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    Hello Sharirill


    Thanks for contacting us! Unfortunately your Samaung Tab is not a compatible device. Here's a list of compatible devices - Skylanders Tablet Mobile Games and Apps


    Thanks again!


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  • 12/14/14--16:12: Thoughts on map remakes?
  • Visually I think they suck. Atlas gorge is alright but some of the maps in Ghosts were abominations. The shipment remake for example looked like total crap. In fact, all of them except favela did. Am I the only one who would just prefer the original maps rather than the redone versions?

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    You should also add a comment section for each gun if required such as the MK14 Eagle Eye which automatically comes with Quick Draw attachment equipped and has a -3 Magazine count.


    Also there's one Weapon Icon Stats that I couldn't figure out what it really does, it looks like the Fire Rate Icon except it has a circle around it. I'm not sure if that's meant for reload speed.


    EPM3 - Parsec

    Damage     10

    Accuracy    11

    Fire Rate    10

    Range        17+3

    Handling     4

    Mobility       8

    Comments: No Underbarrel attachments, without foregrip and heatsink this weapon is almost useless.


    Atlas 20mm - Virtuosity

    Damage     16-3

    Accuracy    12

    Fire Rate    3

    Range        15

    Handling     5+3

    Mobility       6


    Atlas 20mm - Snapper

    Damage     19

    Accuracy    12-3

    Fire Rate    3+2

    Range        15

    Handling     5

    Mobility        6

    Comments: Magazine 4+1


    IMR - Boar Strike

    Damage     14+1

    Accuracy    9-7

    Fire Rate    8-1

    Range        11+2

    Handling     9

    Mobility       11


    IMR - Thunder Tusk

    Damage     14

    Accuracy    9+3

    Fire Rate    9

    Range        9

    Handling    9-1

    Mobility      10

    Comments: Magazine 36-8


    PDW - Crusher

    Damage     6-2

    Accuracy    6

    Fire Rate    12+2

    Range        5

    Handling    8-1

    Mobility      12


    XMG - Bacon and Eggs

    Damage     12+3

    Accuracy    5-3

    Fire Rate    14

    Range        14

    Handling     5

    Mobility       7

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    we are looking for active members on Xbox one. Clan wars starts in a couple of days and we're trying to find a couple of more active members for clan wars. We always have fun and win. If interested message me turbidcoast484

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    Btw, after my last post I found a reddit page which pretty has all the Elite Weapons and it's stats listed.


    http://www.reddit.com/r/CodAW/comments/2lnhjh/list_of_all_elite_weapon_variants_ in_progress/

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  • 12/14/14--16:22: Re: problem
  • try and verify integrity of game cache.steam,games,AW,proprieties,local files....hope this works

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    Greetings titi5101


    Thanks for contacting us regarding your Samsung Tab. Please keep in mind that I can only provide support in English. unfortunately, you're device does not support this app. Here is a list of compatible devices: Skylanders Tablet Mobile Games and Apps


    Thanks again!



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    You really don't seem to understand people you seem to be causing more trouble than what is really necessary and telling someone to the the hell the hell up is rude. Many fans of the series who don't own the dark edition of Skylanders: Trap Team are having the most trouble with finding the Kaos Trap and those selling it on Ebay are GameStop Employees who have connections to other Sale Associates in other retailers who carry Skylanders. I strongly suggest that you be a little bit more respectful to people weather it is on how they raise their kids or how the wish to bring things up on the internet.

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    So that all you guys got? The fact that we didn't have 6 at the time? HA.

    We already have more than 6 now.


    Even if we didn't, is that not a fixable problem?


    So I guess your done then? No counters? Have fun exiting our lobbies.

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    You can try sending the video to @ATVIAssist on Twitter or ActivisionAssist on Facebook.

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    Noooo! Sorry, I'm just a bit salty after IWs rapid MDLC every map pack. I'll be honest, AW is the first game in a long while that I haven't seen direct MDLC in. MDLC cheapens the experience to that where its a cash grab. Don't go down the dark path SH!

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  • 12/15/14--17:14: Firing Range Records
  • So, Since there's a firing range, why not share your personal records?

    I'll start by sharing my current record.


    I was at firing range #4 using the AE4 with quickdraw grip and heat sink and ended up with the time of 37.0 seconds.

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    The counter against feeble teams like this is to take the lead early, then use your own tactic against you.


    It's hilarious to watch players like this scramble when they have to move out of their precious corners.

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    I'm definitely down.

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    eu tambem quero saber por que eu fui banido, eu não fiz nada, e seu time de funcionarios tambem pode errar ok, só me diga o que eu fiz de errado , ai sim eu ficarei tranquilo pq até onde eu sei eu não fiz nada

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  • 12/15/14--17:18: Re: full auto attachment
  • Well the fully auto attachment usually nerfs the weapon in some way or another to counter it. The burst and semi weapons in this game are DREADFUL, so that would probably make them literally unusable.


    Same goes for pistols. They're balanced around the fact that they're just secondaries, so they'd take hits in whatever areas they're already decent in (if at all...for example, the MP443 Grach has no strengths).

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  • 12/15/14--17:06: constraint account COD AW
  • Since Friday i am not able to choose an Emblem and viewing my Clan stats on XBox One. There appears always the note "due to restricted account this Option is not available". The German Activision Support could't help me. Is there any solution for this problem? With the Android COD AW App i can see my clan and although design emblems. Thanks for the help, kind regards Stefan


    Seit Freitag kann ich keine Embleme mehr erstellen und nicht mehr im die Clanoptionen auf meiner XBox One gehen. Es erscheint die Meldung " Aufgrund von Konto-Einschränkungen können Sie dieses Feature nicht nutzen". Mit der Android COD AW APP kann ich jedoch auf alles zugreifen. Gibt es eine Lösung für dieses Problem? Danke und freundliche Grüße Stefan

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    no no news yet still having the same issues so might as well say the app is officially dead

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