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    I am simply here to provide some feedback from my call of duty experience. I've been a huge fan of the series since COD3, and as I've watched the multiplayer progress there has always been one thing that has Never ceased to irk me. Not something that'd make me stop playing, or even not recommend the game. Yet an issue which would significantly improve my call of duty experience. The issue is thus:


    When I leave a game, and search for a new game, I DO NOT WANT TO RETURN TO THE SAME GAME. 7/10 times I leave a game and search for a new game in the same playlist, I get sent right back into the same game. This bothers the ever-loving hell out of me. A match has to properly piss me off, be it one player or a whole team, for me to leave. But when I do, it's because I'm pissed off and done with that match, and I absolutely hate it when I get sent right back in. And then I leave, and get sent in yet again.


    It is either a major flaw in your match finding system or a very unfunny joke, either way there is no reason for this to continue to upset me and other players.

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    Izjar11 wrote:


    OUHATEME wrote:


    Sorry I tend to disagree with " become a regular " to be heard .  Everyone from first time user to multi time user has the right  to be heard but how they post and react to post helps determine how they are received .

    becoming a regular and how you describe it would fall more in the lines of creating a positive reputation .


    no need to say sorry Ouhateme,


    In my view coming to the forums and disappearing after one thread or post is "not" a way to be heard in the community.

    I agree with both of you.


    There is a way to be heard with only one post. I will never forget during WaW there was the normal bickering going around about Treyarch this and Treyarch that.......... then someone with a dev background came into the discussion and being a mature person like he was posted a positive view that followed Nuttin's outline. Not only did it blow me away, but it woke everyone up and brought perspective into the thread. Maybe it was the first time I saw that .... nevertheless, I still remember it.


    Becoming a regular......... is great for the community. Getting to know people and share a drink at Pinkieeez is second to none.... but not necessary to be heard...... although, I do hear the regulars better.       Maybe thats just because I'm used to their accents and hand writing.

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    BF4 is what COD should be now ,the game ( save the exos) is the same as always.

    Maps are the same no vehicles no variants ,i expected space maps underwater maps vehicle maps .

    Zombies on ANY map from the franchise in any format,make your own maps etc its exactly the same bar a few tweaks.

    BF4 is not as popular as it has great hit markers,turns out you actually have to be bang on to get a kill on that !

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    I apologize if this topic isn't in the correct forum but I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue:


    I went into HC Kill Confirmed and was automatically thrown into the map Greenband into a match that was already in progress.  Immediately I thought something looked strange as there was a lot more information on the screen.  It turns out that it was a Core game of Kill Confirmed.  I had just assumed that it was my error in what I had chosen so I hit the button that brings up the leaderboard and at the very top it read HC KC.  However the game played just like a Core game.  It had the mini map showing the whole time, points would show for every kill or assist, had the scoreboard at the bottom of the screen, etc.


    I quit the game and then went through all of the steps to select HC KC but got thrown back into the same game.  Now this part isn't unusual as this happens quite often for me.  Leave a game and get thrown right back into the same game.  In fact once I got booted for team killing (my own fault and I can't blame the game) and then got put back into the same game that I was booted from.


    This issue with Greenband playing as Core but under the HC KC section happened two more times last night.  It only happened with the map Greenband and it was only last night.


    Just curious if this was something that has only happened to me or if this was widespread.

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    I'm going to apply for Discharged Gaming ... You could do the same thing


    http://www.dischargedgaming.com/forum/m/17712590/viewthread/9180188-how-to-apply -for-discharged-gaming

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  • 01/09/15--07:29: Re: ranked play
  • Hey johnny do u play core or hc? What's ur kd?

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    9AM PST

    12PM EST

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    Can I join and how do I do it rank 34 gamertag is spoonyrfc

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    depend of the clan

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  • 01/10/15--08:07: Clan sucht aktive Spieler
  • Der Clan "Team Emerald" sucht aktive Xbox One - Spieler, die gerne gemeinsam Ranklist/Ranglistenspiel spielen. Wir sind derzeit Clan Level 11 und haben 18 Member. Bei Interesse schreibt mich an: Armlo44

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    Hello, I am interested in your clan, as mine tends to be quite incongruent at times, it irritates me. I have a steady 1.25 KD, a 1.49 WL, and a 300 SPM. Any extra info about your clan wold be highly appreciated!

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    rankismet wrote:


    Undertaker41 wrote:


    You think anyone cares about the shill squad. The shill squad is a bunch of sissies who has no one to play, cant handle the truth and lashes out when they are put in their place. Furthermore people do have the right to express their opinions. How is this for talking bad about the community? and don't get mad because you guys can't grasp the concept or the point of what people are saying.


    * disclaimer - the above post in no way represents the opinions of ATVI, the Forum Mafia, the Shill Squad or any other paid or unpaid organization to which the poster may or may not be affiliated with and is intended solely for non-profit, publicly held educational, informational, and/or humorous purposes.


    You forgot that it may cause anal bleeding. Thanks alot...anyone have a napkin?

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    Hi my name is Teo. I am Looking For People To Join My Clan [xDMS]. Also looking for a team for Ranked Play.My KD is 1 and I am Nearly Prestige 2



    Over 1 K/D

    Be Active

    Play well In A Team

    No Age Required

    Need To Speak Good English


    Add Me Now If Interested


    PSN: YOrockYO

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    Am a good player gt is spoonyrfc add me

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    Can you msg me I'm highly interested. thanks. 1.25 KD , 1.50 WL, 300spm... GT is Shafrir

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    Okay I will add you

    To the 22 year old that sent me a message it accidentally got delete. So if you see this please send me another message!

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    Recruitment still open

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    CAG Clan (Combat Applications Group) are recruiting.


    Voted #1 clan website on top 100 clans 2 years in a row



    We are always on the lookout for mature and like-minded gamers. though all ages of applicant are considered.


    We are a Multi platform and multi game based community with a member base in to the thousands, we have competitive and casual teams on most games including but not limited to Ghosts, Battlefield, Advanced Warfare and Titanfall


    Since being such a large clan with a wide variety of players from around the world you will never be stuck running solo again, we pride ourselves on our teamwork and have fun while playing.


    The only requirement for joining is the ownership of a working mic to communicate with other members in game


    Game time with fellow members can earn a player awards to brag about which can lead to promotions within the clan.


    Improve your game!


    Join by using this link>> CAG: The #1 Clan Combat Applications Group™ Forums<< or by visiting our website: www.cagclan.com and use my name as a referral: SprayAim


    Many Thanks,


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