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    Daily Bump

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  • 01/03/15--04:05: Re: So Sledge.....
  • tryintohelp wrote:


    no there are more problems.

    I'm glad you cleared that up.

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    Hey I'm interested in joining have a kdr of 1.31 and will get to 1.50 as I am only level 30 now and only just bought the game yesterday. my name is strapizzle in game

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    Another thread created by mako!

    where he looks for reasons to pick on people that aren't good at the game or don't enjoy it.

    Its so sad that you have started a thread for people to complain and your just gonna come back with rubbish and insult them. You truly are a troll and a joke.

    time to move on I think. Jokes over.


    Makotroll222 Vote to remove from forums??

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  • 01/03/15--04:21: Re: Over 30
  • my GT : cvo31

    Any time you feel like playing just add me in. I am active every day. That goes for anyone else too. Its better to play with mature people than having some kids screaming on the head sets.

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  • 01/03/15--04:22: Re: Xbox One Ghosts not bad
  • Whats this post all about?

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  • 01/03/15--04:23: Re: Over 30
  • I hope that you don't mind if i add you to play some times.

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  • 01/03/15--04:27: Re: Over 30
  • I hope that you don't mind me adding you to play some time. I play a lot Team Death Math

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    So I was perusing through the leader boards on AW (PS4) when I noticed that there was around 4.2 million unique gamer-tags listed. Now if we take into account that say 5% (being generous) have more than one account that would bring AW copies to about 4 million, not to bad actually.......Does not explain why, this morning, I could not find one single game of Classic Kill Confirmed for 30 mins.

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  • 01/04/15--04:15: Re: My console was banned?!
  • i dont cheat...i think thats a way for shittty ppl to take the fun out of a game and im not one of those types of ppl, but update I did leave the consoles sit for a min and tried to get on before I went to bed and low and behold it let me on so I have no idea why that message popped up but Im sure you can imagine my concern.

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    It's almost no way to play actually, EM1 is everywhere. Even most of high prestige players use it now.. pfff.


    It's a sad a joke, this weapon is unbeatable in most of objectives mods like domination or hardpoints when there is 5 laser firing like a turret on your face at any range without to aim or reload.

    I just played a game where i get killed several times across map by multiple laser beams. Watched killcams and dudes made kills across map without to ADS.. How  it's possible with any other weapon in the whole COD franchise ?!



    I suggest devs to play a game in moshpit/domi/hardpoint and tell us if their game is balanced on PC,  instead of show at parties on their FB page..


    EM1 buff totally ruined the game experience that was already poor because of lags, bugs, sound bug with SAC, fail to load a maps, laggy maps, fail to retrieve your profile online..etc...


    I'm close to uninstall as 80% of lobbies are full EM1 sprayers nowadays.. plus other issues haven't been fixed 2 months after the release..


    Seriously good job SledgeHammer. I will never ever buy any other of your games.

    Shame on you ..

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    anybody want have a game of origins on xbox 360?

    do the ee and get some high rounds?

    must have mic and done ee at least 2 times.


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  • 01/04/15--04:18: Re: Just For Fun
  • If anyone tries these let us know what you're easiest and hardest were.

    I have yet to do Game #4 + Game #5 due to losing my internet and haven't asked if anyone wishes to try them, but of the 3 games I did have, I thought Game #2 was the easiest (tank + feral).



    Even though you have the fast reload in Game #1, you also have the regular ammo, which I dislike very much and think is weak, so killing stuff was horrible.

    and Game #3 with Engineer + trinity Rockets was bad too. We kept being idiot and going onto our rockets. We played quite recklessly with this setup, I think mainly due to us having Body Armour.


    If (or when) I do the other 2 games, I thinkGame #4 will be the easiest overall - medic + boosters + sentries... yes please.



    We did it all on POC by the way, if you get really bored, do them on different maps. I'd personally love to do ALL setups on ALL maps.

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  • 01/04/15--04:19: Re: For IMR users...
  • Yeah I should have guessed the stat bars were lying when they said it doesn't lose range. I guess I can't really be disappointed as it was expected

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    You need to be max prestige EVERYBODY

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  • 01/04/15--04:33: Re: Exo Suits a huge fail?
  • I agree with you 100%.... but, my idea would be to make the Exo movement ( flying ) similar to the some of the Exo abilities perks... only active for a short burst of time, maybe 3 to 4 seconds then unavailable ( or recharging ) for a minute or so.  Of course that can't be done now, but maybe if the Exo abilities are going to show up in future CODs that might be the way to go.


    But, you know this was discussed before in this forum and some people actually prefer the total chaos game play....I prefer tactics over chaos, and always voted against the Nuketown type maps and liked Ghosts better than AW...but I think I am in the minority in the COD community on this.

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    Hi rounds sounds good.  Sent you a message on Xbox.

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  • 01/04/15--04:36: need people to play with :3
  • hey I'm a girl who would really like to have some people to play with on cod aw,  I'm no pro haha but I'm getting better :3

    so yeah my gamertag is: starryeyes25

    add me c:

    oh I forgot to add that i have a headset aswell aha :3

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  • 01/04/15--04:40: STILL no UPDATE??
  • I've been waiting for the ASM1 nerf since they buffed it?? WTF is sledgehammer doing?? They are too rookie whoever decided that they should make this cod needs to stop at life.

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