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    maccabi wrote : the same problem with "lag comp" way too many people made assumptions and they became facts.


    Is that kinda like people who make the assumption: that if it doesn't happen to them while playing then it doesn't exist at all and therefore it becomes a fact  ....  So the op must be making it up or just bad at the game?


    please dont twist things its rather childish

    I apologize for being so childish,  we should probably ban sarcasm on this forum immediately..I will consider myself grounded for a week.

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    Wow....just wow.

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    Mohammad_Rojaha wrote:


    i agree shark and bubba but i dont see how im a problem. gotsome is worse in his presentation of his posts


    I don't agree with Getsomestars on alot of posts, but that's just my opinion different from his. No big deal there. It happens, and not everyone is supposed to have the same opinions on everything.


    Makoshark....is a tool....who posts on EVERY thread looking to troll. It's old, annoying, and really doesn't do anything for the forums.


    I kind of agree with the OP. These forums don't really offer help or good conversation. It's the same 20 posts, all with the same 20 people...saying the same 20 things.

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    Bom dia! Fui em um evento e ganhei um passe de expansão para o Destiny, porém me deram um código que funciona somente no XONE, e eu tenho o X360. Entrei em contato com a Bungie e a Microsoft e eles me encaminharam para vocês, se por alguma acaso vocês podem fazer a mudança. Obrigado pela compreensão.

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    Craig1883 wrote:


    i will but i dont know how to post a picture from my screenshots on my ipad , any tips

    I had to screenshot them directly from the AW app and email them to my PC and download them and attach them. I would prefer to have showed my prefered game mode - Core TDM - because that is where I spend most of my gaming moments.


    These are the overall stats.


    I am still learning the game and consider myself knowledgeable at the game but I do not consider myself incredibly good (but I fight back). Now with my stats when I play, I never run into low level under level 20 prestige one players. I run into allot of people who are (as I consider) equals to my own gaming style, they fight back as well. I love a good fight, I prefer to know that the person I am combating knows hows to play and will try to beat me vs someone who is new and has no clue what is happening.


    Screenshot_2015-01-06-08-05-00 (2).pngScreenshot_2015-01-06-08-04-54.png

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  • 01/06/15--02:51: Re: Mass Cheating
  • I expect not to have the community attack me everywhere i go when i say someone is cheating! . And for this damn company to do something about it!! it's bad enough all the f'ing cheaters in game. Then fuc-kers in here too. They should fix the f'ing game.

    I mean there are 10 sites minimum making the hax. Where are they in our community? Are they the guys telling me I suck when i spot the aim-cheat any of them created? Are they posting here in these forums? Is it me is it you?


    The point is there are 10 sites minimum selling or giving away hax for this game and they are here with us.... Now do you think for each hack site it's 1 solo guy creating the cheat? what, 2 guys working together to make these cheats? I would think there is a team... So where are they? and (what legit gamer are they abusing today as they test and tweak their hacks?) do you see what I'm saying? it's 10 sites minimum. each site has creators/testers and users (guys commited to cheating 100%).. And they are out here causing sh/it when you say they cheat! I expect this garbage to ******* stop if your going to charge me $60 8 weeks ago.


    I also expect not to hear such nonsense that "cheating is minimal" or "I've seen 1 cheater since launch". It's absurd.

    Like i said... It's 10 hacks sites minimum! with their own testers, friends, I'm sure these guys have friends right? etc etc. you havent been playing with 1 cheater since launch or minimal cheating.


    Shut those f-ing cheat sites down or give money back.

    This is abuse that I have to play with all these hack sites (creators freinds testers users) and get abused verbally because i can spot the aim-hack.

    I don't want to hear about reports, I'm not reporting anywhere from 2 to 7 players cheating every round. They need 2 Clean up the hack sites.


    These are the things I expect.

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    Dear readers,


    Honestly who is tired of out of mag glitchers on solar. Well i am. Im going to make a point to have this changed faster because yesterday i was playing on a good lobby and we voted on solar (one of my favorite maps) just to find my team fighting over the out of map glitch with the other team. I find this bull crap that i have to spend the entire game dealing with ******* that cant run the map normally and have to glitch for their kills. Everyone is aware of this glitch and can find it on Youtube. please hurry up and fix all out of map glitches so it can help the normal people run the maps and not have to worry about campers above the map.

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    COD got too mainstream. Mainstream always attracts the scumbags. Back in the COD4 days there was a little beef here and there but nothing special. Since BO2 this forum is a waste dump full of hostility. I would rather see that every developer has their own forum like before MW3 instead of this merged Activision forums. Their forum software is by far the shittiest I have seen.

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    Its been sent for almost an hour now. Do it!

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    Craig1883 wrote:


    just wondering what your main go to setups are , i can give you some advice on which i believe gives you most success , but its all about preference .

    i Like to roll with the UAV with extra time , speed and threat detection , system hack with extra assist points , and assault drone with enemy ui and rockets , based on stats the assault drone is easily the best killstreak i use based on use and kills working out at around 5-6 per usage , and with this setup it seems to recycle very quickly .

    what do you use

    I run the assault drone with rockets because its so freaking effective!


    Been playing with the CUAV ( I know its not called that) but its been doing well for me and then my sentry gun with 360 head auto is a must.

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    I've settled on a 4 in AW. I can still turn on people I was using 8 on Ghosts.

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    We are looking for active ps4 players for our clan. So far we have 6 guys and as a clan we have won 3 platinum wars so far. We want to have a few more people in the clan who are active, communicate and are reliable when it comes to wars.


    We have no requirements apart from being an active member, respect others, play as a team and also have a laugh while doing so. We also prefer players over age of 18, mainly because all of us are but if you have a good mentality and personally, then there can be acceptions to the recruitment rules.


    Our clan is not looking to have a large member base, but to have a smaller community of people who we all know and get on with. I hate being in a clan where there is over 40 people and only 10 of them you actually know and play with. This is the goal of our clan.


    If you are interested, then we welcome you to the clan. Our clan is named Dupped, for reasons which are hard to explain on here lol but will gladly tell you when playing ;-) leave a comment below and add me on psn

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    Insane 20.

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  • 01/07/15--05:43: Re: great update
  • well said

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    Just so I understand you perfectly clear, you are complaining about spawn killing while telling us that you spawn trap/kill?

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    OK it will 5pm here CST I'll be waiting to see your friends request. Hope you don't have a panic attack and not do it.

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    Hi i have a iphone  with ios operatings System, but get an HTC M 8 tomorrow with android operating System.

    how can i Call of Duty Heroes now continue playing on android.


    Activision ca i create ma new acc. with the same unity gradually , base Level, etc.


    or is that Login on android in my acc. possible.???



    Betriebssystem wechsel ios zu android

    Hallo  ich habe ein iphone  mit ios betriebssystem , kriege aber morgen ein  HTC M 8 mit android Betriebssystem.

    wie kann ich Call of Duty Heroes jetzt weiterspielen auf android.

    kann Activision mir einen neuen acc erstellen mit den gleichen einheiten stufen , Basis stufe  etc.

    oder ist das einloggen auch über android in meinen acc möglich????

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  • 01/07/15--05:47: Re: great update
  • No to say halo 5 is looking pretty dang awesome, but we will see in the next few months, hard to trust all this companies after what I heard of the Master chief collection well shall see lol

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    I'm on my iPad and when I try and do the human verification it won't let me click verify even though I entered the numbers.

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