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  • 12/03/14--20:45: Re: FIX THE SPAWNS
  • I can't speak for everybody but I only occasionally have spawn issues.  I'll find myself occasionally yelling at the TV "Great spawn!" but that is pretty rare. 


    I imagine this game will be the most difficult to perfect the spawns on.  Unlike previous COD titles, this one has exo boosting.  Such quick and unpredictable movements will lead to incorrect safe zones for spawning.  That said I cannot excuse spawning someone right next to the enemy.  Add to that the rushing nature of the game and you have constant spawn flipping which creates the dreaded "killed from behind".


    Best of luck to you.



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    Honestly, I don't know why they even put this game out for PS3. I bought it for ps3, but have recently bought a PS4 and switched over. It's a DIFFERENT GAME on ps4. Plain and simple. They shouldn't have put it out on ps3 because they DON'T CARE about last gen systems anymore, and clearly aren't going to go out of their way to make the game great for it. My advice....save up and buy a ps4.

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    I'll add you whenever I get home. You can add me first though, if you're already near your PS4.


    PSN: Losity

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  • 12/03/14--20:49: Re: Hardcore Domination Clan
  • Hmmmm. Ok, I'm off for the night, but tomorrow I'll send you a friend request, and if you're still looking for a clan by then I'll invite you to that as well.

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  • 12/03/14--20:50: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • @Iron: So, what did you think of the big Arrow/Flash crossover?  It was super fun seeing how different the two of them are, with Ollie constantly just shaking his head at Barry and his team naming their colorful villains, not to mention the "Arrow Cave" jokes.  And that fight between them?  Awesome, and I was totally hoping Ollie would win.  I know they tried to say it was a draw, but Ollie totally did what he was trying to do by getting a solid hold on Barry and being able to use those lights to cure him, so I'd call that a win.  Of course, then Barry came into the Arrow episode and pretty much taught Ollie some things about being a superhero too, so it was cool to see it work both ways.  They're total opposites, and they were able to learn from each other, and it really turned out cool.  Not to mention how crazy Captain Boomerang was in those fight scenes.


    And next week we get Ra's Al Ghul in Arrow and Reverse Flash in Flash?  Gonna be one crazy week.


    @Hawk: Ah, that makes sense.  I did pretty much every quest in the game and was already level 30 when I went to the Reaper IFF, so I just did Legion's loyalty quest, saw the ship get attacked, and then went straight to the Collector Base.  Not much room for the crew to get liquefied in there.


    Yeah, I let Kasumi keep them too.  Either option seemed okay to me, which was pretty cool.  Actually, a lot of the loyalty missions have some nice gray areas in them where none of the options really feel miles better than the others.  Like Legion's mission, where the choice is to either reprogram the Geth or destroy them.  Neither one is exactly ideal, so it was a pretty tough call.  I chose to rewrite them, since I figured that way they would at least have a chance to help out against the Reapers.  Is the Kasumi mission the one with the indoctrinated Hanar?  Because I did that one, and there was some Salarian Spectre who said he got the info from Kasumi before she died. 


