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    DON"T play alone, we are recruiting! Apply at npowned.net

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    well I have been having the same problem, me and others from my clan play together but R still not earning clan xp. I am the commander of my clan and I thought maybe if I deleted the clan and start a new one it would b fixed. Sadly, i have the same problem with my new clan. I check online and on the app like every 5 min and nothing is happening. I contacted support, hopefully they will do something soon to fix this annoying problem >:(

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    what is the error message when you launch the game ?

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    It depends on the time of day, so I would assume it's because of a very small player-base. Right now finding a game of Hardcore search and destroy is all but impossible, although TDM should be mostly fine.


    Unfortunately the problem is only going to get worse as SG/Activision keep driving the PC market away with this P2P bullshit. Beyond the horrible lag it brings it's infuriating to me to see that I have 3 potential matches but it keep placing me in a lobby with only one other person over and over and over. If we see dedicated servers with a server browser, I think this game which is the best CoD game in a long time as far as game-play is concerned, actually has the chance it deserves. As long as this P2P **** continues though the game will wither away and die.


    I freeze to the point of needing to end the process probobly every hour or so due to a bug with Shift + Alt, but even with that I'd be willing to forgive if the servers were stable and I could choose the one I want. I haven't bought a CoD game since MW2 because it looked like the same **** rehashed over and over, and this game comes around and when it works I love it, but between the freezes and game-destroying lag the game is dying quickly.

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    Let me go through a history of how the spawns worked in the early release days of each Call of Duty game:


    Call of Duty 4:  The spawns suck!!

    World at War:  The spawns suck!!

    Modern Warfare 2:  The spawns suck!!

    Black Ops:  The spawns suck!!

    Modern Warfare 3:  The spawns suck!!

    Black Ops 2:  The spawns suck!!

    Ghosts: The spawns suck!!

    Advanced Warfare: The spawns suck!!


    If the spawns have an issue, they are ironed out through updates to make them better.  It's been like this for 7 years now, yet most people seem to forget.  You cannot have a game with flawless spawns because human players are not predicable in terms of where they go or how fast they kill or get killed.


    Biggest tip in making the spawns better:  Keep playing.  The more you play, the more statistical data you give to the developers so they can make the best adjustments to the spawn logic itself.



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    Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has stopped working.

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    Mainly I am talking about the armory. Will everything stay or get reset as well? I see the exchange rate for some of these items is up to 2000 XP. That could go a long way when everything else is set back to zero.


    Mostly hoping I guess, but it can't be that easy.

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    In previous CoD games, my K/D has been over 3.0/1 (3.70/1 in Ghosts). My K/D always sucks when a new CoD comes out, because I have to get used to the play style first. I'm currently at a lous 1.55 K/D, with 663 total kills.


    I have a feeling that I won't be getting over 3.0 in this version, mostly because of enemy sounds. While my footsteps sound like a stampede, and I can hear my teammates sounding like they should...enemy movement is completely silent. I've made a thread about this before, but I figured I would mention how some K/Ds may be lower. There's sound whoring, and then there is hearing an enemy sprinting when only 10 feet away from you.

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    Seens like they don't care about it. No awser from a moderator ou admin.

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    I am having really bad connection on advanced warfare. My NAT type is 'open' and all other Call of Duty i don't have any problems with the connection so it's not my internet. And also my game freezes a lot, that never happend with all my other games. Can someone help me?

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    Me using my shotty being a butt and a dude or chick using a bal...

    point blank range bal won... every time... even though i pumped a good half a clip into them... i of course was sitting there laughing because it humored me for a second. You had 3 years to do this right gameplay wise and it is, yet the rest is so wrong all at the same time.


    Shotguns range is perfect for once, and damage doesn't seem too over powered as compared to other games but at point blank range after putting in around 4-5 rounds im losing to an auto rifle? are you kidding me?


    This game is broken and they won't even admit it. Its fun, i haven't had this much fun playing cod since mw2 but there are higher priorites such as server stability and lag as compared to stupid stuff like party players names appearing correctly...

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  • 11/08/14--10:58: Re: Looking for Clan Members
  • Send me a friend request and I can add you when I get on next. zGnRz

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    You are wasting your time asking him to add anything of significance.  All he knows how to do is give vague responses that you are wrong, he is right, get over it.   

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    We are a new clan who is looking for members!

    What we are looking for:

    • 1.00 or above KD Ratio
    • 1.00 or above WL Ratio
    • No Age Limit
    • Good at most game modes
    • Friendly
    • Doesn't get mad when losses or gets killed

    If you would like to join this clan please add or message xJust_That_Kidx with your KD and WL ratios

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    I found out the problem. These frame drops happen because a memory leak optimization error. I'm guessing if you're experiencing this then you have 8GB DDR3 like I do. Someone made a video w/ a GTX 670 and i5 2500 and they had no problems. The test system had 16GB DDR3 though. Upgrading RAM will fix the problem but we shouldn't have to upgrade. Waiting on an update for now.

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    Hey there,


    Sorry for the late response. We are currently looking into this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience and will update you as soon as possible.


    Please let us know if you have any more questions.


    Thanks! (:


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    after 10 cods (this is number 11) u might think they've learned their lesson ohohohohohooo lol nope

    here we go again...

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