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    FlawlessVictory is a clan that has been active since 2011 under various names. We have currently over 90 members, clan level 15 and feel that we have retained a close group of skilled members that has allowed us to continue to progress as a clan. This reflects our past achievements across all previous Call of Duty games, including an undefeated 30-0 Clan war record and also a peak ranking of #10 over a few weeks in MW3. We have an extremely friendly community and environment but also have a competitive edge in our game style.


    If you would like to apply please make sure you meet the following requirements:

    - Active member

    - 1.2+Kd Ratio

    - Working microphone


    Please message DEFECTX9 or BLUEv9 if you would like to join, or apply to xFlawlessVictory on the advanced warfare app.

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    Space_Wolves have merged with Them Bad Kids [TBK].  The name of the clan is Them Bad Kids.  We still believe in the things said in my original post and first reply to it.  Our clan is made up of some from the USA and some from New Zealand.  If you are looking for a clan, feel free to join.

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    Hello,If your playing AW and you are on ps3 well jump right ahead


    • need to be a active player,I will kick people every week if there are not active
    • prior notice has to be given if the player cannot participate on clan wars
    • no hate,abusive languvage we need to be in UNITE
    • must wear the clan tags when playing games


    Add ModithaGamers (psn) on the ps3 with a message twilling clan,will accept anyone

    Merry Xmas and have a nice day

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    Greetings, your friendly neighborhood clan leader SoK SYLV30N here just throwing out that SoK aka the Shoot out Kings are recruiting. We are a clan that has been around with 2008 with a member base of members who are new and old. We have a website but will discuss that more if you are interested in joining. We do have a few rules though ( nothing harsh.):


    1: No disrespect to fellow members.

    2: Where clan tag at all times.

    3: Follow orders given to you by your squad leader.

    4: Participate as much as possible with the clan.


    We have other things to put here but for now this is the start, if interested in joining please contact SoK SYLV30N on xbox 360 for more info. ( That is thirty in the name.)



    SoK SYLV30N Founder of the shoot out kings, head of the royal court.

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    I have no idea what you just said.

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  • 12/17/14--20:52: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • @Jad: Did you read the Hunger Games books before seeing the movies, Jad?  I feel like I remember you talking about having read them a long time ago.  I read all the books and liked them, but I've only watched the first movie so far and wasn't really a fan.  I feel like part of the problem was that nothing was gonna surprise me because I already knew generally what would happen from reading the books.  Or do the movies just get better after the first one?


    If Whedon can't keep doing the Avengers movies, then the Russos are probably the best choice.  They made what I consider one of the best Marvel movies and have already started to get used to having more than one hero in their movies, and it sounds like Cap 3 will have an even bigger cast.  That should mean they're prepared to handle having tons of Avengers all in one movie (or 2, in this case!). 


    @Hawk: Yeah, I wouldn't really trust any big organization in the Mass Effect universe with that kinda stuff.  The Council is full of bickering politicians, and Cerberus is obviously tough to trust with The Illusive Man's methods.  Hackett is good people with the Alliance, I guess, but they'd pretty much have to turn anything over to the Council if they want to stay in their good graces.  Not to mention the threat of indoctrination from keeping any Reaper tech around.  Haha, I'm shocked that you played them like Clint and Bobbi!  Did you actually name them Clint and Bobbi, too?  Yeah, I read about one of the writers (Patrick Weekes, who actually did the interview I was talking about too, and he was the writer of most of the Tuchanka stuff, so he does good work) who said that Casey Hudson and the lead writer were the only ones to do any work on the ending of ME3.  They completely kept the other writers in the dark supposedly and didn't take any feedback or criticism on it.  I'd say that ending could've used some criticism.  It got plenty after it released, after all.  The plan for the ending also got pretty messed up after Drew Karyphyn, the old head writer in ME1, left to work on The Old Republic.  He probably would've put a stop to any shenanigans.  He wrote KOTOR and some really good Star Wars books too, so he's a good writer.  Speaking of DA3, I'm actually looking at playing the DA games eventually.  It'd probably be a bit after Christmas that I get around to them, since I bet I'll get a few cool new games to play for Christmas, but the DA games do look pretty cool. 