    The two things I really don't like are the lack of dialogue choices and the lack of ME2 crew members.  It really makes it tough to feel like your Shepard is unique when half the lines are spoken without any options, you know?  It kinda takes you out of the story.  It's weird that they didn't include a couple of ME2 characters, like you said.  Miranda would make perfect sense to join, since I'm guessing she's usually gonna survive the final mission for most people, as long as they do her loyalty mission, and she needs something to do after quitting Cerberus, and it's not like she'd argue with the chance to fight Cerberus and the Illusive Man after he tries to come after her anyway.  I just met up with her in ME3 on the Citadel, when she's just there to catch up with Shepard and talk about how her sister's missing (I'm assuming there will be a sidequest where you help her save her sister later, which should be super fun), and she basically says all she's been doing is staying on the run from Cerberus and everyone else who hates her anyway.  So it's not like she's on some important mission or anything, and she could easily look for her sister on the Normandy, since she'd have Cerberus off her back there.   I can see not including Samara because of the fact that you have that option to kill her and replace her with Morinth in ME2, but there's still plenty of characters they could've brought back.  I don't see why Thane would be too busy (except he's dead in my game, of course), since he's just a retiring assassin.  And Grunt would always be up for a fight, to give you a Krogan member.  Jack doesn't seem like she'd have any plans, either, though I did just do the quest where you meet her at that biotic school.  That was a pretty cool quest, though I'd be fine with dropping it to get Jack back as a crew member instead.  The crew in ME3 could use more biotics, actually.  Liara's the only one, unless the DLC character is a biotic.  I guess if Kaiden survived ME1 instead of Ashley, he'd probably be there as a biotic, too, but that's still not very many.  Anyway, now I"m just ranting.  Basically, I just want more ME2 characters in the game.  The weird retcons really are annoying and pretty disappointing since the whole point of the series is that your choices are supposed to really matter.  I'm expecting that I might end up replaying the first two games a lot to see different ways they can go and kinda just ignoring the third one after the first time or two.  On the bright side, though, there have been some funny comments from Wrex and Jack about my Shepard's romantic choices in earlier games.  Wrex has been pretty hilarious overall so far, actually, so I kinda wish he was back on the team too.  How does DA do the shared universe stuff differently?  Is it because it's a different main character each game?  And is there more time passing between games, like decades or centuries?

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  • 12/03/14--20:50: Re: Prestige gifts
  • I'm on prestige 9, and I haven't got ANY kind of clothes or anything else with each one.

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    Clan: The Bright Side(TBS)

    Ps4-Ps3 only!!!!

    we were #2 in world in diamond division for ghost (got pics to prove it)

    Commmanders : Djtoma (commander)

                             Futureptbrandon(me) (ltcommander)



         We are clan that plays in 75-100 roster wars.We were ranked as high as #2 in the world in diamond divison(highest division)

    for cod ghost. We expect to do the same for AW. We are a clan thats very diversed with euro, usa, and australian guys. We are very competitive when it comes to cod and its clan wars. while we take it serious we by no means forget its just a game and we have a blast together. we have our own clan group chat where we are always joking with eachother, talking game plans for wars, and just keep it real like we are all family.


         Clan wars is the main goal for our clan we mostly focus on it and when its not clan war time were usually doing league play or just playing other games. we are looking for players mostly who have experience with cod and clan wars also who are skilled enough to hold there own. ALSO MOST IMPORTANT MUST BE HIGHLY ACTIVE!!!!!.





    KD: 1.4(less if good hours played)

    W/L: 60%

    HOURS: 3 days or more

    LINE: we have an app named "LINE" on phones or computers its FREE and all you do is download it and add my user id brandonpachec then message me there { ill always answer on there)




    TWITTER: @futureptbrandon

    CLAN TWITTER: @the_tbs_clan

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    I have been trying to contact both Bungie and Activision support over the past few days, but to no avail. I have submitted a ticket to the "code redemtion" form on Activision's support page, but alas no email has been sent yet. This is all regarding Destiny codes that, upon purchase of the Collector's Edition, were to be able to be redeemed on PS4 once the customer upgraded to the next-gen console. I'm now at the point where I've had my PS4 for a few days, but PlayStation Network support cannot offer me any solution although I have tried. I'm now turning to the developers as instructed by PS Support in hopes that a solution arises at some point. My overall question and purpose on this forum is to ask whether or not there is a specific e-mail that I can find and utilize so that I may contact someone directly instead of having to wade through pages of automatically generated Q&A or if there is a phone number for Activision support so that I may actually speak to someone?


    Otherwise, if anyone can help with my dire situation in trying to find a way to get my PS4 codes, then please join in and help out. I appreciate any and all feedback that will help me find a solution.



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  • 12/04/14--21:42: Re: I'm Back...
  • :gtfo:

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  • 12/04/14--21:42: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • I was never a big Beth fan either and stabbing her with scissors was stupid and they could have written it better that is for sure. Did you like the little extra end with the black guy from the very first show, showing up. I believe he was in another show where Rick goes back to his home town and the guy is kind of crazy. Anyway I am looking forward to the second half of the season that is for sure.


