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    Yeah TTKs have really been slowed down overall for AW. It's almost like Sledgehammer saw all of the (slightly confused) cries about Ghosts having "fast" TTKs and thought they better be safe than sorry lol. Even Ghosts' were slower than average when compared with older CoDs like MW3 and BO1...and FAR slower than games that featured Stopping Power, because it was such a commonly seen perk and you might as well count the higher damage as standard.


    When all of the lag issues in AW are fixed (if at all), I think I'll really enjoy the slower TTKs. I'm all for skill gaps, and promoting accuracy and gun skill...the lack of any overly strong weapons in AW (even from the start, hats off to SH for that) helps out there too

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    Although I like all three posts, the three above this one are hereby nominated for the COD: Three Stooges Award of the Year for Unscripted Unity of Flow Comedy!

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  • 11/17/14--19:50: Re: Limited Edition Exo???
  • Okay, I have spent a long time researching for a while now, and for those who do not know yet:the "Limited Edition Exo" was a digital exclusive to owners of the COD: Advanced Warfare 1 Terabyte XBox One. People who have that console also receive the same pre-order "white-ish" gun camo bonus for pre-ordering COD: Advanced Warfare back before August 8th. Thanks everyone!

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    My theme music the past couple weeks...........

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    Well me and a buddy just made this clan yesterday. Looking to go far in this and just enjoy starting something from the ground up. Obviously we'll play whatever the clan wars require us to play, and in our free time we can all kick back and run some pubs together and play whatever. Read these few simple requirements up and please get in contact with me either by posting here, or by messaging me on Xbox live. GT is x Disman7le.


    -1.30 k/d at least. Me and the Leader have 1.45 k/d's

    -Have a headset.

    -Be able to play more than once or twice a week. Competing in clan wars is a must of all members. Not weekely, but not to sit on the roster and roster ride.

    -speak English, pretty much be from America

    -Be mature. I'm 23 with a full time job in the Military. I'm not looking to hear stupid insults, whining or complaining from any of us on this team.


    Message me on Xbox or post here! Thanks dudes!

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    Just an update that Legion of Boomx [LoBx] has changed its name to Legion's Legacy [ LL ]. We are still @LoBxClan on Twitter.

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    Next step i took was taking the PS3 in to DMZ, got Type 2 connection, everything working, so when i go to play online i get the spinning wheel and the screen now just goes black. Home screen works, go to quit game, the PS3 just shuts off.


    Oh i tried Battlefield 4, after a very long update it connects and goes online. So whats wrong with Call of Duty games?!?

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  • 11/18/14--19:57: Re: Xbox 360 Patch
  • EA are worse than activison and that's saying something

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    I got the MK-14 Eagle Eye and it's pretty fun. I still think the MK-14 shouldn't take 4-6 hits to kill considering it's semi-auto

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    Hi Lyga,


    I tried to use google translate and it said something about your account getting banned? If this is your concern, I'm really sorry, but there's nothing the mods or the support can do about this anymore.

    I'll also post what a moderator posted regarding bans.


    Thanks for the contact - as stated by your community peer - all bans are final and irreversible. Because bans are given out after an extensive investigation - it might take some time for you to receive it. Every player is responsible for following the Enforcement Policy Activision Support  Activision Customer Support will not be able to reverse any ban on your account.

    Please note: Ban appeals and/or discussions regarding bans are not permitted within the community forums. In accordance to the community guidelines: Community Forum Etiquette and Guidelines | Community  this post will be locked.

    Thank you,



    Kind regards.

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    I Think it is unfair and stupid of activision's end because what about those people that can't afford or don't have the game yet and want to transition their clan over when they get the game? So if you didn't buy the game when it came out you had until October the 22/23 to transition your clan over to AW?snd after that that you're screwed if you want your clan to be in AW. Doesn't seem legit to me.

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    Same thing every year.

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  • 11/18/14--19:59: Fix Your Joining thing!
  • I try joining friends but it won't let me! Same thing with them! Fix it!

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  • 11/18/14--19:59: Re: (PS3) Poor graphics?
  • ^ he's right

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    Want to join a clan but you prefer hardcore over standard?


    Then look no further because the HARDCORE ALLIANCE wants you!



    1. Must prefer Hardcore over Standard

    2. Have a mic or the COD Advanced Warfare app (iPhone or Android)

    3. Be an active member and be able to work as part of a team!


    If you meet these requirements you can join my clan in any of the following ways:


    1. Message me on PSN @ andyred04

    2. Reply to this forum


    I look forward to playing some Hardcore with ya!

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    Anyone else notice that it doesn't seem to matter whether you hit people in the head or not; they are still going to take 3-4 hits to die? I've had multiple times where I've hit people in the head 3 times and they lived. Here is one clip of that. I pump the gun and you'll hear 3 hits, all with the expanded headshot hitmarker and then I get and assist.


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    Hi Dude90002,


    Have you tried to perhaps sign out and then relogin your console? How about rebooting it? It may just be with the data synching. I would recommend you continue playing and perhaps try and unlock other camos.


    Kind regards.

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    like in advanced warfare

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    When I check the clan roster on the app it says that my username is classified. I am already connected to my xbox live account. It also isn't allowing me to put on my clan tag in game and is not allowing me to make changes to the clan i.e removing people from the roster, adding people to the roster, and promoting people. Leadership of the clan was recently transferred to me, could this be part of the problem? Also I changed the email connected to my account on the call of duty site.

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  • 11/18/14--20:04: Re: AW Poor Calling Cards
  • Different? I haven't seen anything different in a video game, especially call of duty, in a long time. That's the problem. That's besides the point though. All they had to do was take some of the better looking calling cards from black ops and add them to AW.

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