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    Every lobby is so tryhard. Skill based MM is awful!!!!

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    Roster lock is Friday.  make sure you sign up by then.

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    Still recruiting ... apply today

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    ill try and post a video later on 

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  • 11/12/14--17:26: Re: LAG vs Reboot
  • Hi,


    Speedtest.net by Ookla - My Results


    FYI - the game actually doesnt lag anymore, however its constantly freeze all day yesterday. Probably every 2nd or 3rd game the game will freeze.


    PS3 is placed in an open air vent, and also the console isnt even a year old. Only this game had problem with since i got this console.



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    Define 'Tryhard'

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  • 11/12/14--17:27: Re: Limited Edition Exo???
  • No,I have that one. In the game it was named "Limited Edition Exo" It had gold trim and had gray accents to it. I kinda thought that it was either a dev only item or a limited edition version of the game???

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    Hey mcdonamw


    What platform are you playing on? how often does it happen? is it on a specific map or game mode that it repeats? is it a digital copy or disc copy? Are you on a wired connection or wifi? Also, does it spam on your friend's end (If you don't know this that's ok)?



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    Was just playing Recovery...The map is really small. Half way through it puts you into an even smaller map!! WTF!!!


    Also pretty hard to stay out of where they spawn considering how small the maps are!

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  • 11/12/14--17:29: Re: NEED FRIENDS
  • bump

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  • 11/12/14--17:29: Re: Your stories of Heroism
  • Not really heroism, but...survival.

    Got invited into a game from a new friend...Trying to remember who he is...I finished my drink, went to the bathroom then I accepted. When I joined it was NF, the game had obviously already started.  I get blasted by a scorpion almost the second I spawn, and there's a pack of hunters running at me....Quick check and I see it's only us 2...I have 11 skill points...

    Me "WTF is going on? where are you?"

    Him "At the last hive second area, my whole team left about 10 minutes ago and everything is spawning...I need help!"

    ME "Have you planted the drill yet?"

    Him "No"

    Me "Plant the drill!"

    I hear the drill go down, I am still in the 1st area, there are criptids everywhere and he's telling me he has 2 rhino's already on him...I'm already laughing my ass off..I go down right as I enter into the 2nd area..

    ME "I'm down"

    "I'm coming man"

    I see him coming for me, there are criptids and rhino's everywhere..and he's leading a parade, including one pissed off rhino.  He revives me but he goes down instantly, I'm on the run.  I do 2 laps up the stairs, down the hall, jump off, run around, run by him, repeat.

    Him "Go man go...we got this"

    ME ...hysterical laughing...can't even talk.

    I make it back to him, revive him, but go down in the process, all I have is pistol ...there are 3 rhino's on the loose that I know of...He's now running laps..I see him go by....then coming around the corner again...revives me...We're both up for about 10 seconds and he goes down again.  I catch a spare second and can at least upgrade my pistol and ammo so I can throw +3 CSA.  I run 2 more laps, killed 1 rhino and revive him.  This continues for the whole hive...there was only a few instances where we were both up at the same time..by the time the smoke cleared, I had 5 downs and 7 revives, all on that one hive. 

    We were just buzzing that we made it, there were so many close calls of us both going down.  We finished the game without any more real trouble, but we commented about a 1000 times during it about how we survived, each recounting our own version of the story...It was by far the most miraculous survival I've had to date...I smile just thinking about it.  We talk about it every time we're in a lobby now...our Nightfall Blood Bath...LMAO.

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    Someone who beat him.


    But in all honesty, the only thing I would classify as a "tryhard" is someone who dropshots everything...including when they are behind you.

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    Kinda like you with these forums. Does that clear it up? Fuckin troll.

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  • 11/12/14--17:32: Re: Limited Edition Exo???
  • This came with the Atlas Limited Edition-


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    insult blatantly misused by 13-year-old kiddies in online gaming who, ironically, try very hard to win themselves and take it too seriously when they lose.

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  • 11/12/14--17:33: Re: TDM - No Respawns
  • lol

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    The Spectre, MPL, SPAS-12, PSG-1 and Stoner 63 would like a word with you.

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  • 11/13/14--17:55: Re: Way around SBMM
  • ahhh thanks for letting me know good info there


    and now that i think about it i havent seen one migration either.

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    That is quite a leap.


    He is speaking at a Developer's conference. He isn't going to give away any secrets.. he is going to talk about synergy, teamwork, the creative process....

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    Thanks for the bump.

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