    Rogue I watched Arrow and thought it was better than Flash. Boomerang was cool and I liked how he was going through Argus agents. Really enjoyed, in both episodes, how the two different teams reacted to the opposite hero especially all the gasps of surprise over Flash. That would be freaking cool, loved how Flash left the guy handcuffed in Captain's office. Also nice to see Ollie debating his sometimes harsh methods I thought they did a nice job of balancing the two heroes out a bit. Also they did a nice job with the support teams bonding and giving them a bit of time to develop. Overall a successful crossover. Now Reverse Flash and Raz Al Ghul, awesome!!

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    Personally i don't run any killstreaks at all, I let my gun kills do the talking, I liked mw3 barebones mode but for some reason they've not put it on in the last 3 games. I think camping for killstreaks is boring and doesn't show any skill once killstreaks take over and earn the kills for you. Seeing enemies through walls and getting the jump on an unsuspecting player isn't skill and neither is bombing red squares from the sky or even setting a line across the map so a plane can fly over dropping bombs, the only skill in it is earning the first killstreak in the first place.

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    The fact that the hoola_hoop couldn't stay grasping her is a fail. I'd a left teeth marks or something.

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  • 12/04/14--21:45: ps3 to ps4
  • I have a question about that ps3 to ps4 upgrade. I have a pshysical copy of the game, and I read that it doesn't avaible for me because of the pshysical copy, but what if i buy the game for ps4 can i be able to upgrade my saves from ps3 to ps4???

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    Hello everyone.


    I'm 10th prestige in the game and im 10 levels from hitting 11th but the gun challenge glitch is starting to take the fun away a bit and here's why:

    1.)Camo Challenges:

    Lets say you just prestiged and you have completed every challenge for the BAL-27 before.When you play your first game and you use the BAL-27 since it is in the default classes,when you earn a headshot kill It goes from Completing a 10 headshot challenge to a 20 headshot to 30 ect. You earn XP for each time you get the medal from completing it during the game.Same thing for getting a longshot kill with an Assault Rifle,it repeats.Now this is a problem and it goes for issue number 2.

    2.)Ranking Up:

    Since you get XP from those challenges,of course you are gonna rank up way faster because those challenges are actually worth a lot of XP when completed.This is a big issue because you can go from rank 1 to rank 27 in ONE game (My experience).The big issue with this one is that I want to take my time prestiging/leveling up.It honestly bothers me knowing i'm about to hit the next prestige after two games.I know I'm not the only person that is affected by this and I hope it gets fixed As Soon As Possible.

    Last Thing

    3.)Guns That You Have Used For A Bit Can Get Diamond/Royalty Without Completing Every Challenge For That Weapon Or Weapon Class:

    Now this is kind of how I feel towards the leveling up issue.

    I use every weapon in the game,I try in every Call of Duty to achieve maximum progress On My Own.

    So far I have the Weapon Mastery (Rare Gold/Diamond) Exo Suit,Shotgun Pants,SMG Boots,Assault Rifle ChestPlate, and Special Weapons ShinGuards.Now I do not have every gun in those categories diamond or fully unlocked diamond (meaning I have 2 camos and somehow I still have Diamond or Royalty) So I hate the fact that I have it when In the first place I was going for it,It makes going for those challenges worthless.Also why is this suddenly happening because three days after DAYZERO I hit 2nd Prestige.I had already had the AK diamond by completing every camo challenge.It did not keep repeating after I hit 3rd prestige.


    That's All I have to say and I hope someone from SledgeHammer Games reads this issue and have it overlooked by the team.

    Still this game is fun Nonetheless,Just hope the Camo Mastery items I have gotten get reset if Possible.

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    I agree. This latest patch improved my gameplay experience. Everyone talking about lag and SBMM Is baffling to me. No lag since patch (and was software lag in the game nothing to do with our networks). SBMM is like distributing the world's wealth- benefits everyone not a small percentage of people that want to cherry-pick beginner lobbies. I'm a chess player and to me I find cod a lot like chess in that you are always anticipating your opporents next move - In cod u are anticipating.their route.on the map. And I only.like losing at chess as I improve my game and get better by being shown my mistakes. When u play someone whom presents no challenge it gets boring quick.