    Yeah, it's almost like the Sony executives don't know what a good movie is.  With the Fox X-Men movies, I've given up on them being anything like the comics and just hope they put out a movie that's fun to watch, if not anything groundbreaking.  I don't have high expectations for them like I do for Marvel movies.  I'm excited to see a more comic-like Pietro in AoU, but the DoFP version was fun, even though he really was a totally different character.  I feel like Sony follows source material closer, though, even if they're not as close to it as Marvel.  Andrew Garfield's Spidey feels like he's taken right from the Ultimate Spidey comics most of the time, except for the fact that they try to jam so much stuff in that you lose cool details like him going to school and working at the Bugle.  I feel like we do get plenty of conflict between his regular life and superhero life, but there's just not enough space to flesh it all out because they try to jam 3 villains in a movie for no reason.  Instead of seeing him showing up late to class or getting yelled at by Jameson, we just get a few arguments between him and Aunt May and stuff like that.  There was some really well done stuff about how he was worried Gwen would be put in danger because of him being Spider-Man, since her father (Captain Stacy, a policeman) got killed in the first movie by the Lizard.  Really, I'd say the romance stuff between Peter and Gwen was some of the most well-done stuff in the movies, since they just nailed the casting with both characters.  Honestly, Peter's attempts at romance are actually a pretty important part of the character with him never being able to be there for anyone the way he wants to because he's always busy being Spidey, so I don't think it's something that needs to be cut out of the movies.  They really should just cut down the action and the amount of villains they cram into movies.  It feels like they were trying way too hard to build something as big as the Avengers by setting up the Sinister Six movie and stuff like that for no real reason.  They need to just take it one movie at a time instead. 

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    Looking for a few people to help win clan wars with. I've downsized the clan for certain reasons but I'm looking to build it back up. Looking for around 10 people. So if you know anyone looking for a clan as well bring them along. Message me on xbox.


    XBox360 gt: KindaNerdy

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  • 12/17/14--20:56: Hit Detection still not Fix
  • I just finished a Ground War Match with the HBRa3 and at the end of the game i saw an enemy shot him literately counted the 6 shots in the Leg and didn't give me the Kill Im running on a clean connection so you can't lie on that telling me it's my connection.


    Here's my Multiplayer Network Connections


    Download Speed                                           Latency

    30.51 Mbps                                                  63


    Upload Speed                                               Nat Type

    11.78 Mbps                                                   Open


    Packet Loss                                                Detailed NAT information                                                

    0%                                                              Your network is behind a cone NAT





    So there's no Point for me to get that high of Hit Markers going on 6 shots in the leg and not dieing over a HBRa3


    Please Fix your Hit Detection I know a lot of other people are having a similar problem like this

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    Danomyles wrote:


    Rojaha and Izjar both of you are idiotic. Completely off topic and uncalled for, reporting you both. Take your immature crap to private chat and leave the rest of us alone.

    How exactly is THIS "on topic". I suppose that means I should report you. Then report myself. Then report myself reporting you.

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    hey mate i put up a post earlier regarding more people to join our clan DOG TAG CLAIM3RS which is a new clan, currently have 8 and again looking for more people that actually want to play, we play for fun, nothing serious and KD doesnt matter.

    My PSN: Holty21 If interested, if not good luck mate on your search!

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    Oh and for the PS4 bud

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    added you mate

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    ok ill send invite for clan

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  • 12/19/14--00:39: Re: graphic glitch
  • I deleted the game and redownloaded it didnt work

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    whats up people. I'm lookin for a clan to play with. Im an experienced CoD player. Im comfortable with all game modes. Im a little rusty but I've gotten most of the feels back. If you're willing to give me chance in your clan add me.


    PSN: DopeNaps

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    We are looking for new (dutch) members!

    Dutch speaking only!!!


    We are Fun Playing clan and like to win some wars !

    Clan Level 19.

    First clan war won!

    Clantag: DKMH


    Contact in-game for recruiting: The_DreamTeam_NL

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    We are *UwS  United We Stand, We are a Competitive Gaming Clan For

    Advanced Warfare, Ghosts , Bo2 , MW3, MW2 

    We are Looking for Active Clan Members to Join us !!  There are no requirements just be active during

    clan wars and party up with other members ... KD is not  a issue if your a Good  Cod Player that can play

    the Objective....

    "We took the first clan wars 1'st in gold and now we are 1'st in platinum "



    Members  63

    Division  Platinum

    Clan Level 16

    Clan KD 1.13


    If your interested in joining send a Message to one of these 3 People Below

    and they will add you ASAP



                       AimzRemix   ◉◉    X-GOONSQUAD-X  ◉◉   BUZZZKILLINGTIN

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  • 12/19/14--00:59: Re: next gen treyarch
  • Have you got both ? If so which console plays aw better ps4 or xbone ? I've read a lot of posts from ps4 players saying they seem to have got the short end of the straw with aw . I'd have thought they would be the same ? What you reckon fella ?

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