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    I have only seen this once and I play alot. People who do it are most likely whiners/crybabies who sux at the game and/or don't like it.  If it was the same persons doing it over and over again they need to see a shrink as there is a mental problem lurking inside their brain.

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    What does that have to do with SBMM???


    I see what you are saying, but unless I am misinterpreting, one has nothing to do with the other.  If you are put into a weight class with other people who can bench 350, and you DECIDE to bench with one arm, no system in the world is going to AUTOMATICALLY account for the choice you made.


    If after a few tries (and fails) then the system could potentially drop you to another class. But poo on you if you decide to bench with two arms again.


    Am I misunderstanding?

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    Ok, I just logged on to send you an invite

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    i understand how u feel bro. u know all you have to do is set your roster size before the war to save you some grief. not everyone likes clan wars.

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    Hi guys just wanted to say that clansolow is recruiting for AW. We would like to add our numbers up so we have more online.

    In ghosts we won or came second in all wars. So we know how this clan wars work.

    We allow anyone to join this clan we do have females and 20+age. If interested message me on xbox gt xXCh3wItsXx or twitter xXCh3wItsXx and I can help in recruiting you or u can sign up to our site www.clansolow.com (abit out of date) the site will be updated very soon.

    Hope to see new faces soon

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    The reason you rarely see it mako is because people have already reverse boosted to get in lobbies against people with below 1kd players.._like you

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    Oh I know, but the problem is we add people, and then they never even log onto AW again after that. It's just dead weight.


    I'd rather have a group that is on, active, and plays. If they don't like wars, they don't have to join. I'm not even one of those people that gets angry during wars and yells at everyone for not playing....I ask an hour...a couple games....SOMETHING. In the past wars literally nobody but my core 4 have been online at all or trying.

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    I also have a mic

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    When it works the game is quite fun...


    I always find that comment funny.  When is the game working? When you do well? When there are no WTF moments? etc...


    I would agree.. accept: When the game is working for me, do I poll the people in the lobby (on the other team) and get information from them to see if the game was "working" for them?


    It is one thing when everyone in the lobby seems to be getting rewarded for the efforts they are putting in; but for you to do bad, someone had to do good.  I am sure that if I had a crappy game full of WTF moments and I see someone on the other team go beast mode, I am betting they are thinking "Wow, the game worked that session"


    I think not.

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  • 01/03/15--03:32: Re: DLC NOT WORKING
  • Did you enter the code that came with your day zero disc? Needs to be entered in the xbox/playstation store redeem codes section first.

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  • 01/03/15--03:36: SOW Recruiting 16+
  • SOW Are a clan that has been running for 5 years now we have won 2 championship badges on Black Ops 2 and we came 19th in the world for diamond division on Ghost's , We have a mature leadership and we are constantly wanting to expand so if anyone is wanting to join message me on XBL SOW Paradox.Advanced Warfare Clan Recruitment

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    What your are talking about is just lag comp effect. If you die thru walls half a second after to cover, it's not aimbot or wallhack or whatever. Perhaps you experience a huge lag comp as I often experience self. Sometime you have the feeling that enemies are too fast to be human, but it's just that the server/host apply more lag comp (latency) to you, giving an advantage advance/reaction time to enemies over you. So, they see you before you see them and you have few chances to win a gunfight in these conditions.


    But please, don't say that every other players are cheating. It's totally wrong. I self reported perhaps 20 hackers since the launch and played over 180hours.


    Also, in this game, there is no way to hide because of (modified)UAV, exo-ping, threat grenade and so on..

    Also on mini-map, it shows your exo-moves unless you wear Blast supressor perk.

    And the worst is even while playing with a suppressor, an enemy with parabolic microphone attachment can see you on mini-map when firing..


    A solution could be to play in HardCore, but as it takes ages to respawn when killed in HC, almost everybody camp..making the game so crap to play...(but it's offtopic...)


    So, there is no way but to adapt your gameplay to the game . With a bit of practise, you can enjoy it, even if you'll probably rage a lot because of bad netcode.

    Anyway blame SledgeHammer for that broken stuff, not the players..



    Even I suspect some players I met to intentionally nerf their connections to take advantage of the lag comp by using a network "stresser" (lag switch), or limit their bandwidth using QOS if their modem/router allow it.

    Or some other LAME manipulations, like download torrents and/or launch multiple YT video streams while playing to make them laggin in game and harder to hit.


    But definitively not thousands of cheaters as you claim in any of your post on this forum.

    Happy new year anyway..

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  • 01/03/15--03:40: PS3 looking for clan
  • Hey everyone. Ive always played alone but now I want a small group of friends to play with. I am a good player but more importantly a fun guy so if you want some good mood while playing im your guy. I have a mic  and a decent Internet.  No massive clans pls. Just small groups or even clans that are starting out. I dont mind if you are the best or not just be active. No troll clans. Friendly people only. Sorry for my rant. My tag is Adhikarus

    message me on ps pls

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  • 01/03/15--03:47: Re: This Game is Frustrating
  • You just wake up bright and early to troll don't you? smh

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    Im not banned from the PSN if that is what u mean. I dunno if I got banned from other CoD games, as Ghosts is the only one I possess.

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    Hey !


    You were totally right.

    This was in my mp_config.cfg

    seta r_videoMemoryScale "0.7"

    Switched to "1" and now I can see 100% of it ! Thanks !


    For some reason the game worked perfectly fine yesterday, and I was even able to play on Recovery with map pre-loading on...

    I don't know what happened inbetween but yeah I don't know how long it will last.


    I already tried verifying integrity of game cache it did not solve the issue.



    But thanks again for your help, let's see how this goes with time !

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  • 01/03/15--04:01: Exodus Solo Fail
  • So I'm playing a solo game on Exodus and I'm killing it (for me at least). Almost perfect generator protection, challenges are all falling into place etc... I get to the last door after doing all 6 generators and decide to grab a second gun in case I get the circle challenge because while the bulldog is a beast you're not shooting gargoyles out of the sky with one most of the time. I cross spawn to the office, grab an ark I left behind and when I get back I can't open the door!


    Apparently to fix the quick ending trick/glitch where you could open the side door after activating the Medusa they made it so once the ending scene starts with Cross talking now no more doors can be opened at all. I accidently triggered it crossing the spawn area. No way in hell I was touching my previous mark leaving that much score on the table so I just ended the game, about threw my controller through the god**** TV when I realized what I'd done.

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  • 01/03/15--04:01: Re: My expired season pass
  • Hi I was given the CoD Ghosts hardened edition as a gift for Christmas, but I only received it yesterday.  The season pass coupon in the package stated that it expired on the 31st December 2014.  This is very disappointing so I wondered how I can access the advanced features ?

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