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  • 12/04/14--21:52: Re: Was SBMM Removed?
  • Make a new acct and try for yourself.  I have been letting my 7 yr old play on an acct and she has kd of .35 and spm of 125.  I decided to play that acct tonight and am dropping 50 bombs in every game of GW I play.  On my 5th match I got a DNA on Solar.  The kids I was playing were absolutely horrible.  There would only be 1 or 2 prestiged players in the lobby.  The connection and hit detection was much better.  My acct is 7th prestige with a wimpy 1.6 kd and 260 spm.  I never see anyone who isn't prestiged and everyone is just as good as I am.


    Try it for yourself and you will see the difference.  Its night and day.  I believe MM is very heavy on rank and skill, with ping being way down on the list.

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    Phoenix Rising Gaming are looking for both casual and competitive players for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox One. We will be looking for players to help fill our competitive teams for our MLG GameBattles roster and tournaments. We will also be highly involved with Clan Wars once that begins again. Or if you are just the casual gamer that hates getting stuck with randoms in the game lobby then look no further and come join us.


    A little about us: Phoenix Rising Gaming was created to unite casual and competitive gamers all into one place. The founders of Phoenix Rising rose from the ashes of a disbanded team to create and form a community that will stay and game together with no worries or fears of it being all gone the next morning you wake up.


    We have a tight knit group of loyal members that will generally always be on. Members that are always up for a friendly game, but we get very competitive when its time, especially for clan vs clan scrimmages, competing in gamebattles or tournaments on many different sites.


    We only ask that you are at least 15 years of age and preferably have a mic. Also there is no need to change your gamertag and no fear from being kicked from the clan simply for being inactive for a few days.


    Don't be tied down to a clan with a ton of rules and regulations.


    What you can expect from our community:


    * A good group of guys, and a few girls, that will always be up for gaming.

    * We hold many events and practices every week to try and accommodate as many members as possible.

    * Weekly member recognition awards.

    * Every member has a voice and say in our community.

    * We run monthly tournaments for our members to win prizes.

    * Community events outside gaming such sports fantasy leagues.

    * Interactive and constantly updated website.

    * Free to join, free to stay, and game on your time.

    * A ton of smileys to play with in chat.

    * Social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube with a coming soon community upload channel for our members.

    * Did I mention a constantly updated interactive and fun website.............with an arcade section!!!!!!


    Just come check out our website to see for yourself all the main reasons to join at www.phoenixrisinggaming.com


    You can apply directly on our website under the recruitment tab.


    You can only expect a fun and competitive atmosphere combined into one here!!!

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    Freshly refaced from Call of Duty Elite, Huzzah has been going strong since the 13th of November in the year 2012 of our lord.  We are seeking competitve and loyal players who can play multiple gamemodes when called upon. The skill bar is set with the following minimum standards:

    1. Kill/Death Ratio of 1.2 or higher
    2. Teamwork: Competitive and objective no matter how difficult the opponents
    3. Listening to Orders: commands may be given under pressured circumstances
    4. Adaptability: If one class isn't working try another; Stay frosty
    5. Have Fun: No one likes hear their team rage (Aces07)
    6. Team Time: Show up for clan meetings announced through playstation app/twitter(@HuzzahGaming); When Clar Wars roll around, we expect FULL PARTICIPATION during war until we have won.
    7. Mics are required.
    8. perferably be from the U.S. (this helps with timing for clan wars)
    9. *Not Required* Likes playing esports.

    If accepted into the clan, the following is unacceptable:

    1. Fighting/trolling the team you are playing with
    2. dashboarding
    3. giving up even if we are about to be defeated

    Lastly, We are ranked 31st in Diamond Division and our clan level is 25 in Ghosts.  After Qualifier in AW, we are a platinum team. We also have a clan for UK players (Huzzah UK) and for the more causal players (Huzzah2). Send a message on psn or tweet @HuzzahGaming if you think you have what it takes. We can't wait for you to become apart of our team!


         Veni, vidi, vici


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  • 12/04/14--22:01: Re: FIX THIS F*CKING LAG!
  • Me to the lag is horrible I think the overall game is amazing but the lag is ruining it needs fixing ASAP !!

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