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    Due to the fact that this **** always use the bd drive, i have stuttering problems and my bd drive will not live a lot.....

    From my side is the last game from activision, especially COD.... 860X600 of resolution with textures in low res !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stuttering problems (and it's not my connection)

    Do an option to install this "GAME" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I off course talking about  COD GHOST

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    Hi, i been trying to make an emblem with the app, First i tought that i was going to be able to see the emblems made in app from the game and use them in the calling cards. But a i couldent figure it out. Now i have an emblem made in game but i don't see a way to use this in the app for the clan wars.


    Does anybody know if this is possible to do? or it is not meant to be this way?

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  • 01/05/15--04:53: Re: Scorestreaks Hacker?!
  • Although it is harsh. You simply got beat. Keep playing and you will get better    

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    Get out more.

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    I will add you, I love playing MW3 and would like to play AW but my friends are not on all the time, I like having fun and leveling up.  I am new and a beginner though

                        JohnRavenwolf is my PSN name

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    I used to like Black Ops 2, but now I can't stand it. Same weapons, perks, equipment used. I like Turbine, thats about it for maps. I'm coming to like Ghosts more just because its playable to me.

    I would like large maps that allowed players to fulfil the Overwatch role, that allows players to be able to see over teammates and objectives. I liked Derail from MW2. Large maps would be appreciated by the "Stealth" community, allowing them to sneak into enemy territory (objectives like CTF), and allow the thrill of planning an infiltration to take the enemy by surprise.

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    Hey, just started playing on COD4 MW and played a round on xboxlive now it says i have -2.1billion exp?!?!

    istead of ranking up after a supremly bad round. HELP cant find any way to reset exp stats or how to fix it!! so Activition og community please help!

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    Actually in Coc you can change name on request to support team but here i dont know what to do

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  • 01/06/15--05:06: Re: Lag Compensation
  • which ports should I open on advanced warfare call of duty?

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    tell your friends to try and get their points accoss without malice, that is the first step in changing this place. until then game on

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    Keep on flamin good buddy.

    1. I have no issue with the word shill. Unless its not being used correctly. Not sure where you get your info.

    2. The participation trophy generation has been used by me for quite a few years now. It was not pointed at anyone directly. Sorry if you took offense.

    3. You might not find everyone so toxic if you didn't go around looking for arguments. Granted there are one or two (that shark guy comes to mind) that are pretty abrasive. And at times after having to repeat myself numerous times I get a little testy as well.

    Anywho, tldr

    It's prolly best not to throw stones in a glass house.

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    i will but i dont know how to post a picture from my screenshots on my ipad , any tips

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  • 01/06/15--05:10: Re: Looking for a PS4 clan
  • Look us up on the app at PLATINUM-GAMING


    Or send me a friend request on PSN at PLATLNUM_gaming


    Be glad to have you.

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    Def Tryearch's new COD title. That's the one I'm waiting on the most.


    I kind of want to check out The Witcher 3 as well.

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    People like roja, shark, and bubba are why we can't have those nice things anymore.

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    Mohammad_Rojaha wrote:


    another one bites the dust, its for the best. one less person to join in on the group flaming which seems to be the new flavor around here. like i said u are the reason the forum is like this

    says the "new guy" who suddenly appeared joining in every argument agreeing with the trolling incitement club...


    yet you actually have the chutzpah to reply to this thread doing EXACTLY what you claimed others do.

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    you support genocide, dont even try to lecture me on goodwill you sick person

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    g r fg fg fg fg

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    i agree shark and bubba but i dont see how im a problem. gotsome is worse in his presentation of his posts

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