Care Package.

    - Drops on 6th minute of next round. FACT: This game has no gamemode that would last 6 minutes - Useless. Remove from the game or increase tickets. Average round time is 3 - 5 minutes.


    45 Minutes of rapid supply.

    - This doesn't do anything, every time I get this it actually prevents me getting a supply drop. I can get more without it.


    Supply drops in general:

    - If you have 3 unopened supply drops on your items, game prevents you from getting any more. Please fix.


    Supply drops more in general:

    - Random... Random means lottery. Lottery means not getting one particular item ever. I have now given up on getting anything. There should be some sort of system to increase your odds towards the things u want.


    Example: Playing with AK12 would increase your odds significantly towards getting an AK12 elite gun. Or having some KVA radical gear on your character would increase your odds towards getting the whole gear set.


    For now I have lost all my faith on supply drops, all I get is enlisted and some professional items. Random is the biggest enemy of any gaming, and your RANDOM system destroys fun of gaming.


    Platform: PS4.

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  • 01/13/15--16:46: Re: Down?
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    Your connection is cutting out.  My guess would be a loose cable.  The reason that you can play BF without noticing the issue as much is because its a slower paced game.  Just the other night I had been playing Destiny and noticed a few lag spikes but nothing concerning.  I switched to AW and felt like my gun was loaded with marshmellows and then the walls started jumping in front of me.  After a few matches in different lobbies, I decided to try rebooting my router and while I was back there I noticed that my cable connection was a little loose.  So I tightened it and fired everything back up.  Granted it might have been the reboot that fixed everything but once I started playing again my guns worked perfectly.  The bottom line is that it doesn't take much of a hardware problem to really throw things off in COD.  So you have to maintain your system.  Even then you won't cure all lag issues but the issues that you've described in combination tells me that the problem is on your end.

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