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  • 12/15/14--16:51: Looking for clan members!
  • hey all,


    Onze clan TroublemakerzBelgium is op zoek naar een aantal spelers om mee te spelen met ons op "Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare".


    Er zijn maar een paar 'vereisten'


    - Leeftijd is niet belangrijk zolang je het maar serieus neemt.

    - Het gaat uiteindelijk nog om de fun maar teamwork is belangrijk & de winst.

    - Een mic is natuurlijk een logische vereiste.

    - Graag ook spelers met een K/D van +1.20.


    Interesse? Voeg me dan zeker snel

    toe @ Yung Capp

    NIet vergeten dat wij enkel op de xbox360 spelen!




    Our clan TroublemakerzBelgium are looking for some players to play with us on" Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare " .


    There are only a few ' requirements '


    - Age is not important as long as you take it seriously.

    - it remains a game we play to have fun but we also want to win every game !

    - A mic is obviously a logical requirement.

    - also players with a K / D of +1.20 .



    Add @ Yung Capp

    Remember that we only play on the Xbox 360 !


    See you soon !



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  • 12/15/14--17:20: Re: Looking to join a clan
  • k good luck

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  • 12/15/14--17:20: Re: full auto attachment
  • No, I think they just need to make the Semis more viable options. Adding that attachment just dumbs them down.

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    I wonder how many more times this ^ needs to be repeated before it sinks in. Sigh

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  • 12/15/14--17:21: Re: full auto attachment
  • Don't you just weep at how the mighty Mk14 has fallen?

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    Yeah Defender and Detroit are terrible for out-of-map glitches.

    We have a Clan member who loves to do it in private match QS lobbies, I keep shooting him when he tries to get into the wall

    He also does it in pub lobbies so I reported him after yelling at him time and time again, IDC if he is a mate it puts a stain on our name and annoys the crap out of me.

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    REAPERS CREED on xbox 1 is looking for new clan members, must be active 18+  second place in the last clan wars, could have ben first but some decided to leave during first war, so seeking active players to join.  no matter what your skill level or where in the world you live we want you.  Clan is nearly lvl 13 a couple of us are very active.  Im based in Perth Western Australia but have a second in command in  UK so we are spread out for everyone.


    Next War Seattle Starts Wednesday 12PM Pst so roster lock will occur shortly if you don't apply now!


    message me on my GT: X AJ 1988 X

    or reply to this  or apply via the app  like I said all are welcome as long as you are active and 18+


    Message was edited by: AJ_COD88

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    currently recruiting for rush elite before roster locks. Looking for mature player 18+ perferrably. mics would be nice but not necassary. Just be a descent active player. If you are no longer active you will be kicked. We would like to play as a whole team but schedule is sometimes hard to get around, so just play when you can. HMU here the app or on XBL IxXZJCXxI

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  • 12/16/14--17:59: Re: LISTEN TO US!
  • Like shadow said "You can't call foul on a community you are a part of." So basically your saying that you suck bs.

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  • 12/16/14--18:00: Re: KF5 Breakneck
  • Weapon ranks denote the number of modifiers typically attached to them (with a few exceptions).


    Enlisted: 1 buff, 1 nerf

    Professional: 2 buffs, 2 nerfs (One weapon variant I have has 2 buffs, 1 nerf)

    Elite: 3 buffs, 3 nerfs


    Gear being denoted as a certain "type" of gear has no real degree of amazingness directly attached to the type.  Most of the time, I find myself using Enlisted or Professional gear as the weapon buffs are nicer for my playstyle.



    As for the weapon stats stuff, I honestly wouldn't put too much thought into it.  If the difference were large and noticeable, then I could see the point.  However, from the stats you list, it appears as if the difference in TTK without frame rounding is in the range of milliseconds, and not at all anything to be too worried about.

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    Don't let the door hit ya on the way out

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    Simple the system is a joke overall.


    People can join friends who are good or vice versa. People can have bad games (overall stats matter not just a few games) & people lag a lot due to SBMM/poor MM. This game is a joke of a twitch shooter as it's so connection based.


    I'm at a point i don't want to discuss with the trolls as they add nothing, absolutely nothing at all, as a from master at it, they just make me laugh.

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    Koozee wrote:


    The multiplayer aspect of this game is basically unplayable for me. What is occurring on my screen is not what is actually happening in real time.

    One main reason is the server tick rates are set too low for a game running at 60fps with all the movement AW has on screen at any one time.


    This is part of the underlying reason nothing you see on screen is actually happening as it should... Because the game can only process (and send) 1/3rd of the data in total. So, of course, it's not going to be accurate about who wins, or loses a gunfight when half of that data is not even present to interpolate the outcomes.


    The second part is the SBMM... not matter how strong or weak... That is matching players up based mostly on stats instead of ping. That's adding increased lag (all online games have lag) to the already inefficient server tick and we get a messed up game where skill is irrelevant. It's all about connection and who wins the lag lottery

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    The Combat Readiness Program option in the initial multiplayer menu does not count towards stats as far as I know.  It just pops you into a sort of exhibition match.

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    * Add customization to hardcore - I agree with but not overly bothered. Hardcore seems to run that bit smoother than core lack of customizations could be helping with this! Possibly change the base uniform colours (purple one team, green the other)

    * Reduce health in hardcore - Seems fine the way it is

    * Headshots should kill in hardcore, not hurt - Depends on the gun. distance

    * Team kills should not add a death to your score - they should its just a bit crap

    * Score streak team kills should not kick player (bombing run) - Should go back to the time out

    * Nerf Flak Jacket in hardcore,  should only absorb 1 explosion,  not 2 sometimes 3 - Completely disagree, its wortless and with the amount of people that tube in hardcore is almost a must if you want to capture a point!

    * Add scoreboard to HUD. - Irrelevant

    * Split the wave spawn delay in hardcore TDM (7.5 secs apart)  so that both teams don't respawn together. Which leads to spawning directly behind enemy. - What difference does it make so many people spawn and sit in a corner for 5 minutes it really is pointless. I think the timer should be removed or a maximum 2.5 seconds

    * Add classic (no exo) hardcore game modes. - Could be interesting

    * Add Atlas gorge map to rotation with first dlc pack and all existing maps for hardcore.

    *Add hardcore FFA and Uplink. - What about Capture the flag, Hardpoint, Infected, every other game type. Surely if there are only 4 lists available then a couple that are moshpit would be ideal? Keep TDM as its the most popular (Why I have no idea) but split all of the game types into a couple of playlists, then Groundwar could be added as well

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    Yeah, every cod has some overpowered weapon. The most overpowered is always the knife. You can stab someone in the leg once and that is a kill, but shoot them in the leg with a sniper rifle and it is just a hit marker. Also i feel the exo jumping should have a power meter that has to recharge after a jump so people arent just continually popcorning all over continually to out jump enemies instead of out gunning them.

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    I like this game but i keep freezing and i have paint ball mode off. the new update didn't do anything why didn't they fix this is so annoying was this a fake update fu*k

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    Scoreboard to the HUD is not irrelevant.


    We shouldn't have to bring up the player list and block the whole screen just to see what the score is at.


    In KC, that's how I know to go extra tag beast or not, depending on how close the score is.